Monday, 9 March 2009

Belay the last post. It is in fact Monday

Who was I kidding. It's not Sunday, it's Monday and the war goes on. It will never end until the British National Party become the government of the day.

The violent thugs of the Unite Against Freedom have been permitted to get away with using threats of violence to get a BNP event cancelled at short notice.

Now they may think that they have achieved a victory but they have just helped increase the numbers of the British National Party. People do not like bullies and those who threaten violence because they have no political answers to the the truth of the BNP.

But until people like the Landlady of the Huntsman Pub near Thornbury, Kaye Thomas find the courage to stand up to the marxist bullies of the state sponsored UAF, an organisation that many Labour and conservative MPs belong to, including David Cameron, they will continue to be the victims of the bully boys of marxism.

The police of course, acting on the wishes of their political masters exaggerated the likelihood of there being violence and recommended that the pub and hotel mentioned in the article, close rather than risk a confrontation between the democratic and legal BNP and the rent a mob of reds.

The rag, Evening Post, instead of condeming the actions of these unelected thugs who have publicly announced their intend to damage property of venues used by the BNP said:

Last night the protesters held a good-natured protest outside both the pub and the hotel.
There is nothing "good natured" about those who deny others the right to free assembly and free speech. They are political terrorists and the police should have been there to uphold the law and democracy not recommend it be curtailed.

I have no sympathy with the Landlady or the Manager of the Hotel. You want to live in a free society but unless you are willing to fight for it then damn you and your profits.


bill.p said...

UK funds meant to counter Muslim "radicalization" being used to...radicalize Muslims/ Jihad Watch

UK jihadist Anjem Choudary explains how Islam will take over the UK/

Top of the morning to yer G.A

The Green Arrow said...

And a top of the morning right back at you bill.

Hope you are well.

Will check out the link.

Anonymous said...

this pisses me off there was only 25 of them we should have got stuck into them to teach them a lesson and maybe they will think twice next

Anonymous said...

I rang the said landlady 3 days ago and thanked her for allowing the BNP to hold their meeting there. She told me its been cancelled. I was dumbstruck.The limp spined hag backed down to the fascist UAF I hope her business goes under,traitorous yellow bitch

Legend said...

"Belay the last"?! Very nautical. Is that where the Bulwark reference comes from? I was in the Navy early eighties and one of my oppo's was ex Bulwark.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes Legend, I done 12 years in the RN from 64 to 76 and Bulwark was my first sea going draft.