Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Will the Free People heed the warning of Won-Tolla?

OK, before I give you an update on the first day of the appeal for the funds to buy our Camera Crew boys in Wales the tools to do their job, some more information about the contents of the disturbing and to me, horrific video.

In the article I posted: So what does being enriched look like, I reported the details of how yet another single, lone white male was chased and hunted down by another pack of "Asians" who then proceeded to enrich him.

Well this time, despite playing the usually all powerful "Race Card" in claiming they were racially abused, this particular hunting pack from the east was found guilty. But before I inform you of their sentences remember this from the original story? In which Judge Swanson said the level of violence Mr Rocket endured was "almost unbelievable" and went on to say:

"I have seen a video of what happened which is quite horrifying," he told the court. "I have known murder cases where there was considerably less violence used than in this case."
And so you might expect the sentences that Easem Rariq (19), of Boswell Street, Rotherham, Moseeb Zabear (17), of Clough Green, Masbrough, and Howis Iqbal (17) would have been substantial. We are talking attempted murder here.

But no. In a travesty of Justice equaled only by the tap on the wrist to Lord Slaughter of Ahmed, they received a derisory two years in a young offenders home.

We are thankful that this time, the young white lad survived. Others brought down by the hunting packs from the east have not been so fortunate.

The first packs of the Red Dogs are here.
More are coming.