Thursday, 26 March 2009

BNP uncover Muslim Paedophile ring

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Following taken from 21st Century British Nationalism

For the last three months the BNP have been liasing with the parents of young, sexually abused white girls in two Northern cities.

We have not accounced in public the information we have been given as we have been waiting for the Police to finish their investigations and arrest the scum involved, and to make sure they did not return to their country of origin.

Yesterday, the 25th March 2009, in just one Northern town the police arrested FIFTY suspected Asian Muslim paedophiles who have been involved in the racist sexual grooming and rape of young, underage white girls.

These men have been involved in the groooming and organised racist rapes of young white girls as young as 11 years old.

Today a press conference may be called where the news will be announced.

If the news is not announced in the media that these arrests have taken place then this is because the government has slapped a D-Notice on the media and have forbidden any news of this to reach the public.

If this is true, and the news does not reach the media, then the BNP are going to make this news public all over the internet anyway.

We have filmed interviews with the family members of these and other children who have suffered at the hands of these criminals and we are going to put an expose of this affair on BNPTV.

We have also filmed interviews with a family in another Northern town who have suffered the same thing involving over twenty young white girls. This paedophile ring is under police investigation at the moment and we cannot announce the location of the town where the sexual terrorists are operating until the police arrest them.

We also have an interview with other people who have gone through the same thing as these girls and the police have 'lost' evidence so that no cases come to court.

The prosecution of Nick Griffin was based on his revealing to the world that this organised campaign of sexual terrorism and rape against young white girls was going on all over our country, and for revealing this the CPS, Attorney General and courts prosecuted him for it.

Telling the truth is no longer a defence in law, telling the truth is now a criminal offence in law.

A few days ago I spoke to an Inspector in one town who has been dealing with this and explained to him that the police, government and councils are letting these abused children down.

The police and government will not look at the issue of organised rape by Asian Muslim gangs against underage white girls, the councils do not have a duty in law to protect the families and re-home them if they give evidence against these gangs and sexual terrorists, the social services are not warning foster carers to keep the youn children in their care away from Asian males who may be threatening them for fear of political correctness and the governmenrt has not ordered a public inquiry into the levels of sexual terrorism and the rape of young white girls by Muslim gangs in the UK.

By refusing to acknowledge that this problem exists, and warning the public and parents to watch out for it, our children are being put at risk every day by this silence that is imposed upon the media.

At the same time the government and media pump out endless multi-cultural propaganda against 'racism' or 'islamphobia', it appears to demand silence when our children are the victims of organised campaigns of rape.

The government and the police appear to think that keeping these campaigns of organised rape quiet that this will prevent 'extremism' in the Muslim community as arresting and prosecuting these criminals may give ammunmition to some Islamist radicals to say they are being 'targeted' by the police.

But the government and the police have not the intelligence or insight to think about how these rape campaigns are radicalising our community.

The government through keeping silent on this issue are collaborating with the sexual terrorists, therefore we can only assume that the government are now hostile to us, our children and our communities.

This will have massive social implications for the future as more and more of these incidents of campaigns of rape and sexual terrorism occur.

The more the government remains quiet and refuses to investigate the attacks on our children, then the more the radicals in our community can assert with truth that the police and government are now complicit with the criminals who are terrorosing our children and communities.

This is not the first time such campaigns of racist rape against young white girls by Muslims have been investigated and prosecuted - here are just a few examples over recent years ;

This is an epidemic of sexual terrorism, of child rape and grooming, of forcing young white girls onto drugs then molesting them and then passing them onto their friends to rape and molest.

These people are lower than animals, yet the government and police will not hold a public inquiry into just how endemic and prevalent this crime is in our country.

The BNP will be running a campaign to get a public inquiry started to investigate these crimes.

I will post more information on this blog as we get it.

In the meantime pass this information onto others and let us see whether the media cover this story or if it is covered up.

If it is covered up then we need to start asking ourselves how many other stories like this are being covered up, how many other rape gangs are operating in our country and also how we are going to get the publicity to warn parents and children about the dangers in their midst.

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