Friday, 20 March 2009

Gotta go

The BNP will make the M4 Bridges Toll Free
Why should British People pay a French Company
to travel around their Own Country

I have to be on the road by 0700 and it is unlikely I will be able to post anything now before Sunday Morning. Oh well duty is duty but it seems I will be missing a day of action. Sorry guys.

Some quick snips. First the Pendlebury by-election.
  1. Lab 1055 38.2%
  2. Con 874 31.6%
  3. BNP 373 13.5%
  4. LD 368 13.3%
  5. Ind 49 1.8%
  6. Grn 43 1.6%
Other than the Greens, the BNP was the only party to increase its share of the vote. A small increase granted but still an increase.

Disappointing to see the sheep people still voting for the deaths of British Servicemen, the colonisation of Our Country and corruption in local government by voting for the Lib/Lab/con alliance but hey what can you do? Well we can shake them awake for a start.

So a big well done to Eddy O'Sullivan and his team, although they missed a trick that that other parties did not, especially the winners, the conservatives.

They put their policies and profiles out on Votewise. Here is an offer to every BNP election agent. If you not have the time to submit your candidates details to Votewise, then send them to me and I will do it. Every vote counts.

Might as well throw out some links provided by our growing army of volunteer researchers. Thank you kinsmen.

I am always banging on about how those who follow the Cult of the Dead Paedophile share the same perversions as their perverted founder. Check this out:
A Telford man was the ringleader of a group who instigated “years of historic chronic serious sexual abuse” on Shropshire children, it was alleged in court.

Four brothers accused of committing the prolonged sexual abuse of a group of children in Telford appeared at Shrewsbury Crown.
You can go read about that here. Come on people wake up.

Now some good news. Well I am not sure that is good, because in a decent society, a patriotic and democratic organisation like the British National Party would be welcomed everywhere. One day soon they will be. We just have to keep the snowball rolling down that hill.

But over in Crawley, the boss of the village community centre has come out in support of the BNPs right to launch their local election campaign from there.
John Dixon, general manager of the Haven Centre, said he was happy for the BNP to meet at the venue. He said: "They probably didn't want any trouble and people coming round.
Nice one John. How about joining the party, we need people like you.

I still have 30 mins. Just enough time to check out the forum. Perhaps if I wellie it down the M4 I might have a bit longer. Bugger it. This next bit must go out and I should have done it earlier.

There is a Special report from BNP webmaster Simon Bennnett. who has writen an article to convey the importance of using the two main social networking features on the main website and supporting blogs.

From a bloggers perspective, I am not sure about Intense Debate yet but I do know that Simon is correct about Digg. Please read Simons article here and then sign up and do your bit in promoting Our Country's only hope. The BNP.

Another Invasion Barge arrived Yesterday

A SECOND barge to house overseas workers employed at Lindsey Oil Refinery has docked in Grimsby – as it was revealed that policing the strikes earlier this year cost almost £200,000.

Hundreds of police officers were taken off the streets of Humberside as they were drafted in to control the protests at the North Killingholme site in January.

Now I really must go.

John of Gwent. You have the Bridge.


Anonymous said...

Great Work Eddie. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you and Salford BNP.

This result is good.

I am not surprised the many still seem to think that the country they live in is fine, you know crime out of control, general degeneracy, corrupt politicians.

Onward and upwardBNP

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Four dirty bastards though it might not be pc to describe our "enrichers" in such terms. The trumpet is sounding but not enough of our people have heard it.Run a sweep on what their punishment will be GA, how little do we think the establishment can give them without causing our sheep to start bleating.Imagine if we had a muslim PM and all the judges were muslim, as their mp would like to see,"inshala"!!

Anonymous said...

BNP MPs, inshala!!!

ProudGeordie said...

Inshala [Insha'Allaah) is a Muslim term that, I believe, means something along the lines of 'If Allaah wills it' or 'Allaah willing'. That's what google kicked out as a translation anyway. Surely in political matters it should be 'electorate willing'??

Anonymous said...

Frustrated with that result just as you are GA, but well done to the BNP there, good to see us increase vote share and relegate the irrelevant libdems to fourth.

The British people must love paying more and more tax to corrupt MPs, gang crime, Islam, being watched wherever they go and foreign workers being treated like slaves because they keep voting for the people who are responsible for all of that and more.

Muslims sexually abusing children: how many times does it have to be said that they are following their perfect example FOR ALL TIME, the Islamic paedophile prophet Mohammed.

The British electorate must approve of that too. If they don't then they should vote for the only party in Britain who will stop it, The BNP.


Anonymous said...

All those Liebour votes?... I dont believe it for one moment. And neither should anyone with the slightest hint of a working brain. Now what did ol' Joe Stalin say about counting votes???

Britain Awake said...


It is to be known as 'European route E30' in the near future...