Saturday, 21 March 2009

Labour Party to vote early for European Elections

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Zoom in on the image of a leaflet that was shoved through the doors of homes in the Newcastle Ward of Bridgend South Wales earlier today and see if you see what I see.

Yep. The Labour Party hope to steal a March on the British National Party by getting their voters to:
Make sure you vote on June 1st and together we can keep the far-right out of Elected Office in Bridgend/Wales/Europe.
June the 1st? Someone should tell the rest of the Country. If they cannot get an Election Date right, what else are they getting wrong? Did you also notice that Wales has now moved from the UK to Europe? When did that happen?

And clearly worried by the rise of the BNP in Bridgend and South Wales, for the first in living memory, Labour Councillors were actually out on the streets posting unwanted litter through letter boxes. They see their snouts being dragged away from the public money trough that they have been allowed to gorge from for far too long.

By all accounts some residents and people passing them on the streets gave them a right verbal bashing. Well done those people. The people of Wales are sick of Labour.

Now turn the leaflet over and read about their solution to Wales problems. More immigrants.

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Now I have to pop out for a few hours but will be returning to this article with some links, images and more news.

There was a leaflet out awhile ago showing just how much immigrants and so called refugees receive in benefits. A link would be great and save me searching. Thanks.

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JPT said...

I honestly think that this sort of hysterical crap that the Labour party turn out is completely counterproductive for them.
Long may it continue!

Wolfblood said...

In reality, this is just a small part of what zanu/plaid-islam want people to vote for -

If they do they can expect a tsunami of human filth and crime into Bridgend, which is what zanu/plaid-islam is really all about.
The only alternative they have is the BNP.
It's up to them ....

Iris said...

While good people are smashed over the head with hammers ...

... and while the BNP is denied a platform and meetings sabotaged ....

... and the "antifascists" fail to protest about the religion-of-peace ....

And .....

Still falling for the liblabcontrick?

RuneSword said...

Here is truth -

Understand it well, kinsmen ...

Daniel said...

I think they have missed a sentence at the end of paragraph 3 on the back.

"The full costs of housing and supporting asylum seekers are paid for by the Home Office direct direct to the council and to private sector housing providers."

So those of you who cannot afford a house and are living in rental accommodation, not sure whether you'll have a job from one day to the next, can be rest assured that the tax from your income that goes to the government and subsequently onto us here at the Home Office, are helping us put these asylum seekers into the houses you are no longer eligible for.

Anonymous said...

I work with our fundholder on leaflet design for the BNP and I have to say that is an incredibly poor leaflet. Gordon better borrow some more money from us all very quickly if thats the quality they can come up with. Bloody hell their finished! lol

johnofgwent said...

How UTTERLY typical of Labour to view a seat in the european parliament as nothing more than a means to screw unaudited personal allowances out of the "euro gravy train".

Have they no concern for the real reasons why people stand for political office. To make a difference, to be heard, to make the voices of their voters heard.

Oh but this is NEW LABOUR were're discussing. Silly me for thinking they were in it for the chance to serve their voters.

Wolfblood said...

Who in Bridgend wants to know the truth about zanu/plaid-islam's plans for Wales?

The real truth, not some hysterical, anti-BNP tirade?


It doesn't take much time to understand it if you really want to know .....

Watch this -

Then this -

OK so far?

Now consider this -

Well, you ant-BNP liars and screaming labour party scum, this religion-of-peace, along with all the other "enrichments" you want to import into Bridgend to oppress the native Welsh, ..... what do you say now?
And you people of Bridgend, is this what what you will vote for?
If you do you will deserve everything you get!

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

To quote the leaflet:

'Facts (sic) about refugees and asylum seekers
A refugee is someone who has a well-founded fear of persecution...'

Interesting. I have posted a book review on my blog today - - and this is what the author states about asylum seekers:

'Employing fraud or deception to enter Britain does not invalidate a claim. Under the Act, illegal immigrants can declare, years later, that they are asylum seekers even if they made no such claim on arrival. Once settled, they can then further resist removal under the Act by claiming a violation of their right to a family life.'

Read the BBC story I have posted! It is about an asylum seeker, who had been refused asylum SEVEN times, performing a 'sex act' (masturbating, presumably) on a war memorial - was he deported? Don't make me laugh...