Thursday, 2 April 2009

ExTory Minister Lord Garel Jones has Cunning Plan To Bring In Welsh UDI

by johnofgwent

Full story here

Some days you think there is a point in striving to achieve political ends through legitimate political process. Some days you open up the BBC News Web Page and your heart lifts at the revelation that yet another crack has been exposed in the armour of the undemocratic, the arrogant, the overpaid and the overpriviliged.

But then some days you open it up and read the front page and you just want to go get a gun or two and kick off a process of change the way the Irish did.

And I wonder which this day is. For I read here of the latest wizard wheeze thought up by those seemingly committed to the breakup of the United Kingdomof Great Britain and Northern Ireland and its handing to the rulers of the Caliphate of Eurabia on eleven regional platters.

Lord Garel-Jones who as Tristan Garel Jones Tory Foreign Minister seems to have achieved .... well, nothing remarkable really, and who as lord seems to have done even less, might yet go down in history in the same volume as "Burke and Hare" or "Burgess Philby and Maclean".

You see, those who wish to exploit the 1997 wafer thin decision to establish a hot air pit of shit in Cardiff Bay by using it to springboard the erection of razor wire and machine gun towers the length of Offas Dyke have a problem.

Not enough people can be found to vote for the next step on the road to Welsh Independence. Probably because everyone can see that "An Independent Wales In The Framework of An Enlarged European Union" is in fact Orwellian (or more accurately Blairite newspeak for "The Breakup of The Last Remnants Of British Sovereignty And Handing Over Of All That Remains To The EU"

And so it falls to an Ex-Tory Minister Of The Crown to ride a white charger to the rescue. "I've had an idea" he says. Why not go out into the world, find anyone of 'welsh descent' and given them a vote in this"

I suppose it had to happen really. I mean, the likes of "Operation Black Vote" is the clear role model for "Operation Patagonian Vote" is it not. And surely if you turn over enough rocks you will eventually find enough people willing to see it your way to counter the indigenous opposition.

I checked the date of that BBC News piece very carefully. For at first I thought it was an April Fool in poor taste. Sadly it is not.