Monday, 23 March 2009

Intense Debate - A poll

Yes or No. Your shout. Maybe:)

Special report from BNP webmaster Simon Bennnett: I am taking the unusual step of writing this article to convey the importance of using the two main social networking features on our website.

Many of our regular users are still not using the Intense Debate commenting system or “Digging” the news articles. These features (and many more besides) have been introduced to the British National Party website for a very good reason.

Whilst I understand not everyone is super IT literate, you do not need to be an Internet “Guru” in order to use these tools. A little patience, effort and about five minutes of your time is all that is required.

To give you an idea as to how important this effort can be, consider this: we can increase the number of people who read our news items four-fold if you follow this advice and make use of the abovementioned two tools. That would equate to an additional 80,000 people reading our news items each and every day.

If anyone else can suggest another way to (effectively) deliver 80,000 leaflets in less than two minutes each and every day, then I am all ears. If you are passionate about our cause, our politics and our beliefs, you should not ignore what I am saying. We have the tools, we have the manpower, we have the truth. Do you have the will?

Now, these are just two of the many tools and social networking features available on this website that can be used to devastating effect on our opposition. They are next to useless if you do not use them. Underneath each and every news item is a share button that allows you all to print or save the page as a PDF or Word document. You can also submit the page to many other social networking websites or just email it directly to a friend.

I have also recently installed an entire Facebook Style - Social Networking System on this website that allows you to communicate directly with other members and users in your area, or anywhere in the world for that matter. You can create public or private groups, networks and even communicate with live chat or video-calling with other members. For this website to remain ahead of the pack, we have to constantly evolve and make the most of new technology as and when it becomes available. That said, it is down to you to use it, otherwise it will fail.

It is my intention to switch off commenting to anyone who is not registered with Intense Debate in the very near future. I suggest you make the effort to register now and save some stress and trouble when that time comes.

Unfortunately I cannot offer support or help with individual cases of users who cannot understand the systems. The people who developed those systems have websites with clear instructions, help forums, pages and direct support email addresses. Please look there for help - there is plenty available. The information below has been taken directly from the websites of the developers in question. I hope it will help you understand the importance of these systems being implemented on our website. I have also created a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to register with Intense Debate. You can find that guide by clicking here.

You need to read it carefully, as many people seem to be overlooking the fact that all the details asked for are optional apart from a user-name and email address. You user-name has to be unique and if already taken - make up another. Once registered, you can change the “Display Name” to anything you like.

So then guys, there you have it. I will shortly be putting a poll on the right side of this site asking for your votes. Yes or No.

Up front. At the end of the day the decision will be a unilateral one taken by myself after reading any comments I receive on the subject.

By now though you should all have registered with Digg and doing your bit to promote the articles on this and other patriotic sites.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself pretty IT literate.

I registered with DIGG

I told it to send the validation email to my (hotmail) inbox.

I'm still waiting.

I've re-sent the validation email four times now.

It is for this reason that I consider the unilateral demand that we register with "intense debate" or face the loss of our voice on the one site in the country that actually stands for free speech a disappointing trend.

I would be delighted, as would any other IT-aware British Patriot, to render assistance to any fellow supporter having problems working out how to use these systems.

I cannot however force them to cooperate with intransigent software on third party websites.

I am severely dismayed at this news and I think someone somewhere should make the guy running this site aware that there are reasons other than apathy for a low takeup of some newfangled idea

Anonymous said...

I no longer comment on the main site for one reason:

Since ID was installed I haven't got the time to read through 3-4 pages of comments. What has happened is that people are now making moreand more comments, many irrelevant to the news item, maybe to get more points I don't know but it eats up time like mad.

ID is probably essential for the main site to be fair and if Green Arrow ends up having reams of comments after items then I think it'll spoil what I think is a more communal feel on this blog.

Won't stop me coming here and posting essays but large ammounts of comments will stop me reading the comments here, just don't have time for that.


The Green Arrow said...

A very good point Reconquista.

I am also worried about the "Moderation" aspect of it.

It is sometimes a real chore if I pop out for awhile and their are loads of comments then to be moderated.

Currently JOG assists but is time is also limited.

That might be a key factor.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone wants to play with this stuff, I am one of them. Now if they push this to hard there will be people like Reconquista & me that will be put off, also some of the public might not want to join in as well, this will stop them feeling part of it might not be such a good idea, as people who vote need to be encouraged.
After all thats what really matters!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Anon 16.02

I have been put off by my comments (not anti BNP ) being pulled to pieces by recent newcomers and I have now unsubscribed to ID. Shame as I used to be one of the first who ever used the old comments system.

ProudGeordie said...

I have the opposite problem to JoG. I signed up for Digg no problem but I have tried several times with ID and never get a confirmation Email.

I very rarely comment on the site either, I save it for Digg but even that can be a bit slow to load.

I think I'm just a Grumpy Old Man