Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Vandals That Give This Man Sympathy He Does Not Deserve

This is not the answer. This can never be the answer.

If even one of us here thinks this might possibly be allowed to become the answer while there is breath left in any one of us, then we might as well chuck in the towel right now.

by johnofgwent

From time to time I see something over on the UKDEBATE Forum which perks up my interest. On occasions I feel it deserves to be shared with the readers of this blog. Tonight, I feel, I have found one such item, so I reproduce here more or less intact what I have said there.

The item that kicked this off was a report that the man who has collected a £700,000 a year pension for destroying a bank - yes HIM - has had his property vandalised. And as my country is fast becoming one under the rule of "The Night Of The Claw Hammer", I think now is a good time to put my 2p worth in.

Here is the original post from ukdebate and hat tip to "Gus" over on The UK debate free Speech Forum

An emailed statement has warned of further attacks on bankers after the home of former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin was damaged by vandals. Windows were smashed at the former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive's house in Edinburgh. The windows of a Mercedes S600, parked in the driveway, were also smashed. A statement issued to media organisations shortly after the attack on Sir Fred's house said: "We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless. "Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning." The email, sent in the early hours of the morning to a number of outlets including the Press Association, came from the address No group was named in the message and it did not explicitly claim responsibility for the attack. There was a notable police presence at Sir Fred's home in the upmarket Morningside area of the city. Sir Fred - dubbed "Fred the Shred" for his ruthless cost-cutting - has been at the centre of controversy over his £700,000-a-year pension. He took early retirement after RBS almost collapsed as the credit crunch gripped markets. It is thought that Sir Fred and his family have not been living in the house since the pension row erupted."
It will not surprise any of our regular readers to learn that predictably some of the more extreme left wingers on ukdebate including a (teenage) supporter of antifa felt this attack did not go anything like as far as it should have. But here is my take on it ....

I expected [person X] to be celebrating at the wilful and wanton destruction of property currently in this man's ownership. I do not.

No-one was forced to take out the loans they did but that is not the issue. You need an inside track on how the derivatives market worked, how the pittance of decent stuff that there was ended up "cut" with toxic crap and peddled at a huge profit to fools who thought they were buying 100% pure china white. Yes the analogy betweeen these derivatives and crack cocaine mixed a thousand fold with baking powder creatine and horse tranquiliser to a bunch of mug punters who thought they were getting the real thing man and then found the buzz fizzled after five minutes is more real than you could possibly believe unless you were one of the dealers. Which I was not, The bank that sacked me were peddling their wares to an entirely different sector.

This man was the instrument of his own and everyone else's financial ruin and I see no reason for him to get a single penny more than he would have got had the bank gone under. For had Gordon posessed the courage to act the capitalist he pretends his party to be filled with, had the bank for which this man been responsible been allowed to fail, this man's share options in it would have been worthless except as paper to burn to keep warm and he would have got a pension about twice the National Minimum Wage courtesy of the financial services rescue packages that would have been offered to all from managing director to lowly bank teller alike on the basis of basic salary.

I say that because he IS the author of his own misfortune who enjoyed a lifestyle on a par with an arab sheik when times were good, he should now be forced to suffer the down side by getting not a penny more than if his financial institution had been allowed to crumble to dust.

There are many for whom even such a pension would be riches beyond compare but I would be content for him to receive it knowing that my salary - earned from a reputation gained through thirty years of bloody hard graft mental and physical - exceeds his pension by a significant margin. It would suffice for me to know that should it take my fancy, I could waste a large portion of my disposable income for the year to travel to Edinburgh, book a table in the Witchery Resturant at the very end of the Royal Mile nearest the castle, and dine on a haunch and saddle of venison served therein while he was forced through lack of funds to stand outside like some victorian urchin and watch me enjoy myself within. And if perchance it came to my attention that he was standing without in the cold, then would it make that roast meat even more palatable ;-)

But destroying this man's property is not the answer nor is doing violence to his person.

