Saturday, 14 March 2009

Now let us extrapolate

The 12 Regions

OK, now this is the article I wanted to write yesterday and would welcome your comments on.

I recently updated the list of BNP by-election results for the period May 8, 2008 up to and including March 5 of this year 2009.

Now I do not think I have missed any out but it is possible. However this is what I found and would like you to think about.

The BNP stood in 63 by-elections in this period and the percentage of votes gained, ranged between 1% and 43%.

The three sites where we only received the 1% were Glasgow and highly enriched Camden.

However the overall percentage of votes received across Our Country was in excess of 14%.

So what does this mean? I do not know, you tell me please.

But consider this. In the coming European elections, the d'Hondt system of proportional representation is used to select the MEPs to "represent" us.

There are currently 87 UK MEPs serving 12 regions. Each region as between 3 and 10 MEPs.

Some might ask, that if a British National Party government would have us out of the marxist European Union within 24 hours of forming a government why are we standing? Simple. Money and resources.

Every successful BNP candidate who becomes an MEP is worth up to £250,000 in salaries, office costs, staff and resources. The BNP punches way above its weight on current income. Imagine what we could do with a million pounds?

And that is why the "establishment" are increasing their attacks via their political thugs of the UAF and intimidation by their political police. But we will leave that for now.

Last time of the European Elections, in the North West Region, where this year Nick Griffin is standing, we polled 6.4% of the vote. All we need to send our chairman to Brussels in that area, I believe is just over 8%. Nationwide, I believe the average BNP vote was 5% last time around.

And now perhaps you can see why I am looking at the by-election percentages.

Looking at UKIP performance in the past, as an example we find the following

In 1999 they got 7% of the vote and "won" three seats.
In 2004 they got 16% of the vote and "won" 12 seats.

Now I do not know how relevant the information I have posted is and that is why I welcome your opinions.

For those of you with enough time to go through the by-election results and and report the other parties percentages, you might also be interested in this link here, which will take you to a d'Hondt election simulator where you can key your data in.

I have a very good feeling that Our Chairman will not be going to Brussels alone. In fact it might well be a two or even three taxi job to the airport.


Anonymous said...

I see you mentioned the "why are we standing" gambit too.

The reasons are broadly the same as UKIP would give you.

First, the institution governs your life today. Do you want to get in and reduce the damage, or stand meekly by and allow yourself to be ridden roughshod over.

Second, every person sitting in that chamber commited to REDUCING its control of our lives, our ways of living, our very SOULS means one less pro-union scumbag in there.

And most important of all ...

Thirdly, To begin the work of abolishing an institution one must work from within to castrate it as well as without to detach it from the aspects of our lives it seeks to control.

I have a dream. And it's not one of an islamic caliphate.

Anonymous said...

Well said JoG and thanks GA for those very interesting stats.

One MEP, although welcome, isn't enough. It is so important that the BNP win 3 or more seats, it's a question of time and it isn't on our side.

It's looking good though and fingers crossed - and everything else - we'll get the success we deserve and that our people desperately need.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that if bnp candidates are elected as meps they are going to donate a major part of their income derived from the job as mep to the bnp party?How much are they going to donate if this is true. I ask because if this is the case it will be a first. I, like many other people nowadays, feel most politicians are nothing but crooks in it for themselves and what they can get.If the bnp candidates are willing to do this for the party (donate even 50%of their wage as mep) then I think it would go a long way in dispelling the way people think of politicians and get you a lot more votes. It would show they really are in it for their country and fellow man and not themselves. Skeptical until convinced otherwise. Pat

Anonymous said...

camden town, jeez, drug dealers and the pakistani and somali gangs run those streets.
I remember once seeing a police patrol camden, the mood lifted, it was as though we had reclaimed the streets, and this was during the daylight hours. you never see a cop on the streets of camden patrolling.
My friend's brother was a camden cop, he told me that they don't patrol so they can arrest the dealers, he told me this in 1994. The dealers are still there, one illegal immigrant heroin addict snatched my wifes bag, he was arrested and a week later we saw him hanging around camden, not deported but let out back on the streets to commit crimes.
Camden needs a good old fashion street cleaning.

The Green Arrow said...

My understanding is that all of our candidates have pledged to hand over a sizeable percentage of their income to the Party as I believe Richard Barnbrook already does.