Monday, 16 March 2009

Keep voting Lib/Lab/con to keep this list growing

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He was just 22 and had followed his father and grandfather into the army.

But Lance Corporal Christopher Harkett's desire to maintain family tradition as well as serve his country has cost him his life.

He became the 150th British soldier to die in Afghanistan since the invasion of 2001.

How big will the fatality list have to grow to before the sheep people of this country realise that the only way to stop the above image growing every month is to vote for the British National Party?

The Labour Party will not end the illegal wars that are getting our young men killed. The conservatives will not and neither would the Lib Dems - only the BNP would have our boys home within days of forming a government.

So how many then sheep people? 151, 250, 500, 1000, 2000. Tell me. How many more of our young men and and women must die for the corrupt crooks in Westminster and the New World Order?

If you are a parent and your son wishes to join the army, beg them not to. Young men think they are invulnerable. I know I did. Tell them that if they die, they are gone and beg them to consider those who will be left behind to grieve them.

If you are a servicemen up for re-enlistment then do not do it. With every tour of duty your odds of survival are reduced. Currently your chances of being killed or wounded is around 35 to 1 on each tour. Again, think of those you will leave behind to grieve should you die.

And if you really want to fight for your country then join the BNP, because believe me, this is where the real war is.

News just in. Another two dead. You want more? OK. Keep voting Lib/Lab/con.


Anonymous said...

A definate war of attrition, presumably done to erode our armed forces into nothing, so that foreign armies can come in to "protect" us?. History shows only too clearly that politician-made wars arent worth dying for, how soon before the evil ones announce conscription?, for white males only of course, or have your driving licence and passport taken away. Wake up youngsters, dont allow your generation to be anhialated and used by corrupt regimes, and as for any left wing readers, is this really what you put your name to?

Anonymous said...

The far left Respect Party would also quickly bring our troops home, if that's what you want.

Personally, I support the troops being in Afghanistan, and I think they are doing a very necessary job. So, if anything, this anti-war stance could put somebody like me me off the BNP.

Nevertheless, I do support the BNP, and I look forward to voting for them in June.

odin said...

[quote]I support the troops being in Afghanistan, and I think they are doing a very necessary job. [/quote]

Yes, that's right, the USA needs the gas & oil pipelines that they intend to build through that country. Don't believe me?Then bother to think back to why they said they attacked, it was because the Taliban would not hand over Bin Larden. Well he died in 2001, so why are we still there?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. There are two ways of looking at Afghanistan. If you want out then get out now and bring the troops back to defend us on this island. If you support the war then give the troops the proper gear, top class equipment and enough manpower to bloody well anihilate the opposition. But dont forget that its been tried before, Russia was the last to fail. Doesnt mean it cant be done but how long will it take, how long would occupying troops have to stay there. And when, eventually they were to be withdrawn, how soon would it be before the country reverted to type and the religious madmen took control once again? Watch it happen in Iraq. In ten years or so we will be cursing ourselves for ever invading and wishing that we had left Sadam in power. His way may be the only way to rule these people, the only way to keep some semblance of stability. What happens if a nuclear armed Iran unites with Iraq to kick off the spread of the new Caliphate so beloved of the Islamic religious nutters. Both countries are just arbitrary lines drawn in the desert sands, lines that could easily be redrafted. I agree with you GA, I would advise any youngster to keep well clear of a military career while the present traitors are in power. Join up when we have a decent political class. As Thomas Paine said many years ago. "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government." The time is with us. We need to protect our country from the present crop of traitors who intend to destroy all we ever stood for.

defender said...

Bring all our forces home.
This is NOT an anti war appeal.
Winning hearts and minds are not what our forces are for, thats for social services.
winning a war is a soldiers function and there is no war to win.

Anonymous said...

The only job the Brits are doing there is to support the US's desire to control the middle east. The Afghans dont want us there; we are just a long line of occupying forces in their country. British soldiers will continue to die daily until they leave Afghanistan as surely they will. What a waste of young lives.
Bring them home and put them on our borders; perhaps a few on the Calais -Dover ferry would be a dam site more useful

Anonymous said...

Bring the troops home

Anonymous said...

The US is always looking to destablise the Middle East so it can use the classic divide and rule technique.

Iraq & Afghan were always going to be another vietnam, unless the whole population is completely on your side and you restoring what was once in place... then otherwise you are on a losing battle of attrition.

Stability in Afghan just means bumper drugs crops.

Waste of time, get out of there, it was all based on lies to go in the first place. I hope Blair and Brown are hanged for their part.