Monday, 23 March 2009

This man forced you to stop smoking; he wants to stop you drinking too - will you let him ?

Sir Liam Donaldson
The man who would be Caliph ?
by johnofgwent

I heard a very interesting programme on the radio over the weekend. In fact I heard it twice - the cheek of the BBC, playing it two days running to make sure you lost all hope of having any freedom in your life.

What was this earth shattering programme ? Well it was Radio 4's "Profile" of Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer of England. That link will only last for another six days so I will see what I can do about "preserving" this truly shameful piece of airtime in celebration of modern day fascism. The Radio 4 "arty farty luvvies" responsible for impressing you with the description of their programmes presented the program thus :-
Claire Bolderson profiles Sir Liam Donaldson, the Chief Medical Officer of England. He has said that Britain is blighted by 'passive drinking' and caused uproar by proposing minimum pricing for alcohol in an effort to change the country's binge drinking culture. To many Donaldson is a visionary, driven to improve the health of the nation, but some others accuse him of meddling in people's lifestyle choices.
But the truth is that this programme was a celebration of state control over your life. For this man has the zeal of the zealot and a conviction that "he is doing the right thing and you will do as he says" that puts every islamist imam to shame. Indeed I have every expectation that this man will he made Caliph of Britainistan by Hizb Ut Tahrir if they get the chance.

This is the man who five years ago single-handedly started speaking out on the dangers of passive smoking, the man who whispered weazel words softly into the ears of Elfin Safety fascists, the man who highlighted the vast sums of money the NHS was paying out to "care for" smokers who brought their ills upon themselves - without once acknowledging the fact that for every pound paid to treat such ills they, the smokers paid four or five in tax on smoking products, and that by indulging in this life-shortening habit they were willingly removing themselves from the pension payout burden suffered by the country's workers.

And this is the man who has set his heart on stopping you drinking. This is the man who invented the term "binge drinking" and who has once again whispered into the ears of sleeping politicians that to fdrink more than two pints of beer is to be a binge drinker. So, all you 74,500 people who sat in the Millennium Stadium the other day, you are all - apart from any of you who celebrated or commiserated with orange juice - a menace to society who must be educated for your own good, or better still you are a problem to which one must find a solution, and the more final that solution is, the better.

I can see the comments now. "JoG's gone over the top again" is perhaps the most polite. well if you think so, spare me fourteen minutes of what remains of your life of such freedom as you still have left to you and click that link

Listen to how people describe this man. Understand that underneath the quiet reservation of a family man who shuns the limelight there boils a control freak of the worst kind. It is not enough for him to respect the way this country is supposed to be governed, it is not enough for him to carry out his research, formulate his theories, present his evidence and his conclusions and then leave it to the politicians to implement such measures as they think fit. No, this man eats at the common sense resistance in those who will not convert instantly to his cause, like a cancer, overcoming and defeating all voices against him until finally he stands triumphant on the field of propaganda battle. Except he doesn't, of course. He is no fool. He does not stand and gloat from the battlements. As soon as he sees the victory is won he scuttles off to think up his next strategy for control over your life and the way you are allowed to live it.

It took him five years to force the politicians to force you to stand outside in the cold and the rain to enjoy a cigarette. He expects it will take him just as long to force you to accept his latest diktats on alcohol, which every single member of the House of Commons - even Gordon Brown - accept is a tax too far right now.

But he does not want to persuade Gordon Brown right now. He is willing to play the long game, and whisper weasel words for the next five years into the ear of the powerful, until their resistance to his control freakery crumbles.

He thinks it will take him five years to accomplish his latest goal. And he retires in five years.

There is nothing more dangerous than a control freak on a mission with a fixed time in which to accomplish a master plan. We have one in Number Ten already. Do not let Liam Donaldson have his retirement present.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't so long ago our brightest medical professionals suggested smoking as a CURE for various ailments.

Mr Cognisant said...

Interesting article however, it fails to recognise a major point, namely that drinking, that is to say “binge drinking”, has gotten out of control, our young believe that they cannot have a good evening, unless they drink copious amounts of alcohol. Quite simply there must be curbs and draconian curbs at that, take away a future, take away hope and many simply have no other recourse but to turn to the bottle, in a vain attempt to leave behind an uncaring world, if only for a while. Supermarkets have lowered the price of alcohol to such a level that it is now in some instances cheaper than soft drinks and certainly cheaper than water, whole generations of young people live now totally addicted to alcohol, young lives and indeed young bodies ruined before their prime.

Of course out there, there are equally as abhorrent evils, drugs now commonplace such as “skunk” now spring to mind, “skunk, draw or spliff” is quite simply cannabis, yet artificially enhanced, the natural component in Cannabis is compounded producing almost in effect another drug, THc or Tetrahydrocannabinols may be so augmented, as to present a real and growing danger to the mental health and welfare, of millions of children in this country. The regrettably can be said for alcohol, I see it daily scores of young people sitting in a local park, intoxicated, in the evenings, especially weekends, thousands if not millions of young people descend upon our nations towns and cities in order to, “get out their face” ,alcohol is a curse, a blight and should be controlled.

