Monday, 9 March 2009

How many Peers will Brown have to create next year to say "Sorry"

Blair said sorry by making this woman a peer of the realm.
How many people will Brown have to apologise to in the same way next year ?

by johnofgwent

I was sitting in the pub yesterday having a couple of beers with Mrs JoG and my two daughters, the elder of which celebrated her 23rd birthday by going to watch "confessions of a shopaholic" with her best friend (who I realise with a shock has been her best friend for twenty years now, they met in nursery school !!).

Now as you may have realised from my last couple of posts, my mind has been wandering back in time for the last couple of days, probably because in those days I had money (!!) but something I was talking about last night set me thinking.

It seems there is a blazing row going on because Gordon Brown is not minded to say "Sorry". But like much of the goings on in the Westminster Village, it's all a bit boring and the only people who can really work up an appetite for it are those who can claim new bathrooms from the John Lewis List.

For the rest of us, finding a way to earn some money while all around us factories offices small businesses and pubs shut their doors for the last time, or offer people a four day week as an alternative to the dole.

My daughter's best friend who I mentioned above is in her "placement" year in an engineering degree "sandwich" course and even she was told she would have to go onto four day working yesterday.

Our government can't even be arsed to find the money to pay the bright young things who we will need in years to come. And as for our hard scientists one need look no further than google to note that the Captain of the triumphant "University Challenge" Team who declared they were "reading chemistry" has actually collected a first class honours degree in that subject ... and taken a job in a firm of official receivers.

But this set me thinking. Because Tony Blair has set the precedent for how one says "sorry" hasn't he.

In a valley a little way up the road from me, four years ago, Blair took the stupendously dumb decision that the interests of "fairness" and "equal representation" meant a chap who had loyally served Blair's party, and the community that elected Michael Foot to the house of commons would be thrown onto the street and a woman trade union officisl would be parachuted in to stand as a candidate. Despite the resignation of the majority of the local party executive the party's stalinists cracked the whip and the inevitable happenned. Labour lost its safest seat in wales. The ful result can be seen on this page at Keele University.

And then Blair had to say sorry. Which he did by making his puppet candidate a Peer of the Realm. Well, I suppose he's done worse. Like giving a similar cushy life to his pal Mandy The Prince Of Darkness

In this page Labour's apparat-chick puppet is quoted as saying "Labour would return to claim the Blaenau Gwent constituency"

The BBCNews page goes on to say that when she went on to say "the people of Blaenau Gwent deserved the best" the rest ofher speech was drowned out by calls from the crowd that they already had the best.

Sadly Peter Law's time as Member of Parliament was short lived. The brain tumour that threatened the end of his candidature took his life the following year but Maggie Jones' prediction of a Labour comeback were thwarted in the subsequent by-election in which I believe Peter Law's Election Agent stepped up to the plate to carry on where he had left off, and he was rewarded with the vote of the people. Peter Law's widow might well have stepped up to the plate, but she was elected to the Welsh Assembly in Peter's place, and Rhodri Morgan had by that time manouvered and rearanged the rules so as to prevent candidates for Westminstr standing as candidates for Cardiff and vice versa.

And next year of course, unless he revives the anti-terror legislation Blair tried to bring in that would eeny the queen the power to dissolve parliament after the end of its maximum five year term, Gordon will be forced to give up the day job - temporarily, he hopes, but we know different, don't we - and stand before the people pleading to be re-elected.

And on that day, I wonder how many people Gordon will make peers of the realm to say sorry.

And would it not be fitting for him to be denied the accolade himself as he leaves Number Ten !


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Abolish the honours system. Do we really need any Sirs and Lords and Ladies poncing about in these crucial times for our country? Personally I now look upon anyone with a title as a cheat, or worse, for so many titles have been awarded to those who do not deserve to be honoured. They have gained the award by corrupt means. So I say abolish the lot, Mr. and Mrs. will do. And abolish all the perks that go with the honours. No more mega bucks for little shits like Kinnock who opposed the system all his life and then, like a true socialist, draped himself in Ermine robes and thrust his pointy snout further into the trough to hoover up OUR money. France sent them all to the chopper( I cant spell guilotine) and though that would be a good idea with most of our lot I dont think the general public would go quite so far! Fair enough. Just take away their titles, their priviliges and their funding and let them earn an honest living- if they are capable of it. Great result in Blainau Gwent, cant wait for the same to happen in all the valley areas, beginning with the super creeps, Peter Hain in Neath and Chris Bryant in Rhondda. Both are a disgrace to the honest workers who once slaved in those areas just to put food on the table for their families. It prematurely cost so many of them their lives and now their descendents still vote Labour. Not for much longer,surely.

gatesofvienna said...

8/02/2009 Threatens COUP IN BRITAIN!

The Green Arrow said...

I grew up with Peter Law and know his widow well.

He was a good man and his maiden speech in Parliament was superb.

More like him and there would have been no need for a British National Party.

He was offered a peerage not to stand. Originally Labour wanted Ed Balls parachuted in.

If Labour can lose Blaenau Gwent, they can and will lose everything.