Monday, 23 March 2009

BNP Wales and Winston Churchill

Good video here from Chesternationalist showing a typical day of street activity for a British National Party activist unit.

Filmed in Welshpool, North Wales, there was a surprise visitor in the shape of Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin who talks a little about Winston Churchill and the current hysteria shown by the main stream establishment media.

Now what interested me about the video were a couple of the previous speakers. The video was introduced by the dynamic "Cockney" Welshman, Bill Murray, the North Wales BNP Organiser who is also a strong supporter of the Welsh Language.

In the video, Bill introduced us to Enys Hughes is one of the BNPs European Election candidates and Enys gave a short speech in Welsh. Now as for what Enys was speaking about, I have no idea. I am from the South of Wales and the language sadly there is not spoken as much as it should be. And that is what I would like to write about for a few minutes.

For too long, the Welsh Language has been used to divide North and South Wales by the other political parties whose wish is to separate Wales politically from the United Kingdom.

And they have had some success. There is no doubt that many North Waleians consider the non speaking Welsh of the South not to be really Welsh. The English get a better welcome in North Wales than a Welshman from the South.

And in the South, the massive growth of dual language signs has created resentment also. In whole huge areas where there are no Welsh Speakers, a road sign in Welsh warning of potholes infuriates, as the people would much rather see the money spend on fixing the potholes instead of paying for expensive signs.

And going back in time when there were just three terrestrial TV Channels until Channel 4 came along, more resentment was created when the people of South Wales had foisted on them the Welsh Speaking S4C channel. This despite a referendum in the South where the people voted overwhelmingly for the English speaking Channel 4. At the time, I thought, "So much for democracy".

So there were and still are divisions between the Welsh of the North and South, just as there are divisions between England, Scotland and Wales. Ulster is a separate issue and I intend to write about them in future. Ulster men are amoungst the finest True Brits ever.

And the New World Order politicians have deliberately created and widened gaps between our separate countries in order to control us better.

But now there is real hope for not just the North and South of Wales but also England, Scotland and Wales.

Because the British National Party is a force for unity. When I meet Welsh Speaking BNP members and supporters from the North now, I feel that I am speaking to a dearly loved brother or sister. The language no longer divides us. In fact I am now proud of a language I do not even speak.

And the same is true for Scottish BNP people meeting their English brothers and sisters of the BNP. The gaps caused by the other parties are being closed by their common British Bond that unites all the nations of the United Kingdom.

And that is what those who seek to build first Eurabia and then finally the New World Order truly fear, for they know that a United Kingdom is capable of not just halting them but also destroying them.

Just as the BNP is uniting Wales, so do will they unite all of Our United Kingdom.

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If you would like to view just a clip where the Chairman speaks about Sir Winston Churchill then go here.


Anonymous said...

Lets show our support !

ANGRY Muslims want the patriot who banned non-English speaking customers sacked – even though he has been blitzed with fan mail.

Deva Kumarasiri, 40,a Buddhist who came to England 18 years ago, says immigrants should take pride in the UK.

Anonymous said...

"Ulster men are amoungst the finest True Brits ever."

You know what GA? I was talking recently with two men - Father and Son - who were, ahem, "active" in Ulster. I told them I was BNP and do you know what he said in that broad Ulster brogue?

"We fought for years for the right to be British, it's about time the rest of Britain did the same."

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Of course Winston would have been a member of the BNP. He started off as Conservative, became a Liberal, rejoined the Tories (where he was almost universally disliked and treated as some kind of reactionary idiot).But throughout his life he hated communism and left wing firebrands and as Nick says, he would not have been accepted into any of todays three main parties. I remember that, even during the war, he would be booed in cinemas in working class areas when he was shown in news reels because of his attitude to the 1926 strike and the miners in particular.He sent troops to south Wales during the miners strike but,which is almost forgotten, he stopped them before they were deployed, leaving that to a detachment from the Metropolitan Police who certainly cracked a few colliers heads during the riots. But throughout his life he was always a patriot and never wavered from that and he would be appalled at the present state of the country. Indeed, were he alive during the last sixty years he would never have allowed it to happen. The BNp is right to claim him as one of us. We are the only party with policies which he could approve of and support.

The Green Arrow said...

You know how busy it is Reconquista. I do not usually have time to respond to comments but yours is worth a reply.

Similar expressions were made to me many times by the Boys from Bangor when I used to drink with them on weekends.

I still have somewhere a little oval brass medallion that guaranteed my protection in Loyalist areas. Certain death in others.

It was because of Ulster that I became involved in Nationalist politics.

Hope you are well my old IR35 victim.

Bill Murray said...

Very good write up GA and I agree with you 100% I am a true cockney born in White Chapel Road. I have worked and lived in Wales for over 25 years. I believe when in Rome do as the Romans do. I proudly fly the Welsh flags and will never strike the Welsh flags for anyone. Immigrants will not have the same respect; you must have seen the burning of the Union Jack in England. There is only one flag they want to see flying in the United Kingdom and that is Green!

I have many friends in North, Mid and South Wales and I think it is about time to put away all your differences and work as one. Welsh people divided will be your downfall.

I have seen the East End dieing with this so-called multi culture experiment with immigrants changing our way of life to their third world way of life.

Be warned all you good Welshmen and Women it took decades to change London, now I can see the same happening in Wales but at a much faster rate.