Friday, 13 March 2009

Extrapolate this if you will

Just what was it that you had on Blair
that put you where you are Mandy?

Well before we extrapolate anything, a few short words about Peter Mandelson, probably the slimiest and crookedest person ever to walk on this planet.

Reading how this notorious pervert (reminder to self. Find out what happened in South America) and crook has transferred his financial interests into a "blind trust" in order to prevent people discovering just how crooked he is, I discovered that he is a patron of the NSPCC.

Well that set me off for sure. Off I went, digging to find out what was in it for Mandy? On the way I discovered, yet again that yet another charity spends millions more on promoting itself and Directors remunerations than it does on helping the children it was set up to assist.

I was also interested to read that it "bought" Childline and that now any donations made to that "Charity" now get passed over to the NSPCC. Just a business like any other you see.

By the way, reading over on one of the sites dedicated to charities, I see that because of the credit crunch they are talking of accepting "reduced payments" from their "customers" and "payment holidays" for those with direct debits who have lost their jobs. You are not even a donor anymore. You are just a customer and your donations are payments, which incidentally, they consider to be never enough.

But back to the NSPCC, I also discovered how heavily politicized it has become and perhaps also the reason why the pervert Mandelson is a Patron. They campaigned actively for the lowering of age of consent for young 16 year old boys to be sodomised.

Strange how 16 year old boys cannot make informed decisions about buying cigarettes, alcohol or voting but are considered experienced enough in the ways of the world to allow perverts bordering on paedophiles to bugger them anally and possibly infect them with AIDS.

Anti-family, the NSPCC is firmly opposed to an automatic right of contact for both parents to visit children in the event of their parents separation and portray men as being violent abusers.

Looks to me as if the NSPCC is one sick puppy. Time to call in the RSPCA and have them put down.

Looks at though the extrapolation will have to wait a bit.

Some interesting links to the "special relationships" in politics.

BP Chief quits in rent boy scandal

Mandelsons rent boy and Lord Browne


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. A few years ago the BNP ran a story of Slimy Pete's Credit card being found in the possession of a young Rent Boy in Wales. Was it all hushed up under some obscure privacy law? Whatever became of this story? Were the BNP ever sued for publishing the information? Was it ever proved to be correct or otherwise? I think we should be told. At the time I found it rather odd that such a man should be paying some youngster for perverted actions. Surely he could have found enough willing participants, free of charge, within the ranks of his parliamentary colleagues? But I suppose, with your average paedo, age, or the lack of it, is everything.

Anonymous said...

Americans waking up.

Official launch of the American National Party.

Anonymous said...

That article gave me some
information I wasn't aware of.

I wrote a letter of complaint to NSPCC.

A Charity 'careing for children'??

antihegel said...

NSPaedophileCC .....

Kids from the sewers of Sao Paulo and Rio no doubt.
These bastards are truly evil!

Proudgeordie said...

The NSPCC campaigned FOR the lowering of age of consent? Now I have another topic to cause controversy with in the pub. Next time one of their ads comes on TV I'm calling their number and asking some difficult questions!

Anonymous said...

You touched on something that has always bothered me -

A youth has to be 18 to buy fags but he can be legally rogered by fags in a pub toilet at 16.
The former being for health reasons, the latter being for 'equality' reasons.

It is a little known fact that the EU Constitreaty has 'legitimised' paedophilia. All previous Treaties excluded paedophiles from sexual discrimination in the workplace.
The Constitreaty does not include that exclusion.
A cynic (me) might conclude that the omission is to accomodate the adherents of the cult of the dead paedophile, in order that the transfer of local power to them goes smoothly.
See this vid for confirmation that we are ruled by sexual perverts:

Anonymous said...

Disgusting little man !!!!

Anonymous said...

Put you in mind of the Vietnam war hypocrisy?, old enough to die but not old enough to vote or buy alcohol...nnnaaa nineteen. What kind of animal would campaign for the lowering of consent for any form of sexuality thse days, let alone vulnerable young boys. The devil moves in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

D notice slapped on Dunblane also Operation ore, too many credit cards bounced back to labour found by the FBI.

Most large charities are now under Gov control UNICEF the lot.
Giving the big boys money is filling the NWO Coffers.

Checkout WWF...HRH big ears also has his grubby mitts into the GW Hoax.
Soon more frindly fart taxes etc to be brought in.

The Black Nobility of Europe worth a search.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant third world customs:

Hindu children being kidnapped for prostitution and organ-harvesting by 'Mafia' (any guesses as to who they are?)

How long before this cultural enrichment comes to a town near you?

Anonymous said...


phil said...

NSPC to Capitalists

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the high correlation between these:

desire for sex with children
control freakery
total dishonesty
support for red politics
propensity to rage/hysteria

They are so frequently found togehter - are they all symptoms of some kind of mental disorder?

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Anonymous 17.01 You are right re Operation Ore. They came up with a pathetic excuse that there were not enough police man power to fully investigate all the people involved. We all know that the real reason was the fact that too many credit cards were traced back to the perverts of the Establishment. I wonder how many Labour MP's were involved, how many judges, Lords, journalists, police hierarchy etcwho gain their kicks from the degredation of defenceless children.Dirty bastards. We shall probably never know unless the BNP gain power, reopen the cases and make it a police (proper police) priority

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Then there was the certain young politician who was fined at Bow Street magistrates court in 1983 for importuning in public lavatories under the name of Mr Charles Lynton. Charles Lynton are the middle names of one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

Pip pip