Friday, 20 March 2009

Searchlight Political Terrorists silence free speech

Gerry Gable
Do not allow yourself to be used by this evil man

Looks as though I am going nowhere today. Just about to saddle up and go when I had to check my inbox just one more time. Looks as though I will be ringing people to apologise for my absence. But my job is here.

Right down to business.

First, people must be made aware that the organisation known as Hope Not Hate is nothing more than a front for the marxist and state funded Searchlight whose job it is cordinate the attacks on the British National Party.

Searchlight are paid agents of the state and are currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police involving the charity The Phillip Green Memorial Trust and they know that they, along with their political pay masters will be brought to justice once there is a BNP government.

Now these political terrorists have managed to get a meeting at Broadclyst's Victory Hall cancelled after publishing the venue's booking secretary details on one of their sites and "encouraging" people to politely ring him voicing their disapproval.
Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight and the Hope not Hate website, defended his actions in publishing Mr Elkin's telephone number.

"This is a tactic we have used around the country and it is proving effective," he said.

"We always ask people to be polite to the person who answers the telephone when they make their point.

"We are perfectly within our rights to be doing this.
Well as a recipient of many calls from the state paid agents of Searchlight, I know just how polite those calls are. They always imply that if I or the person called does not "desist" or submit to their demands, then I should not sleep that night, make sure my insurance is paid and be prepared to be burned alive. I have two taped conversations that I intend to use at the right time. Searchlight - Anti fascists my arse(sorry ladies). They are the real Nazis.

And sometimes, just sometimes Searchlight manages to do what its secret agenda aims to do. Incite some brain dead moron to actually attack the person or venue concerned. By publishing inflammatory lies about the BNP they are guilty of incitement to hatred and violence. We will not forget. We never forget.

Searchlight, like their allies, the violent stormtroopers of the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) do not stand in elections. They have no purpose other than that of destroying opposition to The Establishment that funds them.

They are violent, foul mouthed knuckle dragging vermin of the highest order and those stupid people who support them are just their tools.

It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with the British National Party, they are a legal entity and in a democracy they have every right to put forward their views.

If you disagree with them then fine, campaign in a non violent fashion and stand in elections. That is the British Way. Do not allow yourself to be used by this evil organisation that is run by a convicted communist criminal.

Bring it on boys. Bring it on.


misterfox said...

Respect our Troops march, as far as I know Police stopped this demo on safety grounds.
but there are still people going.

Thats a good un!!! They don't want the public to see how the establishment have fragmented our community.

Iris said...

Watch this video:-

British Jews, it time to choose!

Try this one:-

See here -

.................. get it?

Anonymous said...

Can we have more details about this march please.

Yoks Loyal said...

I told you ages ago to forget the UAF. Searchlight are the real deal. That's why we've never seen their team of employees out on the streets actually doing anything.

These are the real enemy. Those little old ladies in Leigh were the UAF, those loonies with the hammers were the Hope Not hate gang.

Anonymous said...

Searchlight are State Sponsored bully boys, BUT they can't stop the TRUTH getting out. They are traitors paid to maintain the corrupt status quo, when a BNP Government come to power they will ALL be dealt with accordingly. politicalMIZZ