Tuesday, 24 March 2009

BNP recruiting staff

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of The Party

I was going to kick off the day with an article about the shameful betrayal of our Falklands war dead by the unelected Brown Clown.

But fed up with bad news, my moral leapt when I saw over on the BNP site an article that lifted my heart and made me realise how far Our Party has come.
We are currently looking for back end administrative support staff, IT literate personnel, professional accountants, telesales staff, call centre personnel and data entry clerks.

All positions are paid.
Over the years, I dreamed about giving up my job and working full time for the cause but it was just that, a dream. A big mortgage, a family to feed, I felt trapped and I am sure others have felt the same. But now, some of us will be able to live the dream and combine their love of country with work.

The British National Party has for decades, punched way above its weight. Pushed forward by patriots who should be enjoying retirement. Activists, exhausted from a days hard work in offices or on conveyor belts, exhausting themselves even further by leafleting on evenings and selling our papers on the weekends. This initiative by the BNP will at least relieve some of the strain on some of our people

For one mad moment I was tempted to send my CV winging towards the North, I have skills and a proven track record for all of their requirements then realised I already have a job and it is here in cyberspace.

All I can say to those lucky enough to fill the posts is "You lucky dogs"

Good Luck in your new careers.

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ivan said...

Well said arrow.
C.V. and covering letter just sent,wish me good luck.

The Green Arrow said...

Good Luck Ivan.

Wonder how many applicants they will get? Loads.

Wonder if they will advertise in the Guardian:)

Anonymous said...

i wonder if denise garside and ketlan tossowski will apply ?

ProudGeordie said...

Awwww GA why did you have to do that? I have sent my CV too and was wanting to keep it on the hush until I had a job!! Could have donee without the competition ;)

Wellard67 said...

CV and Application on its way in today. I am prepared to work anywhere in the UK for national minimum wage if it means we get this country back.

johnofgwent said...

My take on this here


Bugger advertising in the guardian.

I wonder how many of the "recruitment companies" who FILLED OUR SHORES with "guest workers from the indian subcontinent" each clutching a "fast tracked visa" issued to them on the basis of a lie that the skills they brought were in short supply, when in fact they were in abundance in the hands and minds of many british passport holders, will today be ringing Nick and asking what heis prepared to pay as a commission to receive one of their "perfect candidates" for the job (!)

johnofgwent said...

And I trust the BNP will be taking advantage of every pound of state money available to those businesses who seek to employ someone thrown on the dole by redundancy.

If they don't know how to get the money, CALL ME because I DO

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. As I read this post my heart started to sink. I thought it would lead on to say that you had applied for and got one of these jobs and would be closing down the GA site. thank God it didnt turn out that way. This site is more important, to very many people, than you may realise GA and you must keep it going. Right decision, and I am not going to sign off as Old Brown Nose. The cause needs you just as you are.

The Green Arrow said...

Celtic Morning my old friend, I must confess I did think about it.

But I realised I am needed here or at least until another suitable person comes and takes it over and frees me to do something else for the cause.

I would love the challenge of building up the Party in a certain area and then run the election campaigns. I would make the local authorities and local MPs life hell.

No false modesty on this site or brown nosing. We just state hard cold facts. You are right, I am needed here for now.

Good Luck kinsman

The Green Arrow said...

John of Gwent I know you know. Now tell us in an article please.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, and yes I was tempted to put myself forward as chief of spin and propaganda, as other political parties do, but then realised that all we tell is the truth. Mind you I would so relish being able to take on the opposition and running circles around them, without a knuckledragging expletive in sight (well not from the BNP anyway lol). My only concern is that as the party enters the mainstream it will attract those who possibly wont have the countries best interests at heart, only their careers, and you know where that leads oink oink.

Anonymous said...

You already do a great job GA getting the truth out.
Its great to see the BNP growing so professional, i bet the reds are pig sick about that ?
Onwards and Upwards BNP, giving the British people HOPE in the face of tyranny. politicalMIZZ