Friday, 27 March 2009

You are all cyber activists now

Why they want to silence the Home of the Green Arrow

Before I can get into the main thread of this article, I first have to go back to the cowardly behaviour of Digg, in caving in to the demands of the criminal and state funded alliances of Searchlight and the UAF to block the Home of the Green Arrow to prevent others from reading the truth. Probably the same people who got the site blocked in Liverpool Libraries.

Because when it comes to truth, the marxists know that they cannot win in a debate and so in order to keep their masters plans for a New World Order on course, they must silence those who speak it. And they must silence the writers of The Home of the Green Arrow and Friends and all those they see as those who will rip their masters from the troughs of public money they gorge on and smash their One World Dream.

On the streets, they use megaphones to scream their obscenities into the faces of decent, hardworking patriots in the hope that their intimidation will drive us from the streets.

When that does not work, they resort to political terrorism by turning over stalls and shoving their ugly faces into the faces of old women and men who just want their country back. Again they wish frighten the patriots of the street.

And then when they see these tactics fail, they resort to creeping around like thieves in the night to vandalise the property of those who want a Better Britain and Jobs for British Workers.

And then in desperation, with all the above failing they ambush individual members and small groups of patriots and attack them with the only political weapons they know. Claw hammers and Clubs. Not for them the verbal cut and thrust of debate. Just hacking and smashing. The only politics they know.

And that war goes on in cyberspace also. One of the other reasons the British National Party is growing so fast, is not just the work of the greatest, bravest and hardest working activists the world has ever seen, who get the leaflets out and sell the papers but also the Internet Warriors. A much maligned group but who are key in maintaining moral and boosting recruitment by the dissemination of the truth.

And so to, they must be silenced. In whatever ways possible and their methods used against myself are well documented. They hate me almost as much as they hate Nick Griffin. Their sites are obsessed with the Green Arrow as it has become a symbol of the resistance.

They know they are losing the war for the hearts and minds of the British People but think if they can silence sites like this and prevent the truth getting out, that their tired old cliches of "Don't Vote BNP" will still work on the voters of Our Country. But they are wrong again.

The British National Party is now winning the war in cyberspace. We have activists turning out quality videos on Youtube. Activists recruiting on the groups on Facebook. And our supporters are leaving comments on the online newspapers that link to our sites.

And as more and more people read the truth and see how many others are out there in cyberspace who feel the same way about the betrayal of Our Country, they finally visit the website of the British National Party and learn the truth for themselves. And the throw off those chains draped over them by The Establishment of guilt and fear and join the resistance.

And it is my duty, your duty to get the truth out to these people so they may join us in the Battle for Britain that is now being waged on the streets and in the air of cyberspace.

Our enemies have won a tiny battle against this site on Digg but all they have done is spurred me on to look for more ways of getting the truth out and I thank them for that.

As you see, I have now added a Share Button at the bottom of each article. I call on you to use it. It points to all the Social Networking sites out there.

Register with those sites and use it. I have started already and have already had new visitors from three of the sites.

You must leave comments and links wherever you can. Register on special interest forums and leave links to non contentious articles that might label you as a political activist on sites like this.
When those visitors visit the site they usually wind up reading other articles and so the truth goes out to those who are still blind and deaf to what is happening to their Country, Our Country.

Now let us end on a positive note. This site is slightly behind the Lancaster Claw Hammer Gang site but is catching up fast. Remember theirs is a state funded site and orders have gone out that all trade union and other red sites link to it. And still their pathetic readership is falling.

The naive students and trade union members who for decades have been unable to gain access to the truth now do so through sites like BNP website and Patriot sites such as this and are leaving the red rats to go down with the Lib/Lab/con alliance that is The Establishment.

It is not a request for you to spread the word. It is your duty to your children's children to do so.

Have a great day BNP. Tomorrow belongs to Us.