Tuesday, 31 March 2009

BNPTV Wales appeal by the Green Arrow

Most of you should have seen some of the videos that have been produced in Wales by two of the hardest working BNP activists I have ever met, Roger Phillips from the BNPTV Wales channel but just in case you have not, then watch some or all of the videos below before you read any further.

Now I think, whilst we all agree that they are good, they could be a lot, lot better. The BNP is proud that their activists can turn their hands to anything and learn how to become better than the professionals in everything they do. And that includes becoming news reporters and cameramen.

Plans have been put in place to polish and train Roger into becoming a first class investigative reporter who will be capable of going head to head with any person he interviews that will turn other investigative journalists like Roger Cook green with envy. Like Cook we will be going after the crooks and crimminals that feed off us and will be bearding them wherever we can track them down.

He will ask the questions that the state controlled press and TV stations will not. And Anthony will be there to record the details or film the crooks when they run for cover. Or rather he will be, with our help and some training.

Now, sadly, the old hand cranked film recorder that was used in the making of the above videos has finally given up the ghost and gone off to join Cecil B De Mille, who first owned it. But perhaps its passing as done us a favour because now we must get new equipment. No more picking up background conversations, no more wind whistling in the background.

And so, now to what BNPTV Wales needs to raise to become a real powerful attack force in the new Battle for Britain. But before I tell you. Let me give you my word on what we will deliver in the coming elections and in the years after them if we succeed in raising the funds.
  • BNPTV Wales will seek out all Tri-Axis of Evil politicans of all levels and Tango them the way they Tangoed Peter Hain. Gordon Brown will not escape from BNPTV Wales should he dare show his face in the principality.
  • BNPTV Wales will record all street activites of interest to the True Patriots of Our Country.
  • BNPTV Wales will produce professional videos on a range of subjects from meetings to paper sales to be distributed on Youtube, BNPTV and similar sites.
  • BNPTV Wales will interview BNP Councillors, Activists and the views of the voter on the street.
  • BNPTV Wales will travel the length and breath of the entire United Kingdom to get the news and the stories. You have our word on that.
So that is our commitment should we be successful in obtaining the required funds, which by now, you are all wondering what our target figure is. Well it is big. But big is relative. So we shall see. First this is what Our Boys need to fight their war against our enemies.

Cost: £1,201.75

Ouch. That is what I said as well. But it gets a little easier.

Cost: £89.99

And the machine apparently needs something to store the data on
Cost: £8.97

Now there is also a storage device required and we are looking at various makes and models but we estimate that it and some other extra accessories is going to come to around another £700.

So finally I get there and what you wanted to know some time back. £2,100.00 is the target figure to buy our camera team what they need to help us in facing down our enemies.

So there you go. Now I ask for your help to advance the BNP in Wales and in our sorties over the Bridge and the Borders. Please donate.

There are several ways to make a donation.

Via the Paypal button on the right of this site(account will be audited by BNP Officers)

Cheques should be made payable to "British National Party" and sent to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

If you prefer not to put BNP on your cheque then make them payable to Roger Phillips and send them also to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

Postal Orders can also be send to PO Box 831, Newport. NP20 9HL

I will be adding other donation options to this article over the next few days.

Can I please ask all supporters of this appeal to pass the link to this article to as many people as possible. A Facebook Group as also been said up. Please join it here.

Donors requiring a receipt or acknowledgment email me on voteforbnp@hotmail.co.uk

Regular reports will be posted here on this site and the Green Arrow Forum.

If you have questions or suggestion for BNPTV Wales please leave a comment. You can post as anon if you wish. Also leave a comment if you pledge a donation. Thankyou