Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Battle of Leigh Bridge

The UAF and Searchlight in action
Frightened to show their faces
Frightened to stand in elections

Again, the moslem funded Unite Against Freedom(UAF) and state funded Searchlight have shot themselves in the foot. Why don't they just chop them off and have done with it.

Reporting on the cowardly attack by between 30 and 40 supporters of the undemocratic UAF, Labour Party and state funded Searchlight organisation on four members of the British National Party, they revealed their true face to some of the decent people of Leigh who had been fooled into supporting them.
Demonstrators who answered the call to a peaceful protest against the BNP were disgusted by the violence which erupted.

One said: “I was appalled at the thuggery of some of the so-called supporters of our cause whose actions, in fact reduced the image of the group to a level of contempt beneath that of the BNP itself on this occasion.
Unlike the marxist alliance of the UAF/Searchlight thugs, the British National Party is a legal and democratic organisation that is prepared to put their views over to the public and let them decide whether or not to vote for us.

The UAF/Searchlights thugs, who stand in no elections and whose only purpose is to attack by any means possible the only political party that speaks for the True British People, prefer to use the methods from their historic roots. Violence, intimidation, lies and deceit.

Over on the red sites, they are crowing over their mighty victory in which 50 of their supporters fought off an attack by four knuckle dragging scum of the BNP. They know they are lieing, they know we know they are lieing. They are just hoping that the general public do not know their methods. But they do now.

The UAF and Searchlight government Stormtroopers reveal their true nature here:
“What we showed the BNP’s boot boys who did come to Leigh, is that any attempt by them to move into our area will be resisted and that they shouldn’t ever try to come back.

“They certainly left Leigh with their tails between their legs.”
The BNPs tail always rides high. We are not cowardly red hyenas who need to outnumber opponents by 10 to 1. To me the red rat sounds like King Red rat Peter Hain who called on the people to rise up and run the BNP out of Neath and wound up with egg on his face when only his Dad turned up(bless him).

If the UAF and Searchlight, really want a fight, then the BNP will give them one. At the ballot box.

Stand for election if you have the courage but if you cannot abide by the rule of law and the democratic process then remain silent or bugger of to Red China or North Korea.


bill.p said...

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods CHEAP...

I think that sums it up really !

Ivan said...

This reminds of the Adam Walker case in november last year in Birmingham and how the left shoot themselves in the foot.I noticed a white women stopping every black and asian male saying BNP over there thinking she would get a response or incitement how she was wrong.She stopped one black chap who i recognised from the boxing circuit years ago and he spotted me came over shook my hand and said well done.The police who were great that day even found it amusing.

Anonymous said...

What a gang of scum they are.

beowulf said...

so our next step should be to push the boundaries we need to return to liegh and prove nobody will make any town in great britain a no go area for the bnp