Saturday, 28 March 2009

Somewhere in Wales

The Battle of Britain roadshow lands in Wales

Well I have wasted so much time dithering on what the title of this article should be be that I have completely forgotten the article I had written in my mind earlier so I will write it on the fly.

As it concerns the Battle of Britain roadshow I was toying with the idea of calling it The Battle of Britain Roadshow Review because really that is what it is.

Finally though, as the roadshow has a 1940's theme running through it, I decided on the title used. Older reader will know to what I refer.

So last night, I and the backup Green Arrow, John of Gwent traveled west into the sunset along the M4 to finally get to see what all the fuss about the British National Party's roadshow was all about.

So let us take it from the top.

Arriving at the rendezvous point on time we collected our tickets(collector items for sure) and given the venue for the evening, off we went and arrived at a location "Somewhere in Wales".

Parked up, we were greeted with warm handshakes by the guys who act as Security in Wales. God help anyone from The Claw Hammer Gang who tried it on with those boys. Personally I am glad to know they are only a phone call away to any Welsh BNP activist.

Armed with pints of Fosters, we entered the large meeting room, where almost all the seats were taken. Soon it was standing room only. Quickly, like Germans grabbing deck chairs, we claimed our seats and cast around for familiar faces. And they were all there but more about that later.

Less than five minutes later, as I was stood near the bar, I turned around and almost literally bumped into the Chairman of the British National Party, Nick Griffin who had just arrived.

Poor fellow, I had the advantage over him, he had no choice if he wished to pass in the confined space at the bar and had no choice but accept my proffered hand.

Well of course he does not know me from Adam (Well he knows Adam who is the Organiser for Bridgend but I mean a different Adam) and so I quickly introduced myself and mentioned that he might know me better as The Green Arrow.

Being the gentleman that he is, he kindly said that he had heard it was a very good site and gave the usual response to an activist. "Well done and keep up the good work". And that is all we need now and again. A pat on the back keeps us going for months.

I could have continued the conversation but the Chairman of the BNP is a very popular person and I was sure there were many others there who had a greater claim to his limited time before the roadshow started and so having once more said it was a pleasure to meet him and thank him for his efforts and Leadership in the struggle for Our Country I let him pass.

After he passed, a kinsman asked why I had addressed our Chairman as Chairman and Sir whilst speaking to him and said that knowing him well, he liked people to call him Nick.

I replied that perhaps it was my old Navy training but I believed that this man who daily risks his life for Our Country deserves our respect and that could be showed in the way we addressed him. I for one, were I to live next door to him and drink with him every night would and never will call him by his first name. But I guess I am old fashioned.

Right, go make a coffee or tea or perhaps even open a can, because this article is going to be long. i will go and change the CD. The soundtrack from Evita seems a good choice.

Now some people reading this report of the "Event" might think that I am bordering of psychophancy but it is my job to report what I thought and felt at the time.

The meeting was opened by Brian Mahoney, the Regional Organiser. Brian, I think is a very impressive speaker in own right and talking of right, his appearance is "right" also. He looks the part and is a very credible front man for Our Party. Why he is not a candidate, in the Euro Elections, I have no idea but no worry, we have a great selection in Wales and three of the four candidates were present. Laurence, Clive and Councillor Kevin Edwards. All top men I am proud to call kinsmen.

After a short speech Brian introduced the man himself, Nick Griffin.

But first let me set the scene, the room had been decked out with paraphernalia from the Second World War and I wished I had time to look at all the displays. It was very professional and looked like a small Regimental Museum. It was superb. It is a long, long time since I have been so close to a weapon my father used in Normandy, a Bren Gun and in the background music of the era was played over the rooms speakers. What an atmosphere.

Speaking in front of a large backdrop of one of the greatest Symbols of a previous Battle for Britain, a Spitfire, the Chairman spoke without notes for a long, long time. No prepared speech, just from the heart and slip of paper with just a few lines on.

You could have heard a pin drop. The audience were mesmerised as was I or almost. My job is to observe and I took time out to watch the reaction from the audience, especially the camera crews from the BBC and Channel 4.

Now the real news camera crews were also there in the shape of BNPTV and BNPTV Wales and I hope to have some film footage later today.

