Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Welsh Red Chickens are actually yellow

Sensible man is our Mr Slaife. A coward.. but sensible

The following (slightly edited) article and image have been taken directly from the site of the truly excellent West Wales Patriot.

Our intrepid duo, Roger Phillips (West Wales BNP) (Gwent BNP) took time out to visit the much vaunted, so called ‘anti-BNP demonstration’ organised by the Labour Party in Llanelli on Saturday.

Following the highly publicised reports in the local press that ‘hundreds’ of people had apparently signed Labour’s town centre ‘anti-BNP’ petition a few weeks earlier and with the same press publicising Saturdays mass demonstration with the star appearance of worthy notables such as
Labours’ Town Mayor for Ammanford, Councillor Hugh Evans (majority of just 6 votes) hopes were high for an exciting, meaningful and worthwhile occasion.

In the event, a staggering multitude of just 20 left-wing extremists which included Nia Griffiths (Labour MP for Llanelli).

Her coalition colleague from Plaid who works hand in glove with Labour, Helen Mary Jones.
Some very shabby Labour Councillors and a handful of even shabbier individuals who were supposedly employed as T.U. Staff shuffled along for a few hundred yards on a route which took them past boarded up shops and derelict buildings (evidence of their own failed and discredited policies) before disappearing straight into Llanelli Town Hall. Where they continued their ‘protest’ amongst themselves behind closed doors.

Despite being advertised as a ‘public demonstration’, it was all rather odd really that at no time did any of this massed horde of Labour apparatchiks even attempt to actually meet any members of the public. (What and face the people?..GA)

Which of course was in complete contrast to the BNP, who only the day before, on Friday, had delivered in excess of 8,000 leaflets to households in the Llanelli area whilst the BNP "Truth Truck" toured the town and surrounding areas and even BNP Chairman Nick Griffin was walking the streets of Llanelli lending a hand.

Later that evening a BNP "Battle for Britain" meeting was held locally in a packed venue near Llanelli and over £2,800 was raised in local donations for the forthcoming European Election Campaign. (Great night guys ...GA)

Holding back their disappointment with Labours’ sorry and bedraggled affair, our dynamic duo hung around and waited outside Llanelli Town Hall with their camera, on the basis of ‘well, they have to come out sometime surely’.

Their patience paid off when Nia Griffith, thinking they were part of an S4C TV crew and not realising they were in fact a BNPtv duo, stopped to give a brief interview and they introduced themselves in front of an S4C camera which was filming.

The result can be viewed here on the BNPTV Wales channel.

They also engaged briefly with Labour activist, Mark Skaife, who agreed to hold a public televised debate on policies with the BNP at a later date. It was probably a genuine offer, as to be fair he did give Roger his mobile phone number. But he must have been pretty naive to think that this would be allowed by Big-Brother Labour HQ.

Councillor Kevin Edwards with Chairman of the BNP, Mr Nick Griffin

When BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards contacted him later on Saturday to introduce himself and to say how much he was looking forward to debating our policies with him, Mark stated that he had since had words with Labour MP Paul Murphy, and was now, not so sure that a debate would be allowed to go ahead.

And so it turned out. Today, Mark Skaife told BNP Councillor Kevin Edwards that he had been told that ‘debate with the BNP could not be allowed’.

So there we have it. The Labour Party is running scared and are not prepared under any circumstances to discuss their failed policies or to debate BNP policies in public.

Vote BNP on June 4th !

Footnote by Green Arrow.

Why not start sending these people White Feathers?