Sunday, 15 March 2009

Inside the mind of the Dhimmi Stephen Hall

Pussy Cat doll and Stephen Hall of the Respect Party

The following article was posted by Stephen Hall on the marxist and moslem Socialist Resistance website.
"Master race, you’re having a laugh!” was just one of the many chants that taunted BNP Boot Boys, previously wielding crowbars, truncheons and baseball bats in Leigh town centre, as they were forced, under police protection, to tow away their wrecked Landrover, which was literally ‘hammered’ by a larger force of similarly tooled-up anti- fascists from the AFA. The AFA also over turned the Liverpool BNP Branch’s “Save Our Culture” trailer it was towing, which blocked traffic on St.Helens Road for almost an hour.

So much for the BNP’s ‘Battle for Britain’ Roadshow to raise money for aspiring Brit-Führer Nick Griffin’s Euro election campaign in the North West. Looking at the damage to their Landrover, that fundraising went into reverse in Leigh on the evening of Friday the 13th March 2009.

Having got wind of the anti-fascist mobilisation against their proposed ‘private fundraising event’ the previous day (the event was originally scheduled to take place at the Pure Night Club on West Bridgewater Street on Friday evening with Nick Griffin billed as the main speaker), the BNP leader failed to show his face in the town whatsoever. Indeed according to BNP sources, spoke instead at a St.Helens venue which is 7 miles away.

Whether he did or not is immaterial in reality. What we showed the BNP’s boot boys who did come to Leigh, is that any attempt by them to move into our area will be resisted and that they shouldn’t ever try and come back.

The response to the appeals issued by myself and others, from students from Salford University and the Salford Left Forum, United Against Fascism, the AFA and from local anti-fascists, including members of the Socialist Workers’ Party, Socialist Party, Community Action Party, Labour Party and Respect, at such short notice was tremendous, so much so in fact that the anti-fascist forces were able to successfully see off four of their nazi ‘flying’ storm troopers - who were just about to attack those assembling for the anti-fascist counter protest, and give their Landrover, trailer (and one of the BNP thugs) something of a ‘hammering’ in the process. They certainly left Leigh with their tails between their legs, with many shouting after them as they left “….and don’t come back!”

Well done everyone. Think we can rightly notch the whole thing up as a victory for our side.

Stephen Hall (Leigh - UNITE/Amicus Branch & South Lancs Respect
Party member)
Seems that Stephen is intend on digging himself a deeper hole. He should be careful that the walls do not cave in on him. His letter calling on the red fascists to "kick the BNP out of town", that many see has an incitement to violence has already been passed on to the appropriate authorities.

I understand that Stephen was actually videoed during the cowardly attack on the British National Party activists . Any chance of a copy?


Anonymous said...

The dumb fascist shitstains who follow the likes of this piece of trash are too dumb too realise that they are being played for the brain-dead cretins they are.

Whilst these mobs of brave warriors are concentrating on attacking the BNP, the likes of Hall are selling them out, placing the interests of aliens first because they are profiting heavily from doing so.

Socialists my arse. Reptiles like Hall are the worst kind of global capitalists and the damage they have caused to British working class communities is vast and probably irreversilble.

They are traitors and one day they should be hung for it and buried with the rest of the traitor scum in a pit at traitor's gate.

"It's not fascism when we do it."

Scabs to a man-jack one of them.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, looks like he wants to go to prison!

Nice of him also to implicate the Labour party!

Did you notice how gutted he was that the event went ahead anyway!
He will be even more guttedthat the public sympathy is with the BNP! as donations have shot through the roof thanks to this attack!

What a total loser!

Send the article to a lawyer and on to the Police.

Ex Labour councilor said...

Give `em enough rope - and this guy has plenty.

He has so much of it he is tripping over the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well Said Reconquista, lets face it when it comes to intelligence the average UAF are not at the front of the queue.
Unions across the board sold out to their EU masters years ago making the interests' of British workers in their priority list at Zero.

GA..A Sunday feel good video!
Warms the cockles of your heart.

Anonymous said...

It's the lies that most bothers me:

"Master race, you’re having a laugh!” was just one of the many chants that taunted BNP Boot Boys, previously wielding crowbars, truncheons and baseball bats in Leigh town centre, as they were forced, under police protection, to tow away their wrecked Landrover..."

There haven't been any BNP Boot Boys for years. The only heavies in the BNP are the security team, who protect people like Nick from being killed by these thugs.

They are hoping to draw us down to their level, in which case they can claim we are just thugs in suits.

Video cameras at the ready in future

Anonymous said...

Video camera watches are very handy too, less likely to be spotted or ripped out of your hand and damaged, and if any numpty thug attacks you then using your hands to block any blow gets a very nice mug shot to be passed on to our defence people.

I got mine last week, easy to use, works great.

But remember,steady lads, steady, no violence on our part, which is what they want, no matter the provocation, our end goal is too important to be drawn into violence. Stay within the law and use the law to defeat those who seek only to destroy us.

They are playing for high stakes, our enslavement. We are playing for even higher stakes our freedom.

The road to freedom is hard but worth a few knocks along the way.

Any millionaires out there looking for a good cause to donate to? You will never regret it.


Anonymous said...

Well said Harry!

Anonymous said...

Of course it is the wise and sensible thing not to react to this attack.
The reality is that it will be hard to keep some of the 'young buck' quiet.
If I was Mr Hall I would leave Atherton for a while, I would imagine he is not sleeping to well, what goes around will always come around.

Anonymous said...

Of Course you may want to put Mr Hall on your Christmas card list.
If you need his adress log onto the site of the North West Nationalists and then the story of the hammer attack.

Anonymous said...

Is Hall gay? He has that look about him