Monday, 6 April 2009


By Nemesis

Great Britain was once a Great nation built on the blood sweat and tears of its people led by leaders who once had the respect of the people … a respect they had earned. The leadership embraced honour and their word was their bond … honesty, integrity and truth ruled the day breading respect.

Our leaders led the way often with great sacrifice to themselves laying down what was dear to them often for the benefit of the many. The masses reciprocated in unison with them laying down their all with their leaders resulting in the formation of one of the greatest nations ever to have developed upon the face of the earth.

The great men and women of the past would weep if they could witness the level of social degeneration to which the British people are now subjected. The current Plutocratic (rule by the rich) controlled leadership promotes greed, deceives the masses and breads fear in their bid to retain their stranglehold on British society.

Eric Blair’s
(George Orwell) predictions are here as seen in Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty Four. The country is divided by the few that endeavour to enslave the many for their own ends. In their selfish actions they have sold the country, sold the reputation of Britain, sold out the people and made profit from the current blood bath of war that they have created.

Ironically, one of the methods they have chosen to maintain subjugation over the many is now being used to expose them for what they really are. In their ongoing programme to enslave the masses with Acts of their legality they did not take into account that those Acts could also be the harbinger of their undoing. The Sword of Damocles cuts both ways, as does racism and all other relevant theaters of life.

The Sword of Damocles illustrates a situation where the perpetrator has the methods they use against others turned against them. The Freedom of Information Act has been used to expose the LEGALISED THEFT OF THE NATION’S ASSETS by our duly elected.

The Act has also been used to expose the pressure put upon our SECURITY SERVICES by forces higher up the British political hierarchy to deliver false conclusions … forces that do not work in the interest of the majority of the British people … actions that border upon High Treason.

Actions that have left over one hundred and seventy nine British soldiers dead (, many severely injured and around two million Iraqi and Afghan people killed. These casualties have resulted over issues that are now construed as fabrication … lies used to evoke a war.

The exposure of the TRUTH through the Act sheds light on adverse areas that affect the well being and future of the British people … areas engendered by the charlatans and sycophants that currently dominate British life.


The NEW LABOUR M.P. for Neath and ex Cabinet Minister for Works and Pensions Kenyan born Mr Peter Gerald Hain attracts attention over his expenses’ claims. In addition to his salary and other perquisites he has been placed as the fifth highest claimant of expenses in Wales raking in over £151982 for the period 2007- 2008

The activities of Mr Hain no longer come as a surprise to the people of Wales. The fact that he is allowed to cling on to his position only serves to highlight what NEW LABOUR is about and is in actual fact an asset to his opponents.

The NEW LABOUR Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith one of our most senior leaders, has claimed £145332 in expenses for the period 2007- 2008. If she could justify the amounts claimed fair enough but it does not seem that she can.

Amongst the items claimed at tax payers’ expense was 88p for a bath plug highlighting her meanness and £10.00 for her husband to obtain pornographic films. Does this highlight how unattractive she is to him?

What ever the case is, should the British public furnish the costs for the Home Secretary’s husband to play with himself? Unlike Mr Hain the activities of Ms Smith do come as a surprise to the British nation.

However, the exposure only came through the Freedom of Information Act. Ms Smith is also currently under investigation by “Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, John Lyon, after reportedly claiming at least £116,000 in second home allowances on the Redditch house while listing a London flat she shares with her sister as her main home.” (

However, Gordon Brown appears to approve of her conduct,”The Prime Minister has said Jacqui Smith is doing a "great" job Gordon Brown praised the Home Secretary's work” (

He hasn’t cracked up has he? Or perhaps he might have enjoyed the films Ms Smith had supplied to her husband at tax payers’ expense over a six-pack with Richard Timney … after all they both have that one thing in common. Mr Timney earns the title from watching porn while Mr Brown earns it from running the country.

Ms Smth might have over stepped the mark but who has surpassed her in the amounts claimed … yes, our Mr Peter Gerald Hain the paragon of Aberdulais. It should be noted that both Mr Hain and Ms Smith bear the titles Rt Hon … so much for that title now!

Incidentally, Peter’s wife holds a degree given to her in 2005 without doing the work … honourary or something like that it’s called. Peter shows no honour and probably would not know what it was if it jumped up and bit him on the bum and certainly could not be enlightened by his misses on the issue especially when she only holds a joking degree.

I suppose it is a bit like cash for favours. It should also be noted that Ms Smith and her close associates attempted to manipulate the terms of the Freedom of Information Act so that M.P. s would be exempt from the ruling (Just like in Animal Farm when the pigs declared themselves more equal than others … one law for one, etc).

The move towards the concealment of information indicated full knowledge of their guilt with this idea being reinforced in their attempt to COVER IT UP. On removal of these parasites from public office the public will be invited to contribute towards the purchase of private troughs for them in order to reduce the risks of these parasites suffering an increase in their mental illness. If they are palmed off with a trough it might calm them down.

The expenses fiasco relates to the majority of our parliamentary leaders so an investment in shares for trough making would be a good move in the near future. Information on this subject is now easily obtained thanks to the Freedom of Information Act … an Act originally introduced as part of the procedure of our puppeteer controlled leaders to further subjugate the people.


The most disturbing revelation of the Freedom of Information Act is the discovery of what appears to be a conspiracy entered into by our duly elected concerning national security. The information released under the Act informs us that our security forces were obliged by political pressure to produce false findings in order to convince the British Government to go to war.

One of the several e- mails sent in connection with the impending war with Iraq sums up the situation. The e-mail allegedly sent to Sir John Scarlet exposes the intended deceit to take this country to war, “I appreciate that this can increase the authenticity of the document in terms of it being a proper assessment, but that needs to be weighed against the use that will be made by the opponents of action who will add up the judgements on which on which we do not have absolute clarity” (Daily Mail, 13-3-2009, p10).

In this e-mail we find that the sender instