Saturday, 14 March 2009

BNP Activists attacked by UAF mob

Tony Ward - BNP Hero

First. News is coming in that a group of our activists have been attacked in the Leigh area, with Liverpool BNP super activist Tony Ward being hospitalized.

Conflicting sources are reporting that Tony was either struck by a house brick thrown by one of a gang of up to 40 UAF thugs or possibly struck by a claw hammer.

Also attacked and damaged was the Liverpool BNP A-frame trailer and the car that pulled it.

By all accounts, the police were worse than useless although there is one report that a "black" male has been arrested.

Our thoughts are with those attacked. More news as it becomes available.

Let us hope that those involved in this attack are charged with attempted murder and receive a stiffer sentence than Labour Party and UAF supporter, Daniel Searle, who received a six month prison sentence for attacking the house of a BNP member.

UPDATE 09:41

Earlier, the famous Liverpool BNP A-frame trailer and Landrover was attacked by a group of around 30 Labour Party supporting thugs at one of the alternative venues. The Landrover had every window and light smashed out, and every panel of the vehicle dented.

The A-frame itself was overturned and the skins damaged. When the BNP members got out of the vehicle to defend themselves, they were violently attacked by the racially mixed group of Labour Party thugs. Liverpool activist Tony Ward was stuck twice by claw hammer wielded by a black thug. He was hit once in the eye and once on the head.

Mr Ward was knocked unconscious and picked up by fellow BNP activist Andrew Tierney, who dragged him to safety. Mr Ward was later removed by a third BNP man in his vehicle.

The A-frame was righted, and the BNP men left the scene. During this violent assault, the police were nowhere to be seen - they were far too busy visiting the next venue where they thought the BNP was holding the road show to intimidate that owner as well.

Mr Ward received eleven stitches later in hospital.

“If the Labour Party thinks they can break us with their street thugs, they are wrong,” Mr Ward told BNP News. “We are back, stronger than ever before, and we will not stop until we have rescued this country from the immigration invasion and Islamification nightmare to which the Tories and Labour have subjected us.”


EDIT Inserted by johnofgwent

For the record, an accont of this attack has made it to the BBC News Front Page "Other Top Stories"

You can read the BBC take on this affront to democracy here including the statement from "Greater Manchester Police" that they "have arrested a 25-year-old man" on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm"


Anonymous said...

This disgusting and degradeing.

So the actual fascists have now stepped out of the Labour closet

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Its going to get rough and we can expect minimum protection from the Stasi under labour control. Our activists are all heroes and Tony Ward is a role model for the courage and determination that our party needs to win the war which is very close now. You hit someone witha hammer you expect to kill them and there should be only one charge. Attempted murder with a sentence to match.

ivan said...

We can expect more of this.Labour know that their end is nigh they are surplus to requirments the public are waking up to what they really are.Let the battle commence our country is coming back to us for we are the people and Britain is arising.
Get well soon Tony.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is truly unbelievable! I knew these people were desperate to stop the rise of the BNP, but this is something else!

Activists should start carrying video cameras at all times, at least that way we would be better able to secure a conviction.

It's at times like these that I am really confronted with just how EVIL these people are.

Anonymous said...

Live by the sword you filthy red bastards...

You will die by it!

This wont go unpunished!

The sad fact is the cowardly scum who done it probably wont get my fist forced down their throat, but one of their comrades will!

635 said...

Where were you tough guy?

Guess we'll just have to wait!

defender said...

We always knew this was going to get very nasty and now we can see and feel what nasty means. Stand firm lads, stand firm, no surrender to the invaders and the 5th colume.
England never never will be slaves

Anonymous said...

Hi "Britain Awake"

Much as part of me would love to stand and watch you carry out what you suggest, the rest of me knows that to allow such would be to play straight into the red bastards' hands. It is **EXACTLY** the reaction they are hoping for.

Note carefully the comment in the report that the police were nowhere to be seen, as they were far too busy intimidating the owners of the next venue.

Now then, answer me this.

How many of them, spurred on by oratory from their their delightfully named "community cohesion committee" (a.k.a. red bastard stirrers) do you think would weigh into British Patriots at the first possible opportunity.

Or putting it another way ...

Do you want the party to be famous for electoral victory in the face of "electoral tactics" normally associated with Mugabe and ZANU-PF

Or do you want to be famous for giving the mounted police a reason to trample you to death ?

Because that is where talk like yours will get us.

There IS a way to deal with this.

"Giving back as good as we got" IS NOT IT.

It wasn't the way to respond when the ALF put a firebomb under my car nearly thirty years ago, and it's not the way to respond now.

Anonymous said...

I agree, by NOT retaliating we win, plain and simple. To win a war your troops NEED to be disciplined. Theirs very obviously aren't.

Well actually the way to retaliate is via PR. Always remember the goal, that goal isn't to break heads but to win hearts and minds. Treated with appropriate care this could be a stunning PR coop.

Imagine a video on You Tube starting with the letter by Stephen Hall, and ending with a statement by Tony Ward with his bloodied face, detailing exactly what happened.

Simple message, very hard-hitting result. If I was Stephen Hall it's be s***ing myself and going into damage limitation mode. Remember play smarter not harder, and don't kick a gift horse in the mouth!

Anonymous said...

To win an argument you have to be smart, and you have to be disciplined . You will never win over the UAF thugs and name calling and threats will achieve nothing.It is actually counterproductive as there are millions out there who arent UAF and they are watching. If they see that the BNP are honourable people who are standing for the rights of the British people they will be impressed and importantly give the BNP their vote at the ballot box. That is where the power lays and we must remember that at all times.

Anonymous said...

It's made the BBC:

I hope the VERMIN that organise, endorse and execute attacks like this realise that you only show yourself up for the SCUM you are!

Donation on its way.

Anonymous said...

The owner of the Landrover that was destroyed was out in Liverpool today distributing leaflets in Huyton.

Recently when I visited his premises, I witnessed him show great concern recently for a black man in Liverpool who suffers mental problems. When the black man jogged past half naked in a freezing sleet storm, Pete got his partner to call the police for help while he dashed outside to see what was going on.
He was joined by an Afro-Caribbean gentleman who was also concerned about the black man.
When another Afro-Caribbean gentleman showed up and stated "When your party get in power, you will deport me", the first A-C gentleman answered "Don't be so f***ing stupid! He was first to try to help a black man"!
The police stated they had several reports of the incident from concerned residents and that it was OK as he was training for a marathon.

What happened in Leigh on Friday was utterly disgusting and those responsible must face the full impact of the law for their actions and incitement.

LiverpoolBNP said...

I am the guy in the picture and would not like to see any retaliatory violence, treat this as a sign that they are desperate. You all would have done as I did as we had no choice and had to push through, if it were not for the acts of Andy Tierney I would have been left lying on that cold tarmac at the mercy of Labours enrichment!

Strider said...

My best regards to Tony.

Anonymous said...

Please please please, Mr Griffin, if you read this, double your body guard, also purchase a stab vest. Keep a body guard at your home at all times.
The BNP is the last line of defense against "common purpose" and the Islamist hordes.
The EU elections will see either a Muslim or a fanatic marxist attempt an assassination on your life.
Tony Ward is a bloody hero, I wish I was there to help you out, my prayers and hopes are with you.
Long live the BNP!

Anonymous said...

Incidents like this are why the decent citizens were disarmed using the Dunblane setup as a precursor. As evil Labour and its satanic backers become ever more desperate to stem the flow of popularity the BNP are now enjoying, so too will their methods to stop that growth. A true battle of good against evil?

Anonymous said...

"First, they ignore you - then they ridicule you - then they go to war with you and then you win"
Mahatma Gandhi.
Fine words, which he proved.

hold our heads up high and march on to victory said...

Thank you Tony, Andrew and Peter and the young man who came to help.

We are bigger than the violent scum of the left, we lead by example and the people are watching us, i can sense they are impressed with your dignity and the parties integrity.

This event while horrific will be a showcase for the party, no more the lies of thugs and knuckle draggers in the press - it will be hard to justify even to the most gullible in light of this.

Let's stay calm, hold our heads high and march on to victory.

The Green Arrow said...

Tony, I hope you are improving.

You are correct. The attack on you and your comrades was done in the hope of provoking a violent backlash from our members.

A backlash that could be used against us the government whose work those thugs were doing.

I salute you Sir.

Mr Cognisant said...

Sir; may I take it upon myself to offer condolences to those attacked and also to express solidarity with the victim/victims, further, it needs to be recognised that regardless of ideological differences, an attack upon one is an attack upon all. Perhaps Sir, this inane pandering to Jewry may end here, more especially given 635’s contribution to your comments thread, it needs to be recognised, that although nationalists have no problems in relation to everyday Jews, Jewry as a whole has a problem with nationalism, it is for this reason that Jewry must be confronted and indeed the far-left thugs held in its sway.

It may be the case that this was merely an extension of everyday ethnic hostility, the follow up commentary on leftist sites meaning nothing, however, it is worth noting that in every instance of potential nationalist political success, violent tactics have been employed. There can be no reasoning with such people, no common ground can be reached, these people will attack men, women and children in order to prevent the people’s voice, I wish you well in your endeavours, we must not give in to intimidation. Hemos pasado

Anonymous said...

Tony all the best - don't let them break you/us.

This really is like a third world country now. Opposition party activists/supporters violently attacked. Mugabe tactics in Britain.

I hope this crime is fully investigated. We also need to know if anyone (like the state) directed these violent thugs. I hope they are all in prison very soon.

Anonymous said...

David said...

Donation on the way. This country is dead on it's knees and we need to rescue it. Get well soon Mr Ward.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting! Best wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded.
Very wise words about not retaliating. The Labour scum & their lickspittle so called 'independent' Stasi police are merely waiting for an excuse to use the Contingency Act or whatever it's called to lock everyone & everything down & cancel elections. Don't do their job for them! Because of my job I can't join the BNP but I will be voting for you.