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Resistance: The British Counter-Jihad - Part 3

"O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty unto Him."
- Qu'ran Sura 9, Verse 123

By Reconquista

3. Britons In Peril - First Comes Saturday, Then Sunday


Great Britain, a once proud Christian country, a nation upon whose mighty Empire "the sun never set" now faces a serious threat unlike any it has faced in its long and glorious history. The Marxist-Liberal ideology of Multiculturalism and ensuing mass-immigration has seen Islam grow and flourish within our borders, spawning an Islamic "fifth column" whose religious duty is to wage jihad upon our people until Islam reigns supreme.

The recent Muslim march through London, complete with a call to Islam - Da'wa - and the disgraceful abuse of British soldiers returning from active service in Iraq by Muslim jihadists provide clear examples illustrating how confident the Muslim community is growing and that imposing Islam and Sharia law on the UK is their religious goal.

I have attempted to explain that advancing Islam is the sacred religious duty for all Muslims, both in the two essays preceding this one and through many offline debates. Communicating this fact is a very difficult task because through political correctness and the liberal multicult ideology, many brainwashed politically correct Britons believe Islam is a "Religion of Peace" and they are totally unaware of the supremacist reality of Islam and its psychopathic, warmongering prophet Mohammed.

Ignorance is a weakness Muslims exploit to the maximum. Should anyone have the temerity to shine the spotlight of truth upon Islam, they will be accused of the hate-crimes of "Islamophobe" and "racist" and they will be supported by well-meaning but dangerously misguided infidel Britons who are setting up a nightmare future of subservience under Islamic hegemony in their homeland.

Lying to the infidels to advance Islam, known as "Al Taqiyya" has been one of the most effective strategies deployed by Muslims to turn "Dar al Harb" - the lands of war, the domain of the infidel - into "Dar al Islam" - the lands of Islam, the domain of the believers, throughout the history of Islamic jihad. Studying the example of Mohammed "al insan al kamil" reveals that he would deceive his adversaries at will, and he stated quite clearly: "War is deceit."

Keeping infidels trapped in a fog of ignorance is a cunning tactic that has enabled Muslims to conquer many nations and establish Islamic hegemony and if Britons continue to wallow in such comfortable but ultimately destructive ignorance, then Great Britain will become "Al Britannia" just as the kingdoms of once Christian Anatolia became Islamic Turkey.

It is so important for British Nationalists - indeed, every Briton - to understand a simple truth about Islam: Its intolerance for non-believers and how non-believers are treated when they come in to contact with Muslims around the world. It is this intolerance and persecution of infidels that I will focus on in this essay and I warn you now, I am not going to hold back. What you are about to discover is disturbing, unpleasant, shocking and deeply distressing but it is a harsh, painful truth about Islam that has to be told. We ignore this uncomfortable truth at our great peril.

Behold, this is the reality of the Islamic future that awaits you and your children...

Who Do You Think You Are?

I'm sure every Briton has heard the word "infidel". But I wonder how many of them know what an infidel actually is? For that matter, I wonder how many British Nationalists possess a full awareness of what this pejorative word means? Ask for a definition and more likely than not you will hear "Oh it's someone who isn't a Muslim" or even as I have heard several times "isn't it someone who is white?"

Understanding exactly how an infidel is regarded by Muslims is the first and most important step to take when studying the attitude of Muslims to, along with their treatment of, non-believers. When a land has been conquered by Islam, it becomes part of "Dar al Islam" meaning that it is a land where Islamic Sharia holds jurisprudence. So step one, what is the definition of an infidel under Sharia law.

Under Islamic Sharia, Muslims find guidance regarding actions or objects they are permitted to use - called Halal - and they will also find actions and objects that are forbidden - Haram. Under Sharia, we find Najis, objects and actions that are forbidden because they are "filth." There are ten of these:

Dogs, pigs, dead bodies, the sweat or body fluids of these creatures, blood, semen, urine, faeces, alcohol and, yes, score one if you're ahead here, the infidel, the non-believer, also referred to as "kuffar" which is a much more common and far stronger word. This was the insult hurled at the fleeing Police in the recent pro-Palestinian marches on the streets of London. It is an absolutely disgusting insult, make no mistake about it.

