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Death on our Streets

Are you still voting Lib/Lab/con?

British casualties in the Multi Cultural wars approx 5,000

By Albion

5,000. Keep this figure in your mind.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the troop surge hopefully will reduce the number of casualties in this dirty war. I read that the American Government is becoming concerned not only of the number of coffins returning home draped with the Stars and Stripes, but also the disturbing visions being relayed via its press to its people.

It was visions like this that turned the American public against the war in Vietnam. A widow of one of the dead soldiers commented that the press had no respect for the dead but were more concerned at the number of newspapers they would sell with such morbid pictures on the front page.

As you know this is not a conventional war. In the past the combatants met at a predetermined time and faced off across a battle field. Time passed and the enemy wore a different uniform and the two sides hammered each other at a distance of a mile or so away.

Today the enemy could have set up a roadside bomb then ran away or it could be a female in a Burkha or a young girl or boy wired up with explosives to detonate themselves to cause the most casualties.

The coalition of the willing along with the UN, Human right groups and Amnesty International appear concerned at the number of civilian casualties being killed in this dirty war. That is most strange seeing it has never bothered governments before.

WW2 and Kosovo spring to mind here. Prior to the night the bombers were sent over Dresden in WW2 I wonder if there was any discussion about the huge number of civilian casualties that were going to die that night in a firestorm; half a million was it? Dresden was not even a military target; the war to all intents and purposes was nearly over and the only enemy in Dresden was the Leica factory and the Dresden fine China factories. What people might not be aware of is that civilians of Dresden WERE the target.

But we were still at war were we not?

Has war become more respectable, more palatable, are wars more civilised today. Trouble is when the enemy advances with children placed in the front how do you distinguish who are the enemy? If the enemy is lobbing mortars from a half mile away how do the troops who return fire know if the enemy is situated in a children’s school. I really don’t think Amnesty International has thought this one through.

But lets us return to that figure of 5,000

Great Britain is not at war. But that figure of 5,000 hit a raw nerve because that is approximately the figure of British casualties the people have suffered in this non- declared silent war.

That is the figure of Britons, give or take a hundred or so that have been murdered since our governments decided on your behalf that we needed more cultural enrichment, along with a much needed vibrant diversity which appears this country had lacked all these hundreds of years. These are the people who are murdering us.

5,000 is approximately the figure of Britons murdered directly or indirectly as a result of the mad policies of our murderous, treasonous Socialist politicians, incidentally many of them have been or are card carrying communists. Will that figure wake the people up? I doubt it.

Many of those whose death did not come quickly were those who were ran over by people from other lands who probably had never driven a vehicle in their lives, were driving with no licence, no MOT, no insurance and with an unregistered vehicle. They along with old ladies, who later died after being mugged for their handbag and who fell and hit their head on the pavements and took days to die.

I won’t discuss rapes and the seduction of under age girls into prostitution, or I will be here all day.

5000 is that the population of a large village? Well 5000 men could be 25 army Companies or it could be 5 Battalions, in fact it could equal a full regiment of the line, and these are approximate figures. Nevertheless in a war situation these are dire casualty figures and to repeat we are not even in a declared war.

There is an undeclared war directed at our own people at this moment in Manchester, London, Bradford Peterborough and a host of other cities around England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. A silent war carried out on our people not only by people from the Middle East and Asia but by East Europeans.

What the UK needs is to either to recall its troops to defend its own people or a least a police ‘surge’ to enable them to enter and retake the no go areas in many of our cities and towns and to control the young Asian gangs in our violent cities and towns. Knife and gun crime were unknown in this country prior to enrichment.

I am watching a country slowly decaying. I am watching our children becoming confused as to their identity, people are afraid to state with pride I AM A NATIVE OF GREAT BRITAIN for fear of being labeled a racist….it is utter madness.

Let the people complain of these deaths of the native Briton by the enrichers and the accusation of racist suddenly comes to the fore, along with the threat of incarceration. Did we fight WW2 to one day have to fight to retake our country back from an enemy within?

One must ask, is it Moslem Parliamentarians who control many of these violent people, does an unelected Knighted Moslem politician say obey me or I will bring a 10,000 Moslems onto the streets in protest? And my government caves in. They are Cowards, there is no other description. What utter madness is plaguing my country?

I have to ask myself; if our government who are inviting anyone and everyone from the violent third world into our country, the same people who are causing the majority of the rape, murder and mayhem then accuses its own people of racism who object to the overcrowding and social and cohesive destruction of this country then I have to suspect that their motives are part of a much wider plan whose basic principle is that it does not accept that the people who can claim heritage to these islands have any special rights over the colonists.

One day in the future the statue of the terrorist Mandela will be removed from overlooking Westminster and in its place a bronze statue of an unknown man, his wife and their child to remind us of our civilian casualties.

The statue will represent the people that died violently at the hands of the enrichers, the people who did not live long enough to embrace or reap the rich rewards, or even enjoy the full benefits of forced diversity nor did they experience any facet of the warm, vibrant and dizzy cultural enrichment we are told we are being blessed with daily nor were they titillated nor teased by forced multiculturalism.

However, thanks to our politicians they did have the misfortune to pay for their hideous social experiment with their lives. Hopefully one day in the future we will have a Kriss Donald conference, a Kriss Donald building or maybe even a Kriss Donald Remembrance Day.

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