Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Yes. Another BNP supporting video.

BNP the One They Didnt Want You to See - The top video clips of the week are here

Yep. Another British National Party video supporting the BNP. I get to watch dozens every week and wish I could show them all. I chose this one because of the music and the quality of its message presentation.

I have asked for someone on the Green Arrow Forum to setup an area and post all those they think worth watching there, but so far no volunteers, so I am afraid you guys may miss a lot of good stuff, I do not have the time to show.

Hat Tip to Peter


Wellard67 said...

Awsome video GA thanks for drawing attention to it. Ive posted link on social networking sites. Lets hope it wakes people up!

Anonymous said...

Nearly reduced to tears. Great vid.

Anonymous said...

The video tells us what Hain wants to do to Neath.