Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Plaid make their move to destroy the United Kingdom

Nice flag.
But the price Plaid may have us all pay to have it flying at Brussels
means it may need a few "alterations" before it gets "proper" approval.

by johnofgwent

It had to happen, I suppose.

I said from day one it was a bad idea and I believe my postal vote was stolen because of it.

And now that an almighty row has broken out over their leader's support for tuition fees, against the party manifesto commitment and the views of those who elected him, now that their current leader has been condemned for his threat to hold a vote of no confidence if the unruly rabble he led did not come to heel and do as he demanded, when in fact his actions are born from nothing more than a desire to keep his seat on the gravy train, now that there is every possibility the party will implode, now, there is just no point in playing the subterfuge game any more, now, and prematurely, the party have been forced to play their trump card.

Last night Plaid Cymru launched their Euro-Election campaign on a mandate to destroy the United Kingdom and scuttle off to Brussels as soon as they have succeeded in doing their master's bidding.

Trump Card ? Surely I mean joker in the pack for it certainly seems to me they're playing a round of "Jeux Sans Frontiers" But it may yet be their Ace Of Spades. For now the game is up.

The announcement appeared in the small hours of the morning on this BBC News Web Page.

I can only presume it was felt a good idea to launch this campaign then on the grounds that few would notice and even fewer would bother to say - or do - anything. Presumably it was thought they could use an age-old trick of attacking while the enemy are sound asleep in their beds.

The page seems missing now. HERE is the current offering from the BBC spinmeisters and here is Plaid's own spin on the manouvere

However, just as the gods of my ancestors appointed Heimdall as their watchman to guard the Bifrost Bridge against atack by giants, on account of his needing less sleep than a bird, his being able to see a hundred miles around him (by night as well as by day) and his ability to hear the grass grow around him and notice the wool grow on the flocks of sheep in the fields around, so too does very little get past me.

Buoyed up by carefully selected opinion polls that show a "steady increase" in support for yet further lawmaking powers in the Welsh Assembly leading to Full Independence, surveys whose participants votes were bought with their spendthrift policies of chucking money at anything and everything with a welsh name and a begging bowl, "The Party" (for they seem to have dropped the "Cymru" from their PR recently, and just call themselves "Plaid") feel that now is the time to strike, in order to make wales an independent country within the European Union within the next twenty years.

What a bunch of tossers.

Wales, you might have noticed, has no mineral reserves left, no industry apart from tourism now that what little grew up after the destruction of our coal and steel industries is rapidly shutting down courtesy of Gordon Brown, no economy apart from call centres and in short has no resources at all apart from a work force condemned to mcjobber minimum wages in almost all areas ever since the 1980's.

And it is that workforce, built not just from local men born in the Principality whose fathers and grandfathers were also born here, but from others who historically migrated to wales to work in those great industries, it is that workforce that Plaid's European masters will doubtless be delighted to consider the "New Poles" the moment Plaid succeed in their endeavour of selling us out to the Brussels-Strasbourg circus. We will be treated as the germans treated the Turkish GastArbeiters who swept the floors of their factories and cleaned their office toilets.

So it seems to me the people of wales have a choice in front of them:-
  • They can vote for the party led by Rhodri Morgan who furiously turn on the electorate for not pouring out their adulation at the ballot box
  • They can vote for a party led by Nick Bourne for whom the gravy has smelled so sweet, and the trough been seen to be so deep, that he, and his party, have done a U-turn and decided the grass is rather green and pleasant underneath their feet inside this nice warm AssemblyBuilding isn't it. So nice and warm, in fact, that they think even more millions should be spent upgrading the building they abandoned under William Hague so they can go back to using that too.
  • They can vote for a party whose leader feels kissing Rhodri's arse and staying in his place as Rhodri's poodle is more important than their manifesto commitments to the electorate, at least until the revolution can be aranged.
  • Or they can vote for a party committed to respect the individual cultures that have historically grown up in these islands within a political framework supporting National Sovereignty and a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Now if I can work this out, so can you.

And one final thing. If you can bear to do so, checking out the history of some of Plaid's current elected shower will hopefully raise afew eyebrows. Starting with the chap in the Regional Seat round here.

The guy who is supposed to be "representing my interests" is famous round here for his time as a Newport Councillor when he demanded free parking for moslems on a Friday outside Newport's mosque. Not free parking on the street for all. Not free parking outside all religious buildings at times when they hold services. Certainly Not free parking around St Woolos for the christian faithful to gather to follow this country's "established" religion. No. "Free parking for us moslems and sod the rest of you" was his warcry.

He's famous on a wider scale for striving to get his daughter elected as the Plaid Candidate up the road quote "in order to create a politial dynasty" unquote. And he achieved worldwide fame when he revealed he was sitting in a car in the convoy that took Benazir Bhutto to her death. I still have not received a reply to my question to him asking who paid for that trip. I must go check out the register of Member's interests and Expenses.

But why is a successful moslem local politician who showed no particular interest in welsh nationalism while a councillor suddenly interested in jumping onto their bandwagon and getting his family aboard too in order to establisy a political dynasty. Could it just possibly be that he has done the analysis that I have done, and come to the conclusion that an "independent" wales under the auspices of the "multicultural" European Union will, in fact, require a new flag, one which has been given a slight adjustment. Like this

How Plaid will have the flag of St David flown at Brussels - if we let them

The regional seats were of course handed out in a rigged version of proportional representation planned to ensure a "redistribution of power" from the three main parties to ... the three main parties. With Plaid doing rather well. Had the seats been pooled nationally instead of regionally then the tri-axis of buggin's turners would have found themselves sitting next to some rather green chaps and two British National Party AMs.

Now there's a thought.


Roy said...

On a different subject, the current edition of communist Searchlight Magazine dedicates an entire article to the late "legendary antifascist Bob Doyle" who "joined the IRA as soon as they would have him". Exposes them for the scum they are.

odin said...

They are just trying to implement what the EU wants.
Traitorous scum!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. I well remember Plaid Curry when they held their election meetings in school rooms with maybe five or six people present. They built up their heartland vote on their hatred of England and the English- lets face it, some unbalanced idiot Welshmen are strong on this- and when they broadened their agenda they gathered a bit of a protest vote with disillusioned Labour voters.And I fear they may again benefit when Labour implodes in Wales at the next election. Now, once again, they reveal their hatred. They much prefer a moslem to an Englishman and would willingly sell us out to Europe if it meant they could break from Westminster. Give them the rope, they will eventually hang themselves. The vast majority ofWelshmen are proud to be part of Britain and would never trade it. Most Welshmen are not ashamed to temporarily "hate " the English when they beat us at sport but most Welshmen, the overwhelming majority, are proud to have many true English friends and would never dream of cutting ourselves off from them. Plaid Curry. Scumbags. Their roots run deep among hate filled retards who have not the vision to see what lies in store for them when the followers of the Cult of the Paedophile start colonising their Welsh heartlands. Chapels into mosques! No more sunday drinking! No more ANY drinking. By the beard of the prophet, what fools they are.

Ivan said...

Just had this sent through about Anglian troops marching through Luton today returning from Iraq. Notice no mention from EL BEEB who the protestors are but the video paints a different picture.


Anonymous said...

Following UKIP's disintegration, yet another establishment decoy party has been set up to divide the anti-EU vote: