Monday, 16 March 2009

Hammer attack on Liverpool BNP

I was wondering if one of the thugs rushing to attack our cameraman at 19 seconds into the video was Stephen Hall, one of the organisers of the planned attack.

Mike Gilligan UAF

Whilst I was listening to the lies of Gilligan in the above video, I could not help but wonder, why so many of these mad marxists look as if they are all poxed up to the eyebrows and dieing of aids. They make my skin crawl just looking at them.

By the way. Remember this incitement to violence from the Daily Mirror.
"I’m worried about the 12,000 BNP members whose names and addresses have been leaked on the internet. I pray their details don’t fall into the hands of any of those black radical groups known to take a very dim view of white neo-Nazis. It would be truly awful if anything nasty happened to these nice people wouldn’t it?"
Looks like the communist rag got its wishes. The man arrested for attacking Tony Ward was reported as being "black". How kind of the Mirror to provide his defence.


Anonymous said...

I would say a possble yes that itmay have been Stephen Hall, looking like a knuckle dragging fascist skinhead.

Allegedly? The ususal BBC distortion of facts.

Anonymous said...

His eyes exude hate, hate for everything. He should see a psychiatrist. He is as mad as amarch hare. No wonder he is drawn to the Fascist U.A.F.

Anonymous said...

BBC feel that muslims attacking a Christian minister brutally beating him up is not worth a comment, were he an imman?

March 15, 2009
Minister Brutally Beaten after Disagreeing with Muslims on his TV show
It's that special way Muslims have of communicating. So don't even think of insulting Islam, now bend over!

Reverend Noble Samuel is indeed very noble.

Minister beaten after clashing with Muslims on his TV show (hat tip Kasper)

A Christian minister who has had heated arguments with Muslims on his TV Gospel show has been brutally attacked by three men who ripped off his cross and warned: ‘If you go back to the studio, we’ll break your legs.’

The Reverend Noble Samuel was driving to the studio when a car pulled over in front of him. A man got out and came over to ask him directions in Urdu.

Mr Samuel, based at Heston United Reformed Church, West London, said: ‘He put his hand into my window, which was half open, and grabbed my hair and opened the door.

Frightened: TV minister Noble Samuel

He started slapping my face and punching my neck. He was trying to smash my head on the steering wheel.

Then he grabbed my cross and pulled it off and it fell on the floor. He was swearing. The other two men came from the car and took my laptop and Bible.’


He said that he, his wife Louisa, 48, and his son Naveed, 19, now fear for their safety, and police have given them panic alarms. ‘I am frightened and depressed,’ he said. ‘My show is not confrontational.’

And the West keeps kissing their ass. Good luck with that strategy, President Hussein.

if the UAF had a brain they would out the thugs! said...

After seeing this video i think it is clear that more arrests need to be made.

There is clear evidense of an unprovocked attack and many witnesses.

If the majority here or the group organisers were decent law abiding, honest people they would come forward with evidence to implicate the thugs, if they do not then the whole group and it's organising body is implicated in the event given the evidense.

Still the BNP march on stronger and more determined than ever.

What did you really achieve communists? Please tell me?

1. The event went ahead.

2. The public got to see what violent trash the communists are!

3. public support has increased for the BNP

4. public funding has increased for the BNP

5. membership has increased

all on the back of this attack!

If i were a real political activist UAF supporter who really wanted to undermine the BNP politically, i would be most pissed off with goons like Stephen Hall.

I would shake off the loser as he is the best BNP recruting sargent the BNP have seen for some time.

He has helped to damage your cause to the point of no repair.

Don't you think you should come forward - you're not all violent, right? give evidence against the violent ones and clear the name of your organisation in this instance? the longer you leave it the more damage is done.

Or are you happy to see the thugs destroy what is left of your dwindling support and reputation?

It's your choice, out the thugs or be branded one and all!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Gilligan's Island?, now wouldnt it be nice to put the likes of this chap, who has that drawn and skeletal look of a former hard drug user on a desolate island along with all the others this kind of human excrement hold dear, and then observe if they actiully improved their lot or started attacking each other like the zombies they are. Peaceful demonstation My -rse (as Jim Royle would say)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. When I was in hospital a while back, I lost three stone, was yellow as a canary and thought I was ready for a box. When I looked into a full length mirror I didnt recognise myself. Thats just how Gilligan looks. What a pathetic specimen. Has he spent all his life in smoke filled rooms, only venturing out in darkness? Perhaps thats why he is so out of touch with reality, he knows nothing but darkness and lies. The sunlight of truth has never been allowed to shine upon him. Save us from such losers.

