Wednesday, 25 March 2009

BNP stall attacked by the Claw Hammer gang

A patriot of the BNP with stall before the attack

Below is a comment left on the Westmoreland Gazette site as a response to their article reporting an attack on democracy by the enemies of Freedom of Speech.

Their on-line article report it as "BNP Clash with protestors in Kendal", the facts of the matter are a little bit different.

The British National Party are not and never have been into the gutter politics of the communists whose only contribution to democracy is to try and kill it. Again, yet another of ours stalls manned by patriots was attacked.
We arrived in Kendal today to raise the profile of The British National Party as part of out local and European campaigns on June 4th.

Most of the people gave a very positive response and reaction and there was no sign of any hostility at all until our stall was visited by two screaming women intent on causing as much provocation as possible, they made several phone calls and were soon joined by a large group of youths who poured liquid all over the stall, kicked it over twice, threw our literature on the ground and then physically attacked one of our members.

At no stage whatsoever did we react to the altercation, at no stage whatsoever did we provoke any member of the public and thankfully the police eventually arrested the main troublemaker in question and it is reassuring to see he has been arrested and will hopefully be dealt with accordingly by the law.

Of note the 19 year old has now been charged with "causing an affray" which is a very serious offence and carries a very heavy custodial sentence with it. It is also a charge which suggests premeditation and intent by a group of people !!!!

Organised political intimidation and violence on this level puts Mugabie to shame.

Thanks to the people of Kendal who gave us a great reception and we guarantee we will back soon to carry on the good work.

Kevin Clark
British National Party Member
The fact that phone calls were made leads me to believe that this action was clearly planned in advance and the attackers who arrived knew exactly what they were going to do.

It is nothing short of political intimidation and terrorism. Behind it will the the Claw Hammer Gang of the Searchlight/UAF, who instead of standing in elections prefer to make their point by kicking over tables and frightening people going about their lawful business.

How much longer can the likes of David Cameron keep silent about the thuggish behaviour of these people from the organisation he is signed up to?

Fortunately there are no reports of injuries to our people, who have stated that they refuse to be silenced and will be back on the streets in no time. Proud of you all kinsmen.


mark said...

While going for a criminal conviction of any kind is always a good idea, why not also go for a civil prosecution (where the onus of proof is less) and see if you can hit them in their wallets?

I'm sure there must be some distress/harrasment related case that could be brought against them.

Harbi said...

The LibLabCon have no viable arguments against the BNP's policies. That's why they can never refute the BNP by civilised debate, but can only oppose by yob violence, police intimidation, threats of dismissal and idiotic name-calling, as we have seen from the Bishop of Manchester.

Admittedly, we might expect a rather restricted range of vocabulary from the Labour slags and junkies who were promised the price of their next fix to go and harrass the BNP in Leigh. But surely an educated man like the Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester, can offer a more coherent and detailed analysis of why the BNP are wrong - other than repeating the word 'racist' like a stuck needle. Or can he?

Apart from the absence of the f-word, the Bishop of Manchester's arguments against the BNP have no more substance than the rantings of the Leigh junkies, or these frothing idiots full of sound and fury signifying nothing ( another case of stuck needles? )

Perhaps Reverend McCulloch will kindly explain how the Church of England proposes to prevent Britain becoming another Islamic hell-hole, where Christians are robbed, raped and murdered with impunity in the name of Allah and his paedo-prophet?

And maybe David ('call me Neville') Cameron can explain the Tory plans to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Note how the media screw it to look like six of one and half a dozen of the other. Democracy and fair play left this land long ago and these attacks only show how desperate the establishment are. It will be interesting to see how they manage to get this latest thug aquited- thats if they even get around to bringing him to court. The Commies never change. In the 1945 election they threatened to break our windows if my father didnt remove a poster which likened them to Hitler and called the Commies and the Nazi's "The Totalitarian Twins" with a Swastika entwined with the Hammer & Sickle. Its ironic that sixty years later the Labour party, born on high princilples can take its place alongside the other two "The Totalitarian Triplets." Our activists are made of stern stuff and know that they are fighting for the future of our country. They will not be found wanting but we should raise hell until the police start to clamp down on these criminals before someone is very seriously injured, or worse..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful, it sounds like it was premeditated.
I know it was awful for the people attacked BUT these types of incidents prove that the BNP is advancing beyond its wildest dreams, we know and the fascists know it.
I hope everyone of the BNP activists is okay, these things don't stop us, in fact they they make us stronger.
Onwards and upwards BNP, keep getting the TRUTH out. political MIZZ

Anonymous said...

To hell with cameron, he is an enemy of the British nationalist cause!

I wont be happy until i see that bastard swinging on the end of a rope!

Regarding those pathetic red scum-bags, make sure their names and addresses (which will be reported in the press) become readily available after the June elections

kgo42 said...

Well what do you expect from members of the UAF or 'Uses Aggressive Force'.

Anonymous said...

We cant expect anything less from the desperate and lost.

I hope al are ok from the BNP members who were attacked

Anonymous said...

A video recording of every table top event should be made regardless of whether trouble is expected or not. As well as possibly putting off any real attack, this can then be used to refute any allegations that the BNP were to blame. In the event of any trouble, the BNP should then make a very public announcement that the video is to be screened locally, inviting anyone who is interested to come along. And of course a snare should be set for any who come with the intention of causing trouble. Voila! two birds for one stone!!