Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Morning men. Starboard ten.

BBC attempting to smear the BNP

Here we go again. Happy as can be. All good friends and jolly good company.

Don't ask is the best.

In an article I posted yesterday, I expressed my views about the landlady and manager of the Huntsman Pub and the Park Hotel respectively.

That out of the way, I thought I was done on the subject. But apparently not.

I watched a very biased (what else) video report on the event by the Blatantly Biased Cooperation known as the BBC.

The first thing that hacked me off was the landlady of the Huntsman saying that she wanted an apology from the BNP. Well she can toddle off and wipe her butt on her partner, who from the video appeared to be her doormat and dormouse.

Now both the pub and hotel and in fact the area they are situated in appears to be very nice and so far untouched by the enrichment of Our Country. But if she wants to keep it that way, then the landlady, Faye Thomas had better realise that by simply stating that she wants "nothing to do with politics", will not keep the enemy away from her door.

The majority of the BNP membership wants nothing to do with politics. We want to live nice, quite peaceful lives but have realised that if we are going to preserve Our Country, then we have to become involved in the dirty game.

It was not being involved, that allowed the traitor politicians of the Lib/Lab/con alliance to get us in this mess in the first place.

So welcome to the war Faye. How long do you think your pub will remain open once the Turnips take over?

The rag that reported the fascist UAF thugs as being "good natured" protesters was supported by the BBC, who chose to include old video footage of some unknown group, one of whom who was sporting a Nazi symbol, thereby hoping to smear the BNP as being the same kind of people. Don't they ever change their tactics?

Then they had former NUJ President, Tim Lezard who writes for the communist Socialist Worker spouting off. Tim is another proponent for enrichment who thinks it so wonderful, that he chooses to live in beautiful Stroud, funded by a nice fat salary from the TUC. Champagne socialists. Don't you just love them.

The BNP, as always, on the ball in defence of our freedoms are disgusted with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary in recommending that the pub and hotel close because of the threats of violence from political terrorists, have released the following statement calling for action:
We CANNOT allow the Police to abuse our democratic right to hold peaceful, legal meetings during election campaigns by copping out of their duties for an easy life. We MUST stand our ground and make it clear, especially to the Police, that we will (legally) fight for our rights. No longer should the Police be allowed to think that "advising" BNP venues to cancel is the easy option in the face of illegal leftwing threats.

If you care passionately about Britain's freedom and the legal, democratic rights of the British National Party, then take several minutes to complain to Avon & Somerset Police Force by using the link below:
And here is the link for you to vent your spleen on the Cowards of the County, whose motto is "Without Fear Nor Favour".

One last thing. If you are not receiving the superb Battle of Britain emails from the BNP that seek to keep its readers up to date on our struggle, then you can do so by following this link. Takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Have a good day BNP. Like I said before. Tomorrow belongs to Us.


Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...

"Faye Thomas had better realise that by simply stating that she wants "nothing to do with politics", will not keep the enemy away from her door."

Someone ought to tell her...


Anonymous said...

I watched the bbc report which contains the image above GA.
Even though the reporter says these people are not BNP it is my experience that an image is more readily remembered than words. The image message is played for longer than the verbal message so of course the picture sticks and you make up your own message.
Hence the use of this smear tactic.

Off topic but may be of interest to the readers.

Some tosser has tried to apply for a credit card in my name and used my address.
Now the result of that was a rejection from the card company because I dont have credit or loans of any kind. No mortgage either, therefore no credit record. I dont say that to boast, only that I have taken care of my self when it comes to money.

I was brought up never to lend or borrow because, as my old said, lenders only look after themselves, so you do the same son.

It may be that some underhand business is afoot after the BNP members list was released so perhaps it would be an idea if we all checked up on our bank accounts, debit, credit card statements for any unusual activity.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago there appeared a loosely organised group of fanatics who campaigned for the abolition of hunting. This assorted rabble were made up of students, hippies, CND supporters, gullible children, communists and assorted lefties, animal rights thugs, animal rights terrorists.They did not hesitate to use violence in pursuit of their cause. You get the picture. We who had made hunting part of our lifes fabric stood back and laughed at them. We took them a bit more seriously when they started to abuse our freedom by protesting ever more violently and campaigning in parliament but still, basically, they were not too much of a threat. And then the RSPCA fell victim to a leftie takeover and the real struggle began as they donated to the Labour party and the protestors suddenly found themselves in funds fron animal campaigning societies which were run for profit and valued the life of an insect or a rat as equal to that of a human. A donation of a million pounds was made to the Labour party and they forced a hunting ban through by use of the Parliamentary Act, which was intended only for matters of national importance. Under the leadership of the Countryside Alliance we had won the arguments but had lost the battle to thugs and coruption. We had several times put a million people on the streets of London, we had been attacked by riot police (Blairs Gestapo). We had lost and yet we had won. Because the British people, now in posesion of the facts, turned from being against us to supporting us and we were stronger than ever. If only we had been better organised much earlier. If only we had fought back when we thought there was no threat. If only we had realised the danger. If only we had each given a pound and donated two million to Labour, for that is the kind of argument they understand!! The parrallel with the position of Britain in the face of the immigrant and asylum seeker tsunami is obvious. If only the people had been aware of it all many years ago. if only we had realised where it was all leading. If only.... But we left it late. I almost said too late but its not yet too late. Thankfully the efforts of the well organised and committed BNP are now paying off and though the government and all its assorted thugs are ranged against us, the tide is turning fast and the British people are giving us support. Not yet an overwhelming support but the dyke is crumbling and will collapse and then the flood of freedom and national identity will surge through our island. We will win. Since Hunting has been banned, many of those who were in favour have changed their opinion and now declare the ban to be counter productive. It has done nothing to further animal welfare of indeed the safety and well being of the fox. In fact it has achieved the very opposite and will be repealed if the Tories defeat Labour. The ban was never really more than a blow for class warfare. The Lefties saw hunting as an upper class thing when, in reality it is more democratic and less class concious than almost any other pastime. It was passed not to "save the fox" but to annoy the "gentry." Much as I support hunting, indeed it has been my life for many years, I will never again vote Consertive, because I love my country and am concerned for the future of the young men and women who fail to see the danger. My vote will go to the BNP.Incidentally, at the start of the campaign to save us from a ban, I voted tory after being brought up and brainwashed in a Labout household. In London, I was handed a copy of Freedom almost threw it away, but read it on the journey home. I sent for more information. I realised that the BNP were not a party of Fascists and Nazis as I had been told but were decent, British patriots concerned for their country and its survival. I joined the party, I had seen the light. I was handed that copy of Freedom after marching past the Cenotaph, one of the most moving and proud moments of my life. I walked past that monument in silence,deep in thought and fighting back tears from my eyes. We were marching to preserve freedom and a facet of the British way of life. The people commemorated by that monument did more than march, they were men and women who had given their all to preserve their country and its heritage and how had they been rewarded? They had been betrayed by a succession of government by traitors, mostly lefties and fellow travellers. Something good came from that particular protest.It opened my eyes to the truth. It made me a passionate supporter of the BNP We must win. Defeat is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. GA, I forgot to put my name to that hunting post,above, I dont mind claiming it as mine. It might be controversial to some but I'm not anonymous and not afraid to stand by my opinions.

Wolfblood said...

Re, Anonymous, above, and the hunting ban.
The "antifascists" have resorted to murder -

Anonymous said...

Thank you Harry.I am in a similiar position and followed the same 'rules' (no lending or borrowing). I will keep a closer eye than usual.
I wouldn't put anything past the enemy - they are evil and will resort to anything.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Wolfblood.It always amazed me to find that these "animal lovers" never thought twice about harming horses, hounds or their owners and even dug up the graves of historical hunting figures such as John Peel and The Duke of Beaufort, removing bones etc to desecrate their last resting places. Unbalanced cranks. They deserved their place in the commie lefty alliance.

Anonymous said...

Harry (and others)

I presume you found out when the rejection letter came through your letterbox.

Having worked for a bank until I got handed my "christmas cards" this year, there are two things you should know. Some of you might already.

First, and most worrying, have you "lost" any post recently ? One of our postmen helped himself to my business bank account debit card, AND the PIN number, in transit from Newport's sorting office to my house. I realised what had taken place when I put my old card into the cash machine and it was bounced. The Post office weren't the slightest bit interested and neither were the police until I started raising merry hell.

But this may not be their game plan. They may be after doing something FAR MORE DEVIOUS.

You see, EVERY application for credit reduces your credit rating a tiny bit. Not HUGELY but it does matter. People making multiple applications are presumed to be up to no good, or deep in shit. Now the rating goes up again after a couple of months, so "rate tarts" like me who respond to the banks shafting me by taking our custom to another at the drop of a hat have little to fear.

But if I was plotting to make the life of a bloke SENSIBLY in debt far more miserable, the EASIEST way would be to apply for ten or fiften credit cards in their name. That's the easiest way I know to have future purchases rejected.