Thursday, 26 March 2009

Digg responds to the Green Arrow

Well it seems that the state paid agents of Searchlight have for once won a minor skirmish against those who speak out for freedom of speech and managed to get the Green Arrow site blocked on Digg.

Thanks for taking the time to contact us at regarding your website.

As you know, Digg is a community-driven website – our community has consistently reported the domain to which you refer for Terms of Service violations.

Because unblocking your domain would not be in line with the best interests of the larger Digg community, we will not reverse this decision.
I am not surprised and figured it would only be a matter of time before this happened, the next action I expect Searchlight to take now, will be a coordinated campaign to "Bury" all nationalist articles on DIGG , for which the response will be, from Digg that theirs is a "Community Driven Website".

I have made a token response shown below:

I am extremely disappointed in your reply and had hoped better from you.

I have clearly been the victim or an organised campaign to block my articles by the state funded and criminal Searchlight Organisation in alliance with the Marxist UAF that seek to prevent the British National Party making progress.

Your weak excuse that DIGG is a Community Driven website is an easy opt out for you to practise your own prejudices against those who oppose the New World Order and expose the corruption of the British Government and speak out against the illegal wars.

When you say that unblocking my domain would not be in the interest of the wider community you are depriving over 300,000 unique readers to my site in the last year, the right to comment on my articles which have been read over a million times and I urge you to think again.

Please have the decency to let me know just what sections of the Terms of Service I have broken?

I should imagine that were DIGG still enabled on my site, that promotes Freedom of Speech, the article informing my readers of your decision would soon hit the hundreds

Green Arrow

So that is done and and we move on. I shall leave the DIGG button on the blog so that people who do think articles worthy of being Dugg will be reminded of how The Establishment silences freedom of Speech with the connivance of Quisling organisations such as Digg and Youtube.

Please continue to register with Digg and make a point of Digging every single nationalist article you come across be it on the BNP site or blogs you visit.

Any nationalist blog is free to take any article from this site and republish without asking permission or even to link back. Take them and use on those days we just do not feel like writing. If you are still on Digg then even better.