Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The BBC have commisioned a new national Anthem

The new BBC National Anthem as sung by Billy Liar Bragg

Now there are a lot of other songs and hymns that would be much better than the current British National Anthem and you can put your choice in the comments box.

However the BBC has commissioned a twenty year old folk singer to come up with something more appropriate for a multicultural(spit) Britain.

However I have discovered that Billy Bragg(spit) has actually cut a demo that I managed to grab hold of for your viewing.



Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. "Something to which everyone can respond, regardless of race, creed or colour" !! Says it all really. Typical BBC crap to further dumb down the country and promote its own agenda. Personally I have always thought God Save the Queen to be a spiritless dirge which seems to celebrate slavish devotion to a priviliged, hereditery person we could well do without. I always thought the best version of the dirge to be by the anarchist Sex Pistols and it amuses me to see grown men with tears in their eyes singing their allegience to a woman who expects us to "save her" when she has done absolutely nothing to save us. Among several others,I like the anthems of France and Italy both of which seem to encapsulate the character of these countries- or at least stand for what they once were. Britain has plenty to chose from, the works of talented patriots, without having to fall back on some spotty brainwashed guitar player barely out of napkins who probably knows bugger all about his country or its history.

ProudGeordie said...

I think a nice Kipling poem set to a stirring piece of drum heavy folk music would be perfect.

I always liked ferrari winning in the F1. Their anthem makes you wanna get yer groove on!

Mike Green (Editor) said...

Sounds a bit like an IRA ish dirge to me