Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fascist UAF Petition to sack lecturer

LMHR. The political paedophile cover for the UAF

The fascist UAF have launched a petition calling for music lecturer Andrew Grover, at Birmingham University to be removed from his post because his name appeared on the British National Party Role of Honour that was stolen back last year.

At first, I thought the petition might have been started by some simple and brainwashed little air head bimbo but no.

It was organised by a red hag by the name of Rose Mitchell. Rose, is a member of the undemocratic Unite Against Freedom(UAF) whose chairman is the unelected and IRA supporting, former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

Rose sometimes writes for the communist Socialist Worker where she likes to use words like "imperialist" and "occupation" and is a big fan of the Palestinian terrorists.

The UAF is part funded by the Muslim Council of Great Britain and therefore it is no surprise to find that both Ken Livingstone and Rose Mitchell are both anti-Jewish.

However, reading the article reporting the petition, I find something else of interest there.

It seems that Love Music Hate Racism have also plunged their red hands into the pot to stir up trouble. But actually, for those who know, LMHR is really just a different name for the UAF and their thugs. It is used to entice young people into their sick political world of hatred. Bit like paedophiles offering sweets to children really.

For once we will let a red have the last world on the subject. If only to reveal how stupid and truly undemocratic they are. The red Rose said:
"He teaches students from all over the world. I don't have any evidence that he has behaved in a racist way towards students,"


Anonymous said...

I did something yesterday that I would not normally do, and watched a little bit of daytime tele.

I ended up watching a little bit of the Wright show. Its hosted by a pillock called Matthew Wright, who I thought before yesterday was a balanced individual, but I now know better he is nothing more than an Anti British multi cultural appeaser.
I watched yesterdays show because they were going to talk about the disgusting abuse that brave servicemen were subjected to in Luton from Anti British Muslim Scum.
Janet Ellis (stupid Woman with no grasp of the real world) of ex Blue Peter fame was also on the show as a panelist, she must be one of the most pathetic apologists going,all she could say is that they had a right to protest etc etc, not one real word of condemnation against these so called British citizens, who would dance our streets in jubilation if some crazed Mullah or Jihhadist flew a plane into the headquarters of ITV or BBC.

Now what really hacked me off was the part of the show when viewers are able to phone in, and give their opinion, and that is the crux of the matter because in what must now be the Marxist run Ch 5 unless that opinion is the politically correct, everyone that is born in Britain is British, even although they declare war on us, wish us dead, and hate everything about our country.

Now One well spoken lady phoned in and quite rightly stated what probably every sane person in Britain was thinking, "If they hate Britain so much they should go back to Iraq to help the situation" the lady was immediately cut off, called a racist, and vilified by Wright, who then went on to state the case that these people shouting abuse at our servicemen, and wishing them dead where as British as you and me. he came out with the old Marxist shite of Britain being a nation of Immigrants, but failed to point out that almost all up until the last 30 years had been from the same areas of Europe, i.e European, not crazed islamists.

So By Wrights reckoning a fish born in a tree is a bird. God what a twat. I can only hope that like me many viewers would have been in disgust at witnessing the contempt the establishment has for proper British people who feel vulnerable and unsafe in our own country. It appears that we have to put up with it or be called racists for not wanting hate filled Muslims to be classed as British as me and you.

Matthew Wright. He Thinks that British Hating Muslim Filth Are British

Now Matthew Wright may want to reflect on what the true British people think of the Islamic scum who preach hate against us, maybe if he looks at the readers comments, here (mind the real good ones will not have been printed, but the general public feeling still gets through) over here he will see that we are not racist and we are now as a whole population getting pissed off with jumped up little pricks like him thinking he has the moral high ground over us, and basically accusing us of being scum.

Well Mr Wright you were wrong because it is appeasing little fuckwitts like you that are the scum of Britain, its because of people like you, that the British people almost lost there voice. Cornered and stopped from voicing their heart felt opinions because they would be called racist etc etc. Thankfully that voice has been restored and the people of Britain are starting to speak out through the medium of the BNP. I was proud of the people of Luton for showing some true British spirit, something that these so called British Muslims do not have unless you call trying to blow themselves up beside babies on tube trains as spirit.

Mr Wright you are a coward, and I hope you lost thousands of viewers yesterday. Perhaps you should join the thousands of so called British citizens in the middle east, you know the ones trying to kill British servicemen and woman, they are after all British in your well fucked up head. maybe they will welcome you with open arms, but some how I doubt it as they will just see you as a weak Kuffour. Look it up Wright.

Aberdeen patriots

antihegel said...

Any "antifascists" looking in, have a look at this ->

Any black folk (Weyman Bennet, for instance) looking in today, I urge you to check this out ->


Anonymous said...

GA, are running an item called google friend connect? as I find this in my browser history after I visit your blog.


Anonymous said...


Mayor Boris Johnson has given at least £30,000 of taxpayers' money to an organisation co-controlled by an Islamist "extremist", the Standard can reveal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe an alternative title for this story should be:

"With no sense of irony 'anti fascists' demand removal of academic for membership of legal/legitimate political party."

Anonymous said...

Wright is dreadful. I am sorry you had to watch him. Of course, he got this job for the obvious reasons - one of which was having the correct views. Poeple cannot get medai jobs if they have incorrect views - or jobs in academia as this article above clearly shows. The whole of the establishment will be cleared out under a BNP government. The vast majority of them have dirty hands in respect of treason and destruction of our country. They will all be made accountable for thier actions in the future.
Wright is also factually incorrect - but the reds never let the facts get in the way.

Anonymous said...

I am bored with reds shouting 'waysist'. Who cares what they shout? I really don't give damn if they call me racist. I used to ask them to define this term before continuing but they rarely can do so. IF they define it then under some defintions I would accept this, nder some I would not. However, without a defintion it is meaningless (a tautology to so that!). Let them shout all they want. I don't care. They have to shout meaningless loaded terms because they have no rational argument.
Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

he needs to counter sue for harassment, loss of earning due to stress and take the UAF to the European Humans Rights court.

Anonymous said...

"UaF" are the REAL fascists who do not allow any dissent from their discredited ideology, if you're not brainwashed by them then they will try to bully you into submission.
Anyone who supports these Marxists organisations is a traitor because you are helping to maintain the corrupt status quo within Britain.
These "anti-fascists" would be happy indeed insist for Islamic terrorists to have there full range of Human Rights yet someone they deam a thought criminal (eg someone who opposes treason) is denied their Human rights. All these traitors will be dealt with under a BNP Government.politicalMIZZ

Britain Awake said...

Unite Against Fascism...?

Fascism to them must mean one of the following...


or more likely...

The British people!