Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Luton Demonstration 28th March

Come and support our serving soldiers in Luton next Saturday 28th of March at, and together lets show the British wing of Al Qaeda & the Government that we have had enough of their hatred towards us.

Anti-Al Qaeuda Demonstration
Luton Town Centre
28th March

I have not watched the full video myself, as the music done my head in from the first 30 seconds. I lasted one minute. Just tried again. This is the worst song I have never heard to the end in my entire life. It was that drum beat and that other noise that done for me.

I only post this video because of the information contained in it and we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to music. Sorry LutonLionheart.


Anonymous said...

Different strokes for different folks.
I quite liked the music G.A.
I can't go myself but we all know that the 'Hammer brigade' of Gables mob will undoubtedly turn up.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. It was the whinging, self pitying voices which put me off. I just hope that this will be well organised with a good turnout, well stewarded and does not descend into a provoked riot. If it does end in violence be sure that the media will blame the BNP and "fascist groups." Has it been "cleared" by the police? If not, expect black clad riot gestapo to run amok and break open a few white heads. While the terrorist inspired "enrichers" look on and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I intend to turn up, and I'm coming from Burnley in Lancashire, but perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me just where we meet because as I am not familiar with Luton, I just don't know as to where the town centre is, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that promp GA i'll be there to support our troops, i just hope they ban these Islamists from the area on the grounds of security, if these exremists want to demo they should make their way to Downing st or our Parliament i'm sure our resident traitore will be delighted to see them. politicalMIZZ

Airborne said...

Sorry, but i do not think this is a good idea. The BNP have worked very hard over the last 12 months, lets not give the media and the establishment cause to abuse us anymore than they already do.

mark said...

In all the pictures I've seen, I don't think there's been a bigger juxtaposition of all that is right with the UK and all that is wrong, than these soldiers and jihadists on the same street.

Normally we just see them by themselves, burning our flag and preaching hatred against all and sundry. Which of course, is bad enough. But these pictures struck a chord. I'm sure with many others too.

An image of both sides on an election leaflet would speak 10,000 words.

Jeff said...

Prayers from America. I honestly some days openly weep when I see what is happening over there. Our politicians and yours have sold us out. Make no mistake about it, the UK will have a 9/11 attack as we did in the States. Why our leaders let these people into our lands when they openly preach our death is sickening.

Anonymous said...

I think the journalists of the Times, Independent etc have written the story for Saturday already and I think the BNP will be silly to get involved in it. The story you will read will go along the lines of, " white racists, skinheads, violence, BNP supporters, peaceful moderate muslim counter demonstrators". Any violence will be shown and broadcast by the media and the BNP will be blamed. So my advice is keep away and why not do some leafleting in your own area.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the music to this video is?