When people hear the word "Nigger" they are outraged, yet they remain totally indifferent to "kuffar". Nigger, although pejorative too, is a word that solely describes someone as being black and is derived from the Latin word "niger" - black. Yet look at those ten najis and see what Muslims regard the kuffar as the equivalent of.

Just watch this, Muslims singing about kuffars, and I'm proud to see that our illustrious leader Nick Griffin gets a mention:

Dirty Kuffar

Lovely video, isn't it, especially the end. It begins with the shahada, and a greeting "bismallah al rahim" - in the name of Allah the most merciful. See for yourself just how merciful Allah is.

Islam - i.e. Muslims - regards ALL unbelievers, including you and I, as kuffars. Kuffars are the equivalent of pigs, dogs, urine and excreta, and as such, are regarded as the lowest of the low by Muslims. And the proof of just how much hatred Muslims have for kuffars is evidenced by their actions towards them wherever Muslims and kuffars co-exist.

The New "Untermensch"

Qu'ran Sura 9 "Al Tawba - Repentance", verse 29:

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by Allah and his Messenger (Mohammed), nor acknowledge the religion of truth even if they are people of the book (Jews and Christians) until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued."

Please read that verse once again, it is the most important verse in the Qu'ran for kuffars to be aware of and is referred to as "The Verse Of Tribute".

An important note here before I continue. You may recall from the previous essay a video of an Islamic demonstration where Da'wa - the call to Islam - was issued several times. I stated that this is very important and here's why. Read 9:29 and you will see "..nor acknowledge the religion of truth...". This means that if kuffars accept Islam and convert, then all is well. However, if they refuse, they are subjugated or killed. This is exactly how Mohammed waged war against the infidels, by first offering the call to Islam. The Islamic jihad being waged upon us today is all about the example set by Mohammed as I have stated repeatedly throughout these essays.

I really hope you can now see why that particular Islamic march isn't quite as innocent as it looks. OK, let's continue and you're going to see exactly how 9:29 works.

The verse of tribute has been used by Muslims to subjugate kuffars throughout the world and relegate them to the status of Dhimmitude - subservience to Muslims. Although it explicitly states dhimmitude only applies to Jews and Christians, Hindus are also afforded dhimmi status too. The Jizya is the tax dhimmis must pay to their Muslim masters or face death. It's a protection racket if you like and the bad news is should Muslims decide they've had enough they will withdraw dhimmi status and persecution ensues. 9:29, this barbaric verse, is responsible for millions of deaths and God knows how much persecution for non-believers.

The choices given to kuffars are quite clear in this verse: Convert to Islam, accept dhimmitude WILLINGLY or fight and die. The whole status of dhimmitude though is just a ruse. The end result is ALWAYS the same: Convert, fight or die.

Of course Muslims will be outraged at what I'm writing, but they're outraged about anything and everything aren't they? Instead of listening to demented pious fanatics who try to bully and intimidate people into accepting their own demise, let's look around the world and see what actually happens to kuffars wherever Islamic Sharia rules.

As Britain is still - just about - a Christian nation and because many of the remaining practising Christians like the Arch-Dhimmi of Canterbury believe they will be able to co-exist peacefully with Muslims, let's now see how Christians and Muslims get on around the world.

Sunday, Sunday

First port of call: The Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, the land where Muslims believe the Islamic prophet Mohammed received the revelations of the Qu'ran, offers a good start to gain an insight of Muslim hatred towards the kuffar. Not only are Jews forbidden to enter Saudi Arabia, no kuffar is allowed to enter the holy cities of Mecca and Medina on pain of death.

Do other religions have similar attitude towards non-believers visiting their holy cities and their places of worship? Take an educated guess as to the person who made this rule. Hint: He married and then raped a child.

"First we deal with the Saturday people then we deal with the Sunday people."

