Monday, 9 March 2009

I missed my Sunday and I'm having it today

For some reason Sunday was not like Sunday and so I have decided to have it again today. You can do things like that when you are a blogger.

"Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born"

What a great opening paragraph to a book and what a great line "I record that I was born" and as David Copperfield popped into the world so do did one of Charles Dickens most famous novels. Great stuff but my favourite will always be the Pickwick Papers. Comradeship, trials, tribulations and finally victory.

And so I start the day with "I awoke" and I....and I....and I...led there!!

How strange. Normally I do one of several things. I either "leap from my bed", "fly from my bed" and sometimes "rocket from my bed". But not this morning. I just continued to lie there.

Do not ask yet where this post is going. I do not know myself so we shall discover the end destination together.

And as I led in bed, I cast my mind back over the British National Party meeting that I attended Saturday just gone that was held in Swansea.

The meeting was scheduled for 19:30 but arriving early, I managed to spend some time in the bar before people started to arrive for it. Booted and spurred in my best suit and wearing my Wales BNP badge I found myself alone in a bar full of "locals" who were out doing what many of the Welsh do on a Saturday evening. Getting hammered.

And what a rough bunch of diamonds they were but with just one exception all that I spoke to (being a gregarious kind of person I start conversations with strangers easily), fully supported the BNP and assured me they would vote for us.

Then off to the meeting. Not as well attended as usual, due to many members and supporters being away on other BNP business but still a good crowd considering it was a Saturday Night in Wales.

Clive Bennett, the Swansea Organiser kicked off the meeting by presenting Regional Organiser Brian Mahoney with two cheques to help fund the coming European Elections. One from Swansea and the other a personal donation. Well done Clive. Money is the ammunition we need in this war.

Now what do I know about the other speakers? Well there was the "Cockney" Welshman Bill Murray,the North Wales Organiser who had bravely trecked South to show his face and meet old friends. Great speech and a great guy. I like Cockneys and I must confess that if I was a red, I would not like to push my face into his. Bill looked well capable of direct action.

Another speaker from the North was Councillor Mel Roberts, a former trucker who I was much impressed with. Mel had recently discovered the existance of the Bilderburgers and their part in the New World Order. Afterwards, I pointed out to him that some of us had been banging on about this evil organisation for over thirty years. I look forward to meeting Mel again. Maybe the end of this month?

Then we had Councillor Kevin Edwards who is a candidate in the European Elections. Now Kevin is the kind of man we want in Brussels. Hard working and like all BNP members, in politics for his country and kin, unlike those from the Lib/Lab/con alliance who are in it to line their own pockets.

And then the break and a chance to meet old friends and introduce myself to new ones. Interesting thing that showed the spirit of the BNP was when I mentioned that I wish I had enough money to donate more money to the Party to aid in our struggle. Kevin said that were he to win millions on the impossible lottery, he would donate it to the party (well most of it) and all agreed that we also had the same wish.

I would love to hand over a cheque for a million pounds in they eyes of the world press. Come on you millionaires, I know a few of you read this site. Do it. Give us your money. We need it. If we did not, we would not keep asking.

Then time to mingle and meet people like Lawrence? Another nice chap and it was nice also to finally meet Mike Green ,the editor of the West Wales Patriot.

Then there was Duncan, a young guy of the type we need more of for they are the future leaders of the party and should be encouraged.

And then time to return home, courtesy of my true friend and ever on duty chauffeur , John of Gwent.

Poor John, if he only knew the plans I have for him. Then again he probably does. We have worked together on many projects and he knows that anything I do always has a purpose that is not immediately clear to many people.

I have noticed from his articles that he is fast becoming a big promoter of the party and not just a supporter. John you are going to make a fine councillor and MP one day, so get used to it and join the party asap, there's a good fellow. I will be your researcher and you can order me about for a change.

One last thing about John of Gwent, he is our backup Green Arrow but if he continues to drive like a crazed rally driver and clips corners on country lanes then there will no Green Arrow or John of Gwent. Perhaps we should travel in seperate vehicles.

And now I am up and the article, already written in my mind is almost ready to be published.

I have put a CD of sixties music on the player and The Searchers are singing Do'nt throw you love away in the background. Being a Sunday, I have cracked a can of Worthington and am looking forward to reading some short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Have a good day BNP. Tomorrow belongs to Us.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Meeting in Swansea? There would have surely been more in attendance if we knew about it. Though I would not have been there last saturday for I was enjoying a visit from my two year old grandson and his loving parents. For me, that is unmissable and I cancelled one function to accomodate it. This child and his parents deserve a far better future than that which stares them in the face if our party fails to make a decisive break through soon. We must win. Maybe I will get to know about the next meeting, would love to meet up with GA and JoG etc. The meeting which was to have featured Nick in Cross Hands was publicised. Why not all the events in south Wales?

Mike Green (Editor) said...

Wow. Met my hero on Saturday.
GA is a modest chap and a great patriot.
It was MY pleasure to meet you GA and that giant of a man John of Gwent.
Keep 'em coming.