Thursday, 19 March 2009

The British National Party Vrs The Establishment

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Good morning BNP. I suggest, before you read any further, that you stop right now and go make yourself a cup of coffee (I have not drank tea since leaving the Andrew back in 76) and settle down for what I think is going to be a long read. Sorry.

And how do I know it is going to be long when I do not even know what I am going to write? Because I have learned that when I close the curtains, pace the room and stare at my machine and make another strong coffee then something is joining the dots of a large article in my mind and I am putting off starting it. But I can do so no longer, so here goes.

As the Battle for Britain intensifies, The Establishment are finally beginning to coordinate their attacks on the British National Party on all fronts.

Yesterday we had the pink marxists clergy controlling the Church, do their bit by aligning themselves with the moslems, who will only allow Christianity to exist in Our Country until they are in a position to exterminate us. The clergy may have a death wish but True Patriotic Christians do not.

Then we have Jon Cruddas, who knows that his days as a Member of Parliament are truly numbered, unless he can find a way to help reverse the rise of the BNP.

He knows that support amoungst the True British People is at its highest peak ever and is casting around for ways such as Proportional Representation for Labour to hang onto power and him to hang onto his place at the trough.

But in doing so, he reveals something that the BNP have been saying for decades. There are not three main political parties vieing for power. There is just the global marxist Lib/Lab/con alliance that go to form the Destroy the UK Party.
"Taking on the far-right is a challenge we have to face up to," he said.

The battle for votes in crucial swing seats has lead to a shift towards the centre ground by all the main parties to the extent that politicians are actually beginning to morph into each other, Cruddas said.

"Blair, Clegg, Cameron – they all actually look the same," he added. "And there is a reason for that."
And the reason is because their policies are all the same. Increase the power of the state over the people and expand the European Union into Eurabia as a precursor to the final creation of their wet dream New World Order.

A New World Order in which the professional politicians are the "elite" masters and we the people are just resources to be used to support their luxurious lifestyles and when exhausted and no longer able to work, then left to starve or die of hypothermia in the winter.

And recognising the threat of the only challenge to their plans, the BNP they draw even closer together to protect their rotating dictatorship of the Lib/Lab/con alliance that gives the sheep people the illusion of democracy.

And a single by-election reveals the truth to all. In Wanstead, the BNP have announced they will be fielding John Evans as a candidate in next months by-election and below you see the reactions of the United Beasts of Evil.
Council leader and Conservative party head Alan Weinberg said: “Something that unites all the main political parties in Redbridge is our condemnation of groups like the BNP.
And whatever rag you read, either national or local, you will find that they always manage to have a comment from the communist and state agent Gerry Gable whose family business Searchlight helps link the Lib/Lab/con alliance and coordinates the violence.
Gerry Gable, of Redbridge-based anti-racism group Searchlight, said: “They're a party with a fascist ideology. I would say to people in Wanstead don’t waste your vote on them.”
And the local Lib/Lib/lab councillors, the majority of them only serving their communties for themselves, know that whenever a British National Party patriot becomes a councillor they stand the risk of being revealed for what they are. Self seeking, corrupt,paedophiles, crooks, Liars, Buggers and Thieves.

And when the people in these Lib/Lab/con controlled areas finally realise that the British National Party is not a Knight in shining Armour who is going to ride into town and save them, they organise and they become the Knight by joining the British National Party.

And the Lib/Lab/con alliance councillors then bring in the their political police to harass and intimidate the owners of venues where the BNP seek to hold their meetings by threatening to revoke their licenses.

And why do you think there are over 40 pubs a week closing? Because The Establishment wishes to deny people the opportunity to meet others in a social environment and talk about the betrayal of their country by the "elite" and to deny the BNP meeting places to disseminate the truth.

And for those that they cannot close, they want to install cameras to "monitor" the clients in these pubs remotely and fitted to the cameras are sound recorders so they can zoom in on a table and listen to the conversation.

And when all else fails, the establishment let loose their Stormtroopers of the UAF, whose chairman is the communist Red Ken (I don't pay my rail fare) Livingstone onto the BNP members and their property.

And these thugs, funded by an alliance are permitted by The Establishment to continue to publicly threaten the BNP in statements such as this:
The British National Party is a racist party whose views do not represent the people of Medway.

“In the run up to this year’s European election this party will be standing in every area. It is our responsibility to crush the BNP. Unite to stop the BNP.”
And always the same words, words that they really mean, as so graphically displayed by the smashed face of BNP super activist Tony Ward. Smash. Crush. Destroy. Hammer. Always negative words and words offering no solutions because they have none. Their only purpose is political terror.

And these creatures who are nothing more than the tools and fools of the state are still supported by people like David Cameron.

And what sort of person leads the Stormtroopers of the UAF. You have people like the creature Bunny La Roche who said "When are you going to fucking die" to a 75 year old BNP candidate. And what did the conservative party have to say about this vile attack:
"That is what democracy in Britain is all about - being able to say what you believe.

"Bunny is a great lady. Her protests didn't spoil my celebrations at all."
All in it together. The Church, the Police, the local authorities and the global marxists who combined, all add up to The Establishment.

Help bring down the establishment
by joining and supporting the BNP


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superb article

Anonymous said...

Massive housing shortage. Indigenous Brits can't afford to start families:

Fast-breeding Moslems given priority housing and special treatment:

Anonymous said...

Here, here, GA spot on as usual, I copy below my e-mail to the cleric who insulted the members of our party on a BBC TV interview, (also posted on our main site)

For the attention of the Rt Rev Mark Davies.

Dear Sir.
I strongly object to the church aligning itself with the Westminster establishment, party politics should be the remit of political parties.

During your interview on BBC TV you inferred that I am a racist because I am a member of the BNP, it doesn't follow that because I wish to associate with people of my own race that I hate people of another race, if it did, you could be accused of hating all other religions because you are a member of the church of England, or that women who join the WI hate all men.

I noticed the political banner in your church "hope not hate" are you aware that the organisation behind it, the UAF are supported by the labour party and many MP's of the three main parties at Westminster including D Cameron? only last week 30/40 UAF thugs attacked 4 members of the BNP with weapons including a claw hammer, one BNP member was struck twice on the head with said weapon and was hospitalised needing eleven stitches, I believe that is Hate not Hope.

Demonising the BNP brings the church no credit at all, in fact the church aligning itself with labour and the Westminster establishment brings the church into disrepute and into conflict with several of Gods commandments one of which is thou shall not kill, labour in cahoots with the Tories and liberals have committed heinous war crimes against the people of Serbia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, killing over a million men women and children, and have lately threatened Iran with destruction, and yet you rail against the BNP who have no blood on their hands, who threaten no one, the BNP opposed Blair, Brown, and Cameron's illegal wars, while you sir looked the other way.

So to conclude, I object to being called a racist a liar and a fascist, I am neither, I am a nationalist, I hate no one save the lying warmongers and war criminals that are currently masquerading as loving caring MP's, I further object to my church associating itself with those that with malice of forethought deliberately lied (thou shall not bear false witness) and brought war and death and destruction upon innocent men women and children,
I await your reply with anticipation, I do hope and pray that you will see the error of your ways, and condemn those that have brought war and pestilence on humanity,and stop playing politics and revert to preaching the word of God.
Regards ED.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the pig that changes into a human look just like Mr Brownski?

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 17:49

I thought the same. I also wondered how difficult it would be to replace all the images of Napoleon on the farm buildings with images of Brown.