Now one of the camaramen from The Establishment, I will not jepordise his job by saying from which channel, was ever so slightly nodding in agreement with the Chairmans words. And during the numerous bouts of applause, I had the distinct impression that he forcibly had to stop himself joining in with the clapping. Hell, when Nick Griffins speaks, I bet even the red rat Gerry Gable would find it hard not to applaud.

By the way a quick message to one of the state reporters. You really should keep your voice down when reporting back to your masters. If you think that the cost of over ONE BILLION pounds paid by the British Taxpayer per week to the European Union is not worth mentioning then you really have no idea what news is all about.

Only once did Nick Griffin read from a piece of paper and that is when quoting another great leader, Sir Winstone Churchill speaking about the madness that infects those that follow Islam.

And watching the Chairman speak it was not difficult to see similarities between these two great men. Britian was lucky to have such a man in the 40's and Our Country is now lucky that we have a man like Nick Griffin fighting for us.

I will not go into the speech. You can read about the subjects he spoke about everywhere. Better still find out where the next roadshow is and get a ticket, even if you have to travel a hundred miles, as I had to, to get there that last night.

Then it was half time and a chance to renew old friendships with fellow patriots and be introduced to those whom I have only had contact with in comments and private emails.

To many to mention all by name but I feel I must mention David, a great guy and supporter of our site and the party. David, it was a pleasure to meet you. You are a credit to yourself and to the people in the Countryside Alliance and those who follow your love of sport.

Laurence, you are a fascinating gentleman, I would like to really sit down and talk to you and listen to your life story.

What can I say about Mike Green, what a guy. Check out his link here on his report on the Day of Action that preceeded the evenings event. Again, sorry I was not with you. And regards to the lady, Sandy? who sat on your left. What an attractive and charming Lady, I was quite smitten for an old dog.

And there were more who I do not have time to mention. It was a real pleasure to speak to you all and thank you to those who made kind comments about this site.

Then perfect silence, as a short film was shown on a large screen that had been set up. The film I must confess almost brought tears to my eyes as it marched through the history of our Island Nation. Brilliant, whoever made it, a big well done.

Then the lights dimmed and a young man stepped from behind the back dressed as a First Word war soldier and recited a poem. It was very moving and I will speak more about this young man later.

On completion of the poem, the Chairman then took the podium again and standing next to the Soldier and now flanked by two young attractive ladies, one dressed as a member WRAF and the other as a wartime Nurse both carrying Our Flag, he got down to the second half and a slightly embarrassing incident for the Green Arrow.

He called upon us all to sing the National Anthem and requested a volunteer to lead us in the song. Well one older gentleman whose name escapes was pushed to the front and he was excellent. And here of course it was rather embarrassing for myself. I do not know the words of the Welsh National Anthem. Shameful I know, as even Welsh Children with no Welsh language are taught it in the schools.

Sadly I did not return to Wales until the age of eleven and by then it was assumed all children of that age knew it. Then of course, I was off to sea the age of 15 and the anthem was not really a song much in demand in the bars of Singapore and Hong Kong and the townships of Africa.

And so I had to stand there silent whilst the entire room echoed to the anthem of Wales. I thought back to what that conservative clown Redwood done when in the same situation years ago when he opened and shut his mouth like a goldfish and tried to pretend he knew the words.
So I shamefully stood in silence. I really will have to make the effort now.

But that was over and the collection organised by National Treasurer, Jennie Noble took place. Needless to say the Chairman urged us all to dig deep, the amount of £1400 announced and the meeting closed and a singsong, led by the young man who played the part of the young soldier took place.

Interesting character this soldier come singer. I thought I recognised him from this video I had posted on this forum some time ago and which you can watch here. He was and is the BNP singer and artist Joey Smith. Entertaining character and another I would not mind having a few beers with. Watch the video and join us in laughing at Lilly Allen

So that was it. My wallet as empty now as my fridge, John of Gwent resumed his role as a Rally Driver and drove me back to base. John of Gwents skills as a rally driver are something I must write about one day.

I am sure I have missed much out but there you go for now. Have a lot to do today, so some articles will now have to be held over for the morning. Sorry writers.

Proud to be BNP

A quick edit from GA's "chauffeur for the evening": Hopefully the two extra photos I've just added will allow you to get a glimpse of the atmosphere, even though it needed some very 21st century technology if mine to get a decent shot of the stage through the improvised 1940's smog !!! Thank god stage smoke machines aren't subjected to the damn anti-smoking legislation !! cheers JoG