Sunday, 15 March 2009

Entrance Fee to be introduced

Please have your entrance fee ready

I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

Because of the high costs of paying for services for the colonisers of Our Country, the government is going to make them pay £50 each on arrival.

Ne kadar?

"Hello. Welcome to Great Britain. Just the one? That will be £50 then."

Hoverkraftimin ici yılan balıǧı dolu

"What does that entitle you to?. Well everything really. House, Benefits, Medical Care, education(once you have paid your family enters free) and of course, being a paying customer you get to go to the front of all queues."

Türkçe'de "Wanker" nasıl denir?

"No. Thank you. Write home and tell all your friends and family to come visit and stay. Have a nice day."

Hoverkraftimin ici yılan balıǧı dolu

This piddling amount will then be handed to local authorities to to help pay for the impact on schools, hospitals and other public services.
The decision to impose the levy follows pressure from councils in areas such as Cambridgeshire, which has the fastest growing migrant population. Some have warned they will have to raise council tax to cope with the extra pressure on public services.
And this is the bit that made me laugh/cry:
The government hopes the tax will raise £70m over the next two years.
So let us go back to school. 70,000,000/50 = 1.4 million

So there we go. We can expect another 1.4 "legal" colonisers in the next two years.

When the time comes to hang these government traitors, we are going to have to use all the trees in the Forest of Dean to do it in one go.

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Anonymous said...

British Army sends warning to Muslim invaders:

Whatever next? Fixed bayonets greased with bacon fat?