Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Remember Great Britain

Well for the first time ever I have broke with my routine to bring you this video that I have just received from my brother kinsman, The Dude.

It is magic and all so true. Only the other day I was thinking about what a fantastic childhood I had had. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people alive.

And The Dude shows that he lived that life also. As boys I never knocked on my friends doors. It was always a loud shout of "Colino", "Davido", "Garetho". And when the friends came out, off to the next friends house for a louder shout of "Briano" and away The Outlaws would go. Armed with air guns, catapults, throwing darts and anything else we might need to survive in our world and our dogs trotting along in front as scouts, later to be used as pillows when we camped out.

And we would pass "the silly girls" who would one day break our hearts, skirts tucked into their underpants doing gymnastics, synchronized skipping or playing ball with the professionalism of of skilled jugglers. They were always there for us on our return to bandage us up and kiss us better.

Thanks for the memories Dude. You are a top man.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

Please visit the The Dudes link here and rate and comment this great video.

Oh and throw back some of your memories in our comments. I/we really do want to read about them.

I feel so sorry for todays children with their rooms full of toys and empty lives.


ivan said...

Thanks for those memories Dude,i really feel for the modern day kids ? brainwashed into a utopian world of marxism.

Anonymous said...

Lovely memories GA, for me childhood was just brilliant! Bikes and football ruled my world!

Going to the canal, the "rezzers", sleep-overs with mountains of toffees and wotsits and vimto. Kissing my best mate's sister every chance I got! Adventure kit. Best "chrissie" present I ever got. British bulldog, wembley, ticky it, Blackpool for summer hols every year and it was heaven to me! Stay in? No way! Fantastic childhood, two loving parents who stayed together through some bloody hard times and like you I feel so very lucky.

What a weird morning. First the lovely memories of my childhood and then this over on the BNP site:

Moston Lament

I grew up about 5 miles from Moston and I can't believe what they've done to it. But what shook me up is the comments. I don't normally bother with them on youtube but I did this time, really odd, and just go read the somewhat alarming comment from the Californian about 2 down.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


ProudGeordie said...

Congratulations Dude, you made me shed my first tears of 2009.

I had an airrifle at about age 10 and used to shoot cans in the local wood. Walkers would hear the gun and shout for you to stop until they passed. Common sense ruled. I had an off-road bike at 13 that I would take out whenever I pleased to ride on the pit-heaps. So long as it was pushed too and from the local bobby didn't mind, so long as the public didn't either. We stayed out all day and our only worry was the strange bloke in a strange car with puppies or sweets, and we all knew screaming dealt with them.

My son is 4 and i don't let him in the garden unless I have padlocked the gate. When did this become neccesary? That video should be on national TV

Made In Yorkshire said...

By 33 seconds I was crying. I want my country back NOW!

Anonymous said...

I could weep, i have to tell my daughter to let my grandson get dirty!!
Trainspotting was my big thing and you could travel a long way for two bob in the fifties. i was never molested or abducted.
We had neighbours that we had know for ever and thought would alsways be there.
Oh well!!

odin said...

You have just reduced a grown man to tears. I was lucky I got my air rifle at the age 4 because a man where my dad worked passed his son's one on to me! A Diana .177 which I loved.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in brum even though a big city like that we were safe.i lived in north b,ham would go out in the morning and only come home when we had to eat,or i had come head first over the handlebars because i only had a front brake.I wasnt going to where some silly hat.I made the best longbow on my road great days

1kewldude2 said...

Thanks for your coments everyone, glad you liked it. Hope you take the chance to look at my website and of course ALL the links on the GREEN ARROW when you have the time !

Be strong, VICTORY is near !

† In Hoc Signo Vinces †

1kewldude2 ("The Dude")

Anonymous said...

We dug up a bloke's allottment (with permission) in our sacred quest for buried treasure.

We didn't find any, but he kindly gave us sixpence each. Then his missus arrived and played hell with him, and made him give us all a shilling.

We had dug over his entire allottment for him.....