Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Scum Sun and the BNP

Here you Phil. Go play darts on this board.

Good morning BNP.

The pleasantries out of the way, I can start.

Now I know that very few readers of the British National Party site and support sites read the Scum Sun, but sadly it is part of my self imposed task to do so. And I can tell you this, it is not a pleasant job.

No True British Patriot should ever pay for an hard copy of any British rag that is in the service of the "establishment". If you must read them, then read them online. Do not help fund our enemies propaganda machine.

Because that is all they are. Take the latest piece of blatant propaganda that the state hopes will help "pacify" the peasants they rule over - for now - and dutifully reported by demented dhimmi, Sharon Hendry in the red rag Sun.

Concerned or rather, worried sick at the continued growth of the British National Party in Stoke, they have attempted to counter it by reporting on how a group of impressionable teens were taken to a Mosque for the day.
This could be a scene straight from a Taliban training school in Pakistan’s lawless badlands.

But these are not young people being brainwashed into hating the West — they are non-Muslim teens from Stoke taking part in a challenge which could help change the face of race relations in the UK.
Of course it is brainwashing. Because as the rag reports, the teenagers will later be "tested" on their race-relation skills and "coached" on cultural issues.

I wonder if the seven girls who took part in the visit were told that the deranged founder of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile married a six year old child and had sex with here when she was nine?

As part of learning about the "culture" of Asians and Blacks, were they told that young girls in those "cultures" have parts of their bodies sliced off for the benefit of sick men?

Were the girls told that their "value" is less than half that of the boys who also took part in the visit?

No of course not.

Power? More like plonker.

Having played the kiddie card, The Sun then drags out the darting legend that is Phil “The Power” Taylor to speak in support of Islam. Of course he is only a legend if you follow darts, otherwise like me, you will have never heard of him until today.
“We have all got to live together at the end of the day and it’s about time we got on with it.

“Great Britain could be really great if we did. I loved visiting the mosque. It was quite fascinating — a bit like Las Vegas without the fruit machines."
What a fluffy bunny moron. And for sure, in an Islamic World, there would be no fruit machines in Las Vegas or anywhere else for that matter.

So I doubt if Phil, who started his career in playing around the pubs of Our Country, even knows just what Moslems do to pubs in areas of the country that they now control. They burn them down and build yet another mosque Phil. Think next time before being roped in and used by the state.

Then again will anyone really be interested in what a man who is so stupid that he has to have his "name" tattooed on his arm in case he gets lost, has to say. How can he identify with his country when he needs a permanent reminder on his arm to identify himself.


Proud Geordie has just pointed out to me that Phil Taylor was fined £2000 for sexual assault. No wonder he relates to the Moslems.

Taylor, a father of four from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, nicknamed The Power, was convicted of fondling two 23-year-old women after a darts exhibition in Fife in 1999.
Taylor, a father of four from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, nicknamed The Power, was convicted of fondling two 23-year-old women after a darts exhibition in Fife in 1999.
Moving on. The next article to be published today, will be another essay by the brilliant writer and authority on Islam, Reconquista.

Meanwhile, whilst I prepare the article, why not pop over to UKTabloid and read about what is happening around Our sad Country. Do not forget to bookmark the site.


Anonymous said...

and in reciprocity the mulim kids will go and visit a cathedral and later be tested on their knowledge of Christianity and its basic doctrine of peace and good will to all men.
In short, love thy neighbour as thyself.

Dont hold your breath.


Kwelos said...

As an antidote to the Sun's propaganda, check the links listed under 'Education' at

And here's a good article on the bleak future of the national press:

ProudGeordie said...

Well said Harry, that simply will not happen.

GA, if you have never heard of Phil 'the power' Taylor he is typical of Sun readers. Unintelligent and morally corrupt he wasin the newspapers for having sex with a VERY young girl, barely legal I think they call it, if indeed she was legal I don't rremember. I certainly would not be trusting HIS word on a religon that condones the marriage of 10 yr old girls to old men

ProudGeordie said...

Actually they were 23 and 25 and he was fined £2000 over sexual assault claims

Anonymous said...

and over on the BNP site I read....

Government’s Muslim “Terrorist Advisor” Arrested for Stabbing
Is this the sort of people upon whom the government relies for its “advice?”...

were those impressionable youngsters visiting the mosque told that?

What a mess nu lab have made of this country.


Anonymous said...

"we all have to live together at the end of the day"
No we bloody don't!
I didn't invite them here,and I don't know anyone who wants them here.
Apart from that, they tend to huddle together in ghettos and make no attempt to integrate whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Well said GA and ignorant fools like Taylor are setting up a nightmare future for thier kids.

Just one minor point: The girls are only worth half the lives of boys if they're muslims. As kuffars, they are viewed as war booty (read sex slaves) or dhimmis whose value is half that of a muslim woman.

"We've all got to live together" hey Phil "The lacking in Brain power" Taylor? Go tell it to the muslims.


Wolfblood said...

Voters, please read -

Now watch and understand -

Liblabcontrick = tyranny and death.

Vote to live - vote BNP

Anonymous said...

Read the Sun posters to this drivel, not very supportive are they?

Wolfblood said...

Meanwhile -

Perhaps the Sun overlooked it ....

Anonymous said...

Another useful idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about.
I bet this Taylor (never heard of him) lives in a predominantly white rich are, just like ALL these that are the Cheer Leaders of a Multi Culti Society.
Do as i say not as i do, when we want lectured by "Celebs" we will ask and not before.
I don't buy any "newspapers" because they're just Government propaganda and therefore props up a corrupt regime.
This should be put into context they are terrified of the BNP.
Yes be afraid very afraid. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

I dont buy news(?) papers either politicalMIZZ.
If want the real news I check out GA and the BNP.

It really must p### off the lurkers that there is a place to find out what's really happening to our country.

And I do honestly believe that many of those who have helped get this country in this current mess secretly hope and pray for more BNP success at the polls so that we may stem the pc multiculti flood and return us to common sense and common law.

If any reader is one of those types, then redeem yourself by joining or supporting the BNP. Help us cleanse your soul and this country.


The Green Arrow said...

I think Harry as a point. I suspect that there are many people out there paying lip service to the "establishment" but secretly praying for the BNP to come and save them.