The West Doesn't Realise What They Are Facing With Islam

They Hate You Because Of Religion

Whilst our military personnel are fighting and dying in Iraq "to establish democracy", this is what is happening to Assyrian Christians:

Convert, Pay Or Die

Genocide of Iraqi Christians

Boy Crucified, Baby Roasted

Remind me again, what was it Anjem Choudary and his cowardly band of jihadists were accusing the British soldiers of doing in Iraq? How strange that we don't see "moderate Muslims" on the streets of London protesting against what "extremists who don't represent the Muslim community" are doing to Assyrian Christians.

Then there's that place where those Nazi Jews are oppressing the poor Arab Muslims:

Christians In The Palestine Authority

And let's take a good look at what those poor, oppressed "Palestinians" did to once Christian and once beautiful Lebanon, crown jewel of the Middle East:

Palestinians Persecute Christians In Lebanon

The video above sounds a very clear warning about what is going to happen to Britain, the circumstances that led to the destruction of Lebanon are exactly the circumstances being created in Britain right now. And let me ask you this:

If the Muslims in Lebanon could kill 100,000 ARAB Christians, what on earth do you think they will do to British Christians?

Funny how the media never mention any of this though isn't it? Too busy spreading pro-Palestinian propaganda for HAMAS and Hizballah no doubt. Well, they have to keep their Saudi paymasters happy. Mustn't offend our Saudi masters whatever we do.

But what about Egypt? Surely things are better there? It's a lovely place for a holiday and everyone knows it's now a modern secular society:

Christian Copts Live In The Garbage 1of 3

Christian Burned Alive In Egypt

Surely that's all because of the unique problems in the Middle East, it's not as bad in other Muslim countries such as one of the world's biggest Muslim populations, Indonesia:

Christians Persecuted In Indonesia

Including little Christian girls:

Are Christians faring any better anywhere else?

Christians Persecuted By Muslims Around The World

Choosing Extermination

What grates with me is the typical "turn the other cheek" suicidal Christian cowardice the narrator makes at the end. Feeling spiritual is much better than standing up to Muslim brutality and persecution is it? Not if you want to survive - along with your faith - it isn't. Christians have to understand: Muslims are not playing a game here. The choice is Islam, subjugation or death and being spiritual isn't going to cut the mustard. Islam must be stopped or Islam will destroy you unless you convert. Period.

But why take Reconquista's words about persecution of Christians being a very real fate for kuffar Britons. The Muslims are telling you themselves:

Get the message, Sunday people, you dirty kuffars?

Qu'ran Sura 9 "Al Tawba - Repentance", verse 05:

"So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

The Saturday people and the Sunday people aren't the only kuffars to be persecuted at the hands of devout Muslims. The verse above, 9:05 from the Qu'ran, is also called "The Verse of the Sword" and it defines how Muslims are to deal with idolaters. Idolaters such as the Hindus in India who have been on the receiving end of Islamic jihad since 638, total deaths estimated at a staggering EIGHTY MILLION and it is a persecution that continues today.

Hindus are guilty of the diabolical crime of "Mushrikoun" or "Shirk", that is worshipping more than one deity. This really does outrage Muslims - how dare you worship more than one deity - so Mushrikoun have to be taught a lesson in Islamic tolerance:

Hindu Monk Tied and Beaten By Muslims

Hindu Being Beaten To Death By Muslims Outside A Mosque In Bangladesh. He had the nerve to pass-by a Mosque minding his own business just as moderate Muslims were leaving Friday prayer.

The "Religion of Peace" At Work In Mumbai

So far, we have seen how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, "Palestine", Egypt, Indonesia and had a quick tour around the world. We've also looked at how Hindus are faring in India so there can't be any more kuffars who are being persecuted can there?

Nirvana Versus Jihad

If there is one conflict that truly shows up Muslims for the intolerant, violent and oppressive fanatics they really are it is the Islamic jihad being waged in Southern Thailand against the Buddhists.

Yes, you read that correctly, Buddhists. Those people who believe strictly in non-violence and peace, who believe no living creature should be harmed and who have pretty much caused no harm to any other people are now being treated to the delights of "The Religion of Peace." Over 3,300 Buddhists have been slaughtered to date by fanatical Islamic jihadists who fight in Allah's cause.

