Sunday, 22 March 2009

So Jane Goody is dead and now a Saint

Dead. A sad end to an even sadder life

I never, never ever watch Big Brother and I will not voice an opinion of those that do, as I am sure some of them might have mastered the alphabet and are capable of writing X on a ballot paper, even if they think it is the mark for their name.

However, I did watch with incredulity back in 2007 when the entire Establishment, including Gordon Brown waded into the poor creature named Jane Goody for breaking some minor politically correct taboo, like not worshiping at the feet of some painted tart from India.

Of course now that Jade is dead, she is transformed into a Saint and the nose picking slime of an unelected Prime Minister wishes to have some of her new sainthood rub of onto him, the way he rubs snot into his suit.

Just as the vermin Tony Blair tried to jump onto the Saint Princess Diana bandwagon, Brown now does the same. Read his vomit inducing statement and those of other public creatures here.

I cannot write anymore without endangering my laptop.


Anonymous said...

I might have guessed Brown would be jumping on the Goody Bandwagon.
I think shes actually done a great dis service to Cancer because she has allowed herself to be filmed every step of the way to her death,i've seen headline like "i'm in so much pain" Yes thats really going help Cancer sufferers or other people who should go to have Cancer check ups, they'll be terrified of getting Cancer, its put me of going for my smear.
I also think her sons will sons will suffer unecessarly when they grow up and start to read the headlines of how much their mum allowed herself to be exploited when it should have been a time for dignity AND spending time with your loved ones (her boys) i think if she loved her boys as much as she said she did she would not have done so many interviews for newspapers, magazines, books, tv shows as this took up much of her before she died, time that should have been spent with her boys, it wasn't for the money for the boys future but Goody's insatiable appetite for attention and Cliffords greed, she was already a multi-millionaire.
I think the Sheeple are sick what person would buy a magazine, newspaper etc just to see/read about someone dying and suffering in public ?
She'll be elevated to Saint status now, how about a fitting memorial for Goody for the Sheeple to come worship, may i suggest a giant Kebab this could attrack Sheeple from all around the world. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful and disrespectful.

Remove this post NOW.

The Green Arrow said...

No. Bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Green.

"disrespectful" -to whom? Gordon Brown? Must be, because that wretched specimen, Goody, that passes for a human is in no way worthy of any respect.

Personally, I raised a smile at her passing. This completely worthless sub-animal girl and her parasitical PR man have served only to sap attention and deflect focus from burning issues facing our race and nation.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need to score points out of this kinsmen?

At the end of the day, a 27 year old woman has prematurely died of cancer. Whatever you may think, she didn't deserve that and I think we demean our cause when we make crass remarks such as "I raised a smile at her passing." The gutter is no place to look down on anyone.

A dignified silence shows more class and we have much more important business to focus on.


Anonymous said...

"All hail Saint Jade for her actions in increasing public awareness" is the cry of the mourners.

Maybe so. But I wonder.

For right now there are campaigns ongoing to raise public awareness of a few other equally nasty ways to die all of which share a "Don't Die Of Ignorance" theme.

And if people are so ignorant about this particular variant of a nasty way to go, how come my wife and BOTH my kids know about it. How come my 18 year old is being offered vaccination against one of the ills currently thought to be a major trigger for the onset of this unpleasant exit route from this mortal existence.

But if you think GA's being shameful then believe me, you don't want to get too near me in a pub lest you hear what I really think.

Starting with "I wonder if the timing of an exit from this world on mother's day to hype the sympathy vote was accelerated by certain painkillers".

I would not put past her PR machine. I really would not. And that is perhaps the saddest thing of all about this whole business.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Reconquista, you have it right, spot on. I think this is best left alone. Let the morons pile their flowers and soft toys outside the gates and lets just put it down to it all being the way of our rather stupid touchy feely citizens who seem to find a ghoulish pleasure in that sort of thing. Most of them do so just hoping that the cameras will be there and for a second or two and their tear stained faces will appear on the nations tv screens. The ultimate achievement for the moron class. But let us not forget that these people have a vote which counts as much as anyone elses and while they are so gullible they will vote for even a dope like Gordon Brown and they will say, ahh for all his faults, didnt he speak well for our poor Jade. God help us all.

James said...

Goodnight and God bless you Jade.

They used you and then destroyed you.

Its not not over yet though ...

Anonymous said...

Well said CM and I agree wholeheartedly. Our people have been lied to, conned, brainwashed and taken advantage of and this lamentable episode in media history isn't something we should be exploiting in my humble opinion.

Our job as proud British nationalists - and I have to say we and especially GA excel at it in the main - is to inform, educate and support our people, no matter how far they have fallen into depravity and degeneracy and no matter how much the despicable powers that be debase them to line their odious, bursting greedy coffers.

Let's stand firm, stick to our duty and never forget that it is people like this sad, now deceased young woman who need the BNP as much as any of our people. Probably more so if this is anything to go by.

We're not solely with the BNP because of those who already believe our message. We must never ever forget that. We have to reach out to those who need us most, those of our kinsmen who are hopelessly lost and it ain't easy by Christ we all know that. We certainly won't reach them by stating that we celebrate the death of a young Briton whose life has been reduced to a farcical freak show for the media and the public at large to mock and profit from.

I've said enough now. We will prevail and those who have abused OUR people are going to answer for it and I will stand by that till I draw my last breath.

I believe with every fibre in my body that the BNP is the only way out of this utter shambles the evil bastards have inflicted on us Britons and whose growing list of victims now includes a young mother who was hopelessly unaware of how she was being ruthlessly exploited. She's as much a victim of the muticultural lunatic asylum of GB 2009 as anyone. Only one way to end the insanity: VOTE BNP IN THE EUROS JUNE 2009 PLEASE. We cannot go on like this we're kiling ourselves.


Anonymous said...

tacky and in poor taste article

Wellard67 said...

I feel the real tragedy being overlooked here is the poor children losing a mother so young. As for the media and politicians they are nothing but scum. How quickly they changed from pure hate to adoration for Jade Goody. Lets face it her only achievment in life was to share a few weeks being filmed in a house full of freaks for the sheeple brainwashed enough to waste their lives on this rubbish. I dont feel this article is in any poor taste just because we are prepared to see the other side and not follow the media and governments sick double dealings. Tragedy like this happens daily its just a fact of life. I dont blame Jade for wanting to look after her children after her passing it would be any parents wish to do so. Now that she has gone I see nothing wrong in us remembering how the scum previously treated her. Lets see some real issues covered in the media instead of smokescreens when we have a little snow or another Jade Goody incident

Anonymous said...

I feel quite neutral. She had cancer and died. That is what happened, and it happens to countless other poor souls every day without a mention.
I am lucky. I had colon camcer and survived after having massive surgery and re-plumming. That was 4 years ago. I know literally dozens of people like me. Now I hear that I have early signs of another cancer. Many more men die of cancer than women yet it is women that appear to attract the sympathy. The suffering is the same no matter who you are, and there is no doubt that Jade suffered. Life is great for me although a bit painful and inconvenient. I have the best hobby in the world supporting the BNP, and just get on with it all.

Anonymous said...

Jade was so much a product of the age. With a mixed race father and a mother who was a crack addict and prostitute she didnt have much going for her. Oh how we all laughed at her. If she had not had her 5 minutes of fame and her fortune she would have been a single mother in various refuges but would have still died at 27, unknown like thousands in some hospice.
Only a nationalist government would follow a worthwhile family policy which encouraged responsible parenting and certainly didnt subsidise the dumbing down of the people.