Sunday, 15 March 2009

Nick Griffin Talks About The Claw Hammer Attack On Tony Ward

Copied over from the Covert Site. Big hat tip.

Nick Griffin talks to the people of Rotherham 24 hours after a cowardly attack on BNP members in Leigh. On this night about thirty rent-a-muppets turned up. There was some hysterical premenstrual wench shouting the same tired old slogan "The BNP are a NARTSY paty...etc etc" then some middle class poof getting all giddy at having the megaphone (its some kind of right of passage for these people, to be in charge of the sacred megaphone. The rest were a right bunch of dullards and unless the shouted slogans were easy there was an uneasy lull in their other words the planks didn't have a clue what they were doing and were probably feeling a tad uneasy at the reception they got from the good lads and lasses of Rotherham. Anyway they did try but they failed spectacularly to acheive anything more than just being laughed at then like magic they all up't and went. Oh how we laughed!!

One of the best parts is when the middle class lad who wants to be a rebel when he grows up (cos he has a megaphone y'know) actually starts whining about being filmed. He was like Rik from the Young Ones..."hey everybody stop what you are doing and listen to me", what a fucking knobhead. Anyway he was moaning cos he was being filmed and the police were doing nothing or "pigs" as he liked to call them, hes been watching too much Citizen Smith and he was determined to be centre of sad.

Anyways this is the first public comments by Nick Griffin since the attacks on Liverpool BNP members 24 hours previous with claw hammers which its alledged was set up by the Labour party or associates (but don't quote us on that).

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Anonymous said...

The description of what they wanted to do ,'smashing up premises to send a warning out to any landlord or club owner who gives their premises to a democractic political party will haave their peoperties smashed up and licence removed'
is straight of of the nazi era.

ba ba said...

It says ' the video is no longer available'

Anonymous said...

(In the voice of the bourgeois spoilt.)

"Mummy, Daddy...they're NARTYs!" She says, foaming out the mouth, pointing and cursing heretically like the Party Members during the 'Two-minutes Hate' in Orwell's 1984.

Deigning to reassure her dense daughter, the mother asks, "Oh, bless, Beatrice. For why do you think so?"

" says so on the television, doesn't it, mummy?" the cretinous, pubescent silly little girl replies, pausing at first to engage the part of her brain that has been conditioned.

Don't ever lose that innocence, you puppets, it is really quite touching.

How does it feel to be doing the State's dirty laundry?

It is not your views that sicken me, rather your complete separation from logic and intellectual capacity. Lemmings.

Now run along, children, and go play. Here, 50p. treat yourself to some sweets and stay out the way of adults. Ps, tell that boy to return the megaphone to his daddy.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. If the attack gets media publicity it will be spun as "a confrontation between the far right members of the BNP and anti fascist protestors."We certainly wont be shown as innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

Absolute clueless, i much prefer when these studenty types are smoking their dope or doing their coke, i wonder if the megaphone doubles up as some sort of drug paraphanilia ?
I hate when the Students "do politics", because they show themselves up as the ignorant Sheeple that they are, if they had any real clue about politics then they'd be aware we are already living under a fascist state, maybe they should just concentrate on stuff there really good at like doing drugs, and stop allowing themselves to be used as useful idiots. Why did the Students keep staring at the carton of Orange Juice ? Because it says Concentrate. politicalMIZZ