Monday, 30 March 2009


Well I had just found my little cotton socks after I had laughed them off listening to that UAF broadcast but I was soon to lose them again.

By the way, they have now replaced it with a warning that they have your IP address if you dared to listen to it. Oh, I am trembling in my boots without socks on.

They know as well as you and I, that an IP address is only able to identify a machine using a static IP address and is only useful in reporting illegal comments to the users service provider.

But then someone sent me a link to the above video and after I stopped laughing, I did actually wonder about the mentality of the UAF whose supporters are supposed to be radical marxists dedicated to the overthrow of the state but instead fight to save the pigs of Westminster place at the trough of public money. They are about as revolutionary as as a dead frog.

Now some people say that I should not give these clowns a platform by showing videos and writing articles exposing them for what they are but I see it different.

Bristol Antifa is part of a national federation comprised of local groups of militant anti-fascists, affiliated to the international Antifa movement. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities and organisations wherever and however they occur. We utilise a wide range of tactics and believe it is important to confront fascism physically as well as ideologically. We do not advocate the electoral process as the means of defeating fascism nor will we work with groups that do. Our structure is anti-authoritarian and non-hierarchical. We oppose discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, disability or age. We will not work with, accept information from, nor pass information to the magazine Searchlight.
Even they know that Searchlight is run by the state.

When BNP super activist Tony Ward was attacked by The Claw Hammer Gang of the UAF, many people with misguided views who are not aware of the truth saw for the first time the true evil of this organisation that David Cameron is proud to be a signatory to. And consequently stopped their support for these one world marxists of the UAF.

So, if by revealing to possible supporters of this unelected and undemocratic organisation that is led by Red Ken Livingstone the truth and just a few of them leave their shrinking band of followers the job was worth it.

Take the videos shown on this site of the rabid Megaphone Mouthed Women screaming obscenities at decent Patriotic People who are worried about their children's future. Those videos, even if made by the marxists are not promoting the red cause. They are simply showing them to be the evil twisted creatures they are, that no sane person would wish to be associated with.

Any how enjoy the video. Funny tune. Funny UAF.

I have uploaded the original UAF News Broadcast here for you to download and laugh at.


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