Thursday, 12 March 2009

The UK Enrichment News

Bing, that is the sound of my search engine/email reporting something that I might be interested in.

And the last Bing was yet another link to an article that required posting in The UK Enrichment News, a sister site of the Green Arrow.

The dual purpose of The UK Enrichment News is to inform the True British people of the price that must and will be paid for the enforced multiculturalism that is being forced upon them without their consent and perhaps provide information to members of the public who may have information that would assist police in their enquiries.

Hatred of an entire race because the crimes some of them commit is obviously wrong. Any hatred aroused as a result of reading the verifiable information published on this site should be directed at the politicians who are trying to re-shape and destroy Our Country in order to create a soviet style Eurabia.
Now the truth is, I have not been keeping the site any where near up to date, I just do not have time. Another purpose of the site was to record jobs lost overseas by rat companies like Dyson, Burberry and Cadbury who have exported British Jobs overseas, but that idea has fallen completely by the wayside.

Now I never expected the site to have a large readership, it was created simply so that people who needed to, could point to it and show just how some of the "enrichers" benefit our society at the expense of the True British People.

But on hearing Bing this morning, I noticed that it was yet another "Paedophile" post. And this prompted me to look more closely at the information so far gathered on the UK Enrichment News.

And you should to. It will make you think and so also will this next bit.

A Dudley restaurateur, Rafiqul Islam has been spared prison after committing a sex attack on a customers nine year old son.

Now this was nasty and dirty little act that could affect that child for ever and the defences statement that the attack only lasted a short time is neither here nor there.

Neither is the fact presented by the defence that Rafiqul Islam is a married man who owns several restaurants.

The pervert is a paedophile and should be chemically castrated, imprisoned for ten years and then deported.

But I tell you this. These "enrichers" are committing an awful lot of paedophile acts against our young children and I suspect their own also. I would love to see some government statistics on these kinds of crimes.


Anonymous said...

the fact presented by the defence that Rafiqul Islam is a married man who owns several restaurants.

and so thats OK then Mr Judge to spare him PUNISHMENT for the life long effects of this sort of abuse on a child.

This judgement is itself abuse as almost condoning such acts

Will this ''owner of many restaurants'' do it again?

Anonymous said...

Some time ago, Sir Henry Morgan wrote a well researched piece which appeared to show a link between the presence of muslims in an area and the rate of sex crimes (against infidel women)in that area. Not that I'm a statitician but the evidence seemed pretty conclusive to me. A small crumb of comfort is that now and again we learn that the victim of ethnic crime is one of the traitors that foisted multiculturism on the rest of us. A recent example was that twat in Manchester council getting assaulted and carjacked. It's difficult not to laugh when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. We should look at cases like this as an opportunity, no matter what the colour, creed or nationality of the offender. He's not locked away, still in circulation. Great. That offers the oppurtunity for real retribution. If "the law" will not act, let the public act. People like this do not deserve any space on the planet. If a few of them were castrated (its quite a simple and quick job though rather painful without an anaesthetic!!) then our courts would realise they had better start passing realistic sentences. Of course, if the vigilantes were ever caught, they would feel the full weight of a system whose politically correct judges and police were outraged at people "taking the law into their own hands." Thats where it should be. In our hands, not the likes of the dopey judges, many of whome are themselves perverts and paedos.

beowulf said...

its not very often i find myself disagreeing with the wise words of the Green Arrow.Though on this occassion i fear he as his conclusion is far to liberal for my liking. Chemical castration is not a cure or deterent for this type of scum a large part of their heinous satisfaction is the pyscolical control and trauma they cause their victims. These vermin whether chemically castrated or not are still predetory creatures by nature ! Wy should we bare the burden of keepping these deviants in special prison conditions that can cost as much as 100k a yr.Then only to release them to ruin some other innocent childs life. Whether that child be British Moslem or whatever all children are innocent and need protecting from these vermin. The only cure and the one the bnp prescribe for this disease is the death penalty!!! .The fact this scum is in a postion of authority in the moslem ghettos means is at large to carry on exploiting innocents and with the existence of sharia courts and muslim councils who do these poor wretchs have to turn to to escape this evil,As we can see by this example not the dhimmi in justice syetem they are as responsable for his future victims as he is. Hang the bastard, and prosecute the judge for crimminal neglience in protecting the innocent of our society. It makes you wonder why this judge was so sympathic to the defendant do they share a common intrest who knows

Anonymous said...

The hearsay on this chappie is that some wag has nicknamed him kfc, short for kiddie fiddling c###, but that is only hearsay.

On another note a sensible copper gubs a yobbo for throwing a burning log at firemen whilst attending a fire and arrests him. Said policeman is now facing a large fine and a trip down the job centre Im told.

This madness has to stop.

Give BNP your vote and the madness will stop, guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic but my prediction here last week that Lord Chip Shop of Jihad will be out in time for Friday prayers, has come to pass.
News out just now, he was released 'on appeal', (hmm - we plebs have to wait ages for one of those!) after serving just two weeks of a surprisingly short 3 month sentence.
So there you have it folks - one law for us and one for them.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Beowulf, you are spot on. Hang the bastards, but only after immediate castration. Anyone who disagrees should ask themselves how they would feel if it was their child or grandchild which had been abused.