Those who have done one or the other or both bring shame upon themselves and any who do not condemn them are no better in my eyes for they have brought this man sympathy when he deserves none.

And besides which if I had my way he'd have to sell that fine house of his off and in the current market I stand a bloody good chance of being able to afford it at auction and the less I have to repair once over the threshold with the deeds in my hand, the better (!)

OK OK that last part is about 3% reality 97% fantasy. But a man must have fantasies. And with the tablet's I'm on working like anti-viagra, some fantasies are easier to visualise coming about than others.......


mark said...

Can anyone see any moral difference between Sir Fred and Nick Leeson?

Nick Leeson of course, is the imfamous trader that brought down Barings Bank in 1996 and received a 6 year jail sentence in Singapore for getting his bets wrong.

So exactly how is that any different (apart from losing less money) from Sir Fred's position?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. There is a difference between this kind of vandalism and the hammer attack on political party activists. When a government consistently fails to make and apply decent laws for a decent people to live by. When punishment fails to meet the crime by some distance. When people make their displeasure known and are consistently ignored. When a law applies to one section of the community but not to another, then the disenchanted start to "take the law into their own hands." as our judges and law makers are consistently telling us should not be done. But the law should be in the hands of the people and those who are elected should frame the law within the demands of the people. If they do not then they are asking for trouble, in the shape of a vigilante movement or spur of the moment action. How many of us would willingly put an end to paedophile child murderers or sadistic murderers etc? How many of us long for revenge, long for the criminal to get what he really deserves? The law is now, more than ever, an ass and people are surely sick and tired of excuses and lack of action. Sick of seeing the criminal get better treatment than his victim. In this case, the window smasher might feel a bit better for his actions but it wont bother Fred the shred too much and if the smasher is caught he can look forward to a few meals of porridge. As you correctly point out, Fred should now be a pauper, wondering where his next fiver is coming from, worryng if he can really afford a new pair of shoes for his kids as he tries to exist in a two up two down on a sink estate. Smashed windows? No bother Jimmy.In other words, its futile. In the long run it will take a political upheaval to bring our rulers to their senses and until then, however much we may condemn it, I can see vigilante actions increasing. It may get worse before it gets better and our rulers should realise that it just cant go on as it is. People can surely only take so much. Even the normally docile British.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I support this form of direct action. The Nick Leeson comparison serves well to remind us all that bankers are above the law. Well, they are not above retribution, are they.

Had Mr. Goodwin suffered the same fate that beset Leeson, then justice would have been served and there would be no call for the mild punishment he has received. As this was not the case, justice has been served by the People through the court of the People.

BFB said...

RE: The image.

Who exactly are we supposed to feel sorry for? The policeman or the banker?

They have both fucked the honest, decent, British people. As a rule I don't condone violence, but in this case I won't condemn it. The cop in the photo is typical of the slime who arrested 13 BNP members in Liverpool...remember that!

And as for the banker....the law forbids me from being honest...GRRRR

If bricks it takes, bricks (and bullets) it shall be.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy? Waht about sympathy for Tony Ward being hit in the head by reads with a hammer? What about sympathy for all the rape victims raped by third worlders? Or put on heroin and on the game? Their lives have been destroyed. What about old people too scared to go out at night? Or freezing to death in the cold? What about the one year old in Sheffield who got refused a place at a GP in Sheffield because ethnics more important? What about all the work people have to do to pay tax so that the goverment can give millions in foreign aid? What about all the Brits who have been given aids and TB by immigrants? What about all the kids whose educations ahve been ruined by the third world schools? What about the soldiers who are injured and do not receive proper care? What about all the people driven out of thier own areas? What about the murder victims, murderd by third worlders (Gavin Hopley, Ross Parker)? What about Kriss Donald tortured and set to burn to death by muslims?
I have much more people to give sympathy to than some banking criminal who has had a few windows smashed.