Here in Britain we have a different outlook towards alcohol, an outlook markedly different from that of our continental cousins, our young grow up believing, that consuming alcohol is a mark of sophistication, an act of maturity, when in fact it is quite the reverse. Unfortunately I can point just in my own little area to at least eight young adults all living with alcohol dependency, all of these young adults are below the age of twenty five, the majority are quite strangely female and all of them live in a fuddled haze. Of course, should I move beyond two streets away, then again I can point out other individuals that live their lives in need of the bottle, with regard to alcohol, we have completely failed out children, in fact, we have completely failed ourselves.

I hear a lot about the closure of public houses and quite strangely given the above I lament their passes, purely because they are an intrinsic part of our heritage, a heritage under attack. There are many reasons for this closure, in my area there is a large and ever-growing Muslim population, a number of supermarkets selling cheap booze and many public houses suffered from exceedingly anti-social cliental, so much so that many drinking houses became nothing more than magnets for criminality. Coupled with the above, public houses lost their individuality, became unwelcoming, merely branches, outlets, no longer the traditional local, more the local black-spot.

So we had and have the situation, whereby public houses were expensive, when contrasted with supermarkets or even off-licences, we had unruly behaviours and over-consumption, all of this led to closure and will continue to do so. I believe that alcohol makes for a pleasant evening or at least can do in moderation, however, it does need moderation, if you could only see what it is doing, look at the young people it is destroying, then I believe that you to would control its use, its sale and its pricing.

odin said...

No, JoG's not gone over the top. He speaks the truth, I don't drink alcohol, so it does not matter to me in that sense, but I am sick to death of these control freaks. Mind you, they have cured Asthma, it doesn't exist anymore since they took the lead out of petrol! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes we have a drink culture, that in itself has been encouraged by this very same government and it's all day drinking laws and silly licencing acts that wont allow children and teenagers to have a drink of wine with a meal, as my 17yrs old daughter found out when she went out for dinner with us recently, needless and embarrasing for her, and again projects drinking alcohol as something only for adults, instead of reducing its status as happens on the continent where children grow up with wine at the table and thus have no issues when they are older.

And I bet this b-stard who would control us all has some little nasty little habits (other than being a busybody with an unhealthy fascination for other peoples lives), but I bet for one HE would be the first to shout if his liberty to act as an individual were threatened. I hate Noo Labour's ugly, metro male and manly female bullies, yesterdays misfits who have now come to punish the normal.

Anonymous said...

This is desired by Common Purpose to enable easy transition to the islamification of this country.
Watch out for outbreaks of swine-fever, so they can shut down pig farms for the same reason.
There will be ketchup on the streets when they ban the bacon-buttie.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The smoking ban was far too invasive and draconian but, as a non smoker,I was glad to be able to go into a pub for a pint or a meal and not go home smelling like the bottom of an ashtray. There should have been rooms set aside in pubs (as was once the norm) where smokers should have been able to light up instead of lurking about outside the doors like furtive children, rooms with air purifiers in the ceiling for there is surely no doubt that smoking kills or decimates the health in most cases. But its up to the individual, if they want to kill themselves then fine, go ahead, be stupid. I had given the silly habit up almost forty years earlier and then, after nightly submission to passive smoking (my own choice) for two years,I developed throat cancer. Fortunately it made itself obvious very early when my vocal chords were affected and, treated immediately, I was cured after a few pretty hairy and scary months. iI only my first wife had given up the habit when I did she might still be alive now but it caused her arteries to close and her heart to fail, aged just fifty. But it is, sorry should be, a free country and if people want to smoke or drink then thats their choice and if their health fails very early or they go to the grave after living in pain, sooner than they should, then ok, no one lives forever, you chose your path and you go where it takes you.A pity the government didnt clamp down on drugs the way they did on smoking! Now there is something we should be hard on, not only ruins health but destroys young lives and the very fabric of a nation.

johnofgwent said...

Hi Mr Cognisant.

If this man were to concentrate on the tossers who think drinking a gallon and a half of three and a half per cent fizzy shite, then wandering into the street and pissing half of it up someone's doorway and vomiting the rest across the pavement is a bloody good larf he'd get no argument from me.

But that is not what this man is about.

This man will not rest until society labels anyone who DARES to go to the bar a second time in an evening a binge drinker.

And THAT is why he must be stopped in the name of common sense.

Britain Awake said...

It won't stop me from drinking...

They can charge all they want, but i'll get my beer imported and pay no tax to this treasury, failing that i'll brew my own or if push comes to shove i'll get out of my skull on ecstasy tablets!

Either way this government wont stop me enjoying myself!