Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brave Sir Robin of the Metropolitan Police

Let's do him lads. He's got his hands on his
pockets and he is on his own.

Yesterday, whilst driving home along a stretch of road where, many years ago I received my only ever speeding ticket, a stream of oncoming vehicles were flashing their lights.

Danger. When the cars do that in the valleys there are only two reasons. Sheep on the road or the police. This time it was the police with a sneaky little tax trap where there was no good reason for one.

Now I am not talking here about one vehicle in three warning the cars approaching the predators but ALL the vehicles.

The police are now no longer a service that is seen as a friend but rather the enforcer of the state. Thugs and bully boys with a political agenda and even after there is a British National Party Government and their politically correct leaders routed out, it is going to be a long time before the public have their trust in them restored.

And when you read the origins of the image above, you will understand why I personally have nothing but contempt for the police. I no longer want to hear, that not all of them are the same. That applies equally to nurses. They are not all wonderful. Some of them are pure filth.

A QUICK EDIT by johnofgwent. You can see the complete VIDEO of the event on the guardian online website here and hat tip to 'gus' on where I just found their post linking to the page. It is, in my opinion, without doubt, the reason why we will have a new Minister Of Justice in a few weeks.

Now it is video time. Let us start of with this one that shows what bully boys do when they meet some real opposition.

Yep. The brave boys who like to crack the heads of the public and slay them for walking too slow, run like cowards when faced with someone who is more than capable of belting them one back.

Would the police have run though, had the crowd chasing them been white and not the nutters from the Cult of the Dead Paedophile? I do not know.

All I know is the sight of the police running down the street being taunted by the colonisers of Our Country sickened me to the core. Cowards the lot of them. The screams of "Run you Cowards" and "Run you poofs" sums up the police of today nicely.

Brave Sir Robin