And yet once again, the media give little coverage to this conflict, focusing attention instead on the sham "Palestinian" cause conveniently ignoring the fact that Muslims are oppressing and slaughtering thousands upon thousands of non-believers around the world all to the cry of "Allahu Akhbar!" as they devoutly follow the perfect example of their faith, the insane paedophile, murderer and enslaver Mohammed.

Jihad Against Buddhists

The following video discusses the jihad against the Buddhists and makes some very interesting comparisons between how the Thai and western governments respond to Islamic jihad:

Jihad In Thailand

Whenever you hear Islamic apologists trotting out the usual lame, pathetic excuses to tolerate the intolerable, you can now ask them why it is that Muslims can't even tolerate Buddhists.

And to see what devout Muslims are capable of doing to human beings solely because they are Buddhists - "kuffars" - here's how the "Religion of Peace" spreads its message in Thailand:

Buddhists Massacred By Muslims

Did you get the word used in the "get out of town" note the Thai Muslim jihadists sent to the Buddhist teacher?

Time To Reflect

I wanted to continue this essay by providing more evidence to demonstrate the depraved cruelty Muslims are capable of doing to human beings as they follow the example of their psychopathic prophet and the laws laid down in Sharia that reflect the divine will of Allah but I think you and I both need a break from the revolting horrors of Islam for now.

I think it is also a time to reflect that what you have discovered in this essay is occurring right now to real human beings whose only crime is to be a non-Muslim. The world ignores their cries of pain, the agony of their suffering and their appalling persecution, preferring instead to tolerate, support and protect the very people who are responsible for these vile crimes against humanity - Muslims who are funded by petrodollar rich states, especially Saudi Arabia and Iran. We are at war with these Islamic states and we have to recognise this or these states are going to fund the destruction of our nation. THIS IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

Please know this and know it well: The human beings you've seen and heard in this essay are no different to you and I and what has happened - and is happening - to them will happen to us unless we rid the cancer of Islam from our land.

What kind of world tolerates this vile, barbaric, inhumane hate-filled "religion" and when will we all have the strength of our convictions to stand up and say:

"No more Islam, not here, not anywhere. We tolerate the intolerant no more."

I will continue to provide more evidence about how evil Islam is in the next essay but before I go, allow me to leave you with this little gem from a true fountain of human kindness:

"Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males provided they are not disabled or incapacitated to prepare themselves for the conquest of countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. But those who study Islamic holy war will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world." - Ayatollah Khomeini

I wonder where he found the inspiration for that?



Kwelos said...

What an excellent and comprehensive article!

I've indexed it as KA2 under 'Kafir' and four other headings at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

Wolfblood said...

Take careful note:

June 4th - Decide which future you want!


Do you?

Runesword said...

Watch and understand -

- Vote for life - Vote BNP

Anonymous said...

Wasp. "First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday", meaning first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians.

Well, there is plenty of evidence already to support their objectives.

The muslims should be made to realise that Friday comes before Saturday and Sunday. We Christians should be paying much more attention to Friday, especially in our own countries.

I want to see as many mosques in England as there are Christian churches in Saudi Arabia. I want muslims in England to be given the same treatment that muslims around the world give to non-muslims.

As Britain is still a largely Christian country, it is the muslims who are the infidels, the unbelievers and the kaffurs.

mark said...

It's worth remembering that chapter 9 of the koran is widely accepted as the penultimate chapter and its verses thus abrogate many of the earlier, more peaceable, verses which mohammed wrote when he wasn't as powerful and needed to be more conciliatery.

Anonymous said...

Good work Reconquista, the Lebanon should serve as a wake up call to the west, Islam does not tolerate Christianity, Christians in a Muslim country are treated appalingly, no Human Rights afforded to them.
Also the Christians in Egypt are treated very badly to, forced to live in squalid conditions, infested with rats and are degradingly given the name "the rubbish people". People need to wake up to the threat of Islam before its to late. politicalMIZZ