Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Prince's Trust and the Conservative Party

By giving your donation to the conservative Party

I have said it before and I will say it again. Do not give to any charity without checking into them first.

Most of them are now as rotten as the Houses of Parliament, with only token amounts being spend on the cause they were created to support, whist most of the money raised gets channelled of to "Consultants", Charity Directors and their "fund raisers".

Oh and the politicians have to have a kickback as well. Lets not forget them.

Remember this story here where I told you about how the Labour Party laundered money through a children's charity and how it brought this site to the attention of Thirdsector.
Last December, the Charity Commission opened a formal investigation into after-school charity Catz Club after discovering it had made two separate donations to the Labour Party
Now it is the turn of the conservatives. The Princes Trust that says on its home page, that it needs to raise a million pounds a week to keep going, is being investigated after giving £10,000 to an organisation Women2Win, that is affiliated to and raises money for the Conservative Party.
A spokeswoman for Women2win said the organisation regularly passed money to the Conservative Party
Rotten to the core, the whole rotten stinking bunch of them and all interlocked like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off topic GA - but here's something for you to get mad about

After all, the dead man was only an infidel wasn't he.

Britain Awake said...

Dont give to charity... FULL STOP!!!

Anonymous said...

Its so sad to think that we cant even be charitable towards others without some sleazy individual or group ripping us off. What kind of diabolical mindset uses a persons good will to fleece them?. This country is rotten to the core, and I wont be giving a penny to any of the recognised charities any longer, different if its a local fundraiser for sick kids or similar, but nothing which has patrons and advertising.

Jim said...

Two things:

1) If the country is rotten to the core, why don't you leave it and find somewhere nicer to live?

2) I look forward to the day when you are struck down with illness or disease and are forced to rely on charity. We'll see where your own charitableness lands you then...

Karma, people.

Anonymous said...

The more one digs the tackier it gets. I despair of our leaders and the corruption that appears to be a way of life in this country.

Its spreads like a cancer throughout our society and the politicians greed is the most vile.

Its even starts at the Ballot box with Asians involving themselves in Election fraud, non existant postal votes, stolen ballot papers, stacked councils. Where does it end?

Jim said...

PS. Happy Comic Relief Day to you :-)

Anonymous said...

JIM said

****and find somewhere nicer to live?****

Sorry Jim I have travelled the world quite a bit, trust me, there is knowhere NICER to live, they are all about the same. If the NICER country is run by a grinning be-medalled lunatic like most of Africa's dictators, a hell of a lot worse.

Its a sickness affecting most of the world.

Welcome to the Brave NEW world. Its NOT going to get better and pouring trillions of trillions into Africa only enriches the vermin. Sorry to burst your bubble Jim.

Join me on this mad planet. The colours faded on my bubbles then they burst.