Thursday, 2 April 2009

Scotlands traitors dictate terms to Press and TV

The cowardly and traitor politicians from all The Establishment parties in Scotland have spat their collective dummy out and said they will not come out to play in the European Elections if the BNP are present.

Labour, SNP, Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates will refuse to appear alongside the BNP during the campaign for the June 4 poll.

Scottish Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson said: "We learned the BNP will be running a full slate of six candidates in Scotland and we have all agreed we will not share a hustings with them. We will not share a platform with fascists and racists.

"If there is anyone who thinks they should invite a BNP candidate to a hustings or TV debate, they won't get the rest of us."

Lothians-based Labour MEP David Martin said: "Politics is about disagreement and competing visions and I'm happy to share a platform with people whom I don't agree 100 per cent with.

"But the BNP is different because they would deny other people such a platform.

"They are an anti-democratic party and a pure racist party."
Does David Martin not realise how stupid he makes himself look when he says that he is happy to share a platform with people he disagrees with and then says if the the BNP are present he will stay home and sulk in his corner. Plonker.

The Press and TV should not allow themselves to be dictated to by these cowards who are frightened of open debate. Let the BNP sit on a platform alone if that is the price of Freedom of the Press and Speech.