Sunday, 15 March 2009

Is Searchlight coordinating attacks on the BNP?

Hunting for their target to zone in their thugs
on the Dopes don't Rate site

The Searchlight organisation runs six main operations:
  1. Searchlight Magazine
  2. Searchlight Information Services (SIS)
  3. Searchlight Educational Trust (SET)
  4. Operation Wedge
  5. Stop The BNP
  6. Hope Not Hate
It is also believed to be under investigation by the Metropolitan Police because of its relationship with the Phillip Green Memorial Trust.

Now, this state sponsored organisation, led by the convicted marxist criminal Gerry Gable also appears to be coordinating the recent attacks on British National Party venues and supporters. If they are not, they are certainly seeking and providing information that can be used by political terrorists who are.

As you can see in the top image taken from one of their false flag organisations (Hope not Hate), they were actively seeking the venue for the BNP meeting at Leigh with plans to disrupt that legal gathering.

And we know what they use to Stop the BNP.
Claw hammers and clubs.

And it seems with some success. Then moving over to another one of their false flag sites (Stop the BNP), we see where they make available to the political terrorists their target for the night.

To me, the hunting for and publishing of British National Party functions and venues in order to target in violent thugs is a criminal act that should be investigated.

On red sites throughout the country, the only regret I have seen expressed for the despicable attack on Tony Ward and democracy is that it was "only the A-Trailer" that was damaged and not the "Truth Truck".

Remember BNP. Tomorrow belongs to Us and these criminals who attack us now, will pay for their crimes, as will their masters.


Anonymous said...

I notice under the Hope Not Hate blog banner that that they celebrate modern Britain.
Yep, they certainly do that, as was evidenced by the hammer attack.
What part of 'hate' in there own slogan don't they understand?
Whoever said that 'fascism would return disguised as anti-fascism' was a smart cookie.

miterfox said...

Its well covered in todays Sun(sundays).

Anonymous said...

Searchlight/Stop the BNP/Hope not Hate should know better as the earchlight organisation was heavily criticised by a stpendary magistrate ages ago for publishing details of opponents meetings for no other possible reason than to create trouble.

It was true then and its true now Searchlight encourage, endorse and condone these attacks. They are fascists and cowards. 40 onto 4?

How can they moan about redwatch when they themselves publish such listings and when they have acknowledged they were the first to publish "hit lists". Add hypocrites cowards and fascists

Anonymous said...

Found this on a blog why don't the BNP use it, this would prove to everyone what liars govern the country?

Facts on a plate: our population is at least 77 million
Independent on Sunday, The , Oct 28, 2007 by city eye
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It is the statistic that dare not speak its name, though eventually it must. It has huge ramifications for the civil and political life of this country, the health of the equity markets and, most immediately, the residential property market. So don't forget you read it here first: the population of the UK is presently somewhere between 77 and 80 million.

The 2001 census, already hopelessly out of date and easy to avoid for those who find filling in forms a trifle inelegant, numbered us at a little under 59 million. But as statistics go, that one's most definitely a damned lie.

My sources for the above statement are good, but scared of admitting the truth for fear of incurring the wrath of Whitehall. It's like the best way of monitoring illegal drug consumption: forget the pious statements from ministers - the foolproof method is to sample our water and the effluent in it. That's easily the best way of monitoring what the nation has been consuming.

Consumption - that's the thing. Based on what we eat, one big supermarket chain reckons there are 80 million people living in the UK. The demand for food is a reliable indicator; as Sir Richard Branson says, you can have all the money in the world but you can only eat onelunch and one dinner.

The supermarket in question was privately lobbying the Competition Commission to let it grow its market share. The argu- ment, reasonably enough, was that the market was far bigger than the regulator realised, so expanding the network was fair.

I have a second, respectable, source. A major, non-commercial agricultural institution reckons there are 77 million of us in the UK. Again, its reckoning is based on what we eat.

That faint background noise you're hearing as you read this is the sound of everyone slithering off the record. Why? In political terms, standing behind these figures would be to toss a hand grenade into a vat of gasoline. People would be hounded out of a job for scaremongering.

The Office for National Statistics' figures, published last week, predict a population of 75 million by 2051. It's an honest estimate but horribly wide of the mark because number counting doesn't work effectively. If you want to know how many there are of us, ask a food firm.

If the true numbers were revealed, the Little Englanders and xenophobes would come out in force about the evils of immigration. But that's what made America great in the 19th century, and it's a driving force of our economy right now. It's also anti- inflationary.

David Buik, a money manager with broker BGC Partners, was talking of "one million Eastern Europeans unaccounted for in London" on television last week. I suspect he's right if somewhat conservative in his estimate. How many do you see working in the construction industry and waiting at tables?

And when I say "anti-inflationary", I mean they are getting rotten wages. Dignified by the term "cheap labour", the hidden hordes will do well for the services sector, among others. People are assets - to maintain and to be maintained - so we are wealthier as a nation.

All of which is reflected in strong economic demand and markets see-sawing between optimism over what we all see on the streets (that 77 million figure feels right to me) and the possibility of something nasty if the Bank of England credit-crunch prognosis is correct (to echo last week, I think next spring will be unpleasant).

As for housing, property magnates and chief executives of housing associations alike say the expanding population means serious demand for the foreseeable future, credit crunch or no. Next week, I'll look at the detail of this argument.

Copyright c 2007 Independent Newspapers UK Limited. All rights owned or operated by The Independent.
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved.

Anonymous said...

Are BNP spirits down?

Are they hell -

Anonymous said...

See 14 March article.

Anonymous said...

Well at least with all their publicity and online material, the Hate not Hope boys and gals wont be able to wriggle out of the punishment thats coming to them. No good saying "I was only carrying out my orders", when all the evidence is there. I suspect they will now be doing their utmost to recruit immigrants to their cause, (which up to now has had little immigrant involvment- being mainly the preserve of ageing Machevelian agitators and silly mixed up kids). Perhaps those who have come to this country to escape brutality wont want to be associated with thugs and bullies like these red herrings?.

JPT said...

Are they?
They should be prosecuted.

defender said...

You know, I find it interesting that they do not seem to have much reason to be even covert.
This is plain, in your face, intimadation. Almost like they have a licence to do as they like in dealing with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. I dont think we should place too much reliance on population figures estimated from Supermarket figures of food consumption. They may sell enough food for a very high population but how much of it goes into the waste bin these days? Estimates reckon that most families waste about a quarter of what they have paid for, unlike families of long ago who wasted nothing. However, other sources also claim that our population figures, like so much associated with this government, are simply lies and I dont doubt that there are far more people living in Britain then we are told. Far too many in Britain, far too many in the whole wide world and thats one of the planets main problems and, if there is such a thing as global warming, population explosion would be the main cause.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of how little land the population in Britain actually is allowed to live on, in comparrison to, the in excess of 60 million acres?
All the worlds population together wouldn't even fill up Australia.
It'd be a brave minister that calls for a cut in the rise of the birthrate after all it's no secret from where the most increase comes from.

The population figures are quoted on the Radio 4s Farming Today, also i'm sure farmers being food producers do require pretty exact figures otherwise they'd be farming blind.

80 million feels about right!
When we get more regular power failures than at present perhaps the sheep plp will twig on to a few hidden facts'
Theres' none so blind>>>>>>>>>>>