Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Do you live near Brentwood, Essex?

Len Heather. A local BNP hero

You do? Good. Then how about going here and reading an article about their local BNP Organiser, Len Heather who set up a stall there last Saturday and recruited three new members in less than an hour. Well done Len.

Len said: "You are going to see the BNP a lot more in Brentwood.

"I have had many phone calls from people there asking me to call there and put my stall up.

"I believe people from Brentwood are ready for the BNP."

Sure you are right Len. Like your cape by the way. Good Luck in your election campaign.

Why not leave a comment in support of Len? The I live local brigade have just started to arrive.

it only takes a second to register. Use your throwaway hotmail account and the rest is up to you.

See you there.

For some real good images taken on the Day of Action please go to the Thurrock Patriots site.

Also in Brentwood, police are looking for Albanian, Ardit Isufi who enriched a young local girl by raping her.

Moving on and using my teleportation skills to leap up North, I had to laugh with despair when I read this from Bury.
Detective Constable Donna Haldane from the Public Protection Unit at Bury said: "While attacks like this are rare, the way this man has targeted this young woman is extremely worrying, and we are determined to find and arrest him"
When she spoke about a sexual assault by one of the Asians who enrich us so much. I would say about as rare as sand on a beach.

Whilst I am here.

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Democracy is two wolves and a lamb
voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!


Anonymous said...

This GP would not register a 1 year old because they had no resources to spare - cited ethincs as a reason for lack of resources!

Of course an unlimited NHS is not possible - anyone who thought it was is mad. Third world to come first.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Patriot here.

Look at this IRA Supporting scums video on YOUTUBE

look at sweetenontop account and see the type of person who shouts down the BNP, and pensioners at that. Utter scum, and utter anti British traitors.

Anonymous said...

I have to wait three weeks to have my ear syringed.

The NHS is working

I live in a up and coming enriched area

Thurrock BNP said...

There are some exclusive pictures of the day of action in Brentwood on the Thurrock Patriots site.

Anonymous said...



Indian government minister Shibu Soren was convicted of murder.

Some big democracies seem to be run in part by criminals.

This may work to the advantage of the CIA and Mossad when they want to influence policy on nuclear or terror issues.

In India, the world's biggest democracy, there are 'criminals' in parliament and government.

At Newsweek, 7 March 2009, Jason Overdorf wrote about the criminals in India's parliament. (New Rules Expose Criminals in India's Parliament Newsweek)

In India's current parliament, according to Newsweek:

The coal minister, Shibu Soren, stepped down after he was convicted of murder.

Shibu Soren had become coal minister after being put on trial for the alleged kidnapping and murder of his former personal secretary and the alleged massacre of 11 people in sectarian violence.

Several M.P.s are serving life sentences for murder.

128 of the 543 M.P.s have faced criminal charges, including:

84 cases of murder,

17 cases of robbery

and 28 cases of theft and extortion.

One M.P. faces 17 separate murder charges.

Eleven M.P.s have recently been expelled for taking bribes.

The two main parties are Congress and the BJP.

About a fifth of the representatives of these two major parties have been under investigation for criminal activity.

"The general opinion is that the influence of criminals in politics is steadily increasing," states Himanshu Jha of the National Social Watch Coalition