Anonymous said...

This cowardly attack is a sign of desparation. Our enemies can see the tide is turning in favour of the BNP. The next attack may well be a violent one, but the real danger is that the liblabcontrick will use EU legislation the ban the BNP. We need to be prepared for all attacks, but that one in particular.

Anonymous said...

Who or what gives any organisation such as the EU the right to ban another?, surely the only way this could be done legally is through public concencus, and as the EU isnt too keen on consulting the public even in regard to its very existence, then any laws/statutes passed by it must then be irrelevant?.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to put Mr Stephen Hall (the leader of the hammer attack on the BNP member) on their Christmas card list his adress can be found by logging on to the site of the North West Nationalists and then the story of the attack.

Anonymous said...

These lunatics are treaing people like idiots who lack the intelligence to understand their devious Marxist games.

These are the anti-fascist pacifists who gladly resort to violence to silence those who disagree with them.

Anti-fascist freedom fighters who intimidate and threaten innocent people from carrying out their legal business.

Anti-fascist humanitarians who offer hope not hate yet hate those who disgree with them.

Anti-fascist upstanding pious citizens who use street mobs to violently enforce their message of hope.

Anti-fascist liberals who use hammers to smash the liberty of others - along with their skulls.

Anti-fascist democrats whose message of hope cannot be subject to the democratic will of the people.

Anti-fascist anti-totalitarians who dictate to others what they can and cannot see or hear.

Anti-fascists who promote diversity and tolerance but cannot tolerate diversity in politics because they cannot tolerate those who disagree with them.

Anti-fascists who make it clear: If you don't accept our message of hope we hate you so much we will do whatever ot takes to smash you.

Anti-fascists who are destroying Britain and the British people by force whilst lining their greedy pockets at the same time.

Anti-fascists who anyone with a single brain-cell can see are dyed-in-the-wool fascists. And one day their day of reckoning will arrive and they know it.


Anonymous said...

My My he looks Evil or mentally ill or both.

No poltician who as subscibed to this organisation as replied to my request for a public condemnation of this hammer attack.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Reconquista, summed up perfectly.


Anonymous, south essex said...

Used to get threatened all the time out leafleting, threats of hammers on me head, knives in me guts, one bloke even picked up a bucket to throw, mostly wind but a few close ones, violence!! that's all the leftys have left, us as the fascist hitler worshipers has been shown to be a myth along with the yobo skinhead myth, now most people respect and agree with you even if they don't outright support the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I take it the video of these thugs will be as diligently studied by police as the bbc undercover filming of bnp meetings was. (Up to 6 hours at a time). Especially as in this case a crime has DEFINITELY been committed, and a very violent one at that.

So far only one suspect has been arrested, hopefully there will be more, if subsequent suspects are not charged with ABH, GBH or attempted murder they most certainly can be charged with affray and so they should rightly be.

Anonymous said...

This was posted on you tube today, the UAF banner looks like it says Leigh on it - if so it may give a clearer picture of some of those involved

Anonymous said...

Looks like some are beginning to realise that this act of policitical hooliganism was a massive own goal by the left. Writing on LU site Barbara Suzuki states "that photogapraph (of Tony Wards facial injuries) will haunt the "anti fascist" movement and remove their (alleged) moral authority. Too right it will, what else does she expect when her colleagues go around hitting people with hammers? Nice people you choose to mix with Barbara - they're more violent than those you oppose, far more.

Meanwhile the incident is being discussed far and wide, even on this Police Special Constables forum - most posters slating UAF for their action with one saying the attack was a "hate crime", obviously they all have to come out with the "no matter how much we dislike the BNP" before slagging off UAF in case their bosses monitor the site I guess

Anonymous said...

Reds are mentally ill. The best way to spot a red/personwith such a metnal disorder in daily life is to look for: desire to control/intefere with others; and/or toal lack of real compassion. These 2 features are what to look for to spot reda in daily life. Ignore any matras aobut 'anti fascist' and 'freedom' - they do not mean it - watch for the control freakery and real lack of compassion. For example, spot not a flicker of comapsion in the manic faced Stephen Hall that a manhad been hit with a hammer. Not a flicker of genuine concern. All you can see is the rage and the mania and the hatred.
Why did the anti fascists come out armed with hammers? On the way to manual jobs (obviously not)?
Did they leave their sickles as home?
Reds are mad. really, they are mentally ill.