Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Green Arrow and Digg

Or give me a damn good reason

Those of you attempting to Digg articles on the Green Arrow site will be receiving the following message:
This URL has been reported by users to be in violation of Digg's Terms of Use and cannot be submitted at this time. Please refer to our Terms of Use ( for more information.
I have send an email demanding an explanation and we shall have to wait and see what we see and I shall post their reply.

However just as our enemies try to silence us on the street they attempt to silence us in cyberspace.

As you can see we have now moved to Intense Debate but this also had been attacked with unknown people (Searchlight/UAF) registering the Home of the Green Arrow. This was eventually resolved once I proved that I was the owner of the site.

The truth is, that the readership of the Green Arrow site is growing almost as fast as the BNP itself. The more who read it and pass on its links, the more visits we get, etc, etc, etc.

Hit rates since I incorporated Digg have been phenomenal. They do not want people reading the truth and so they must attempt to stop us by lieing to the service providers like Digg and Youtube who have removed several of my videos.

Their attempts at psychological warfare did not work and neither did their threats to burn me alive. Neither did any of their other Black Art attacks work. Neither will this latest attack.

They may slow some of us down for a short while but they will not stop us.

Link this site wherever and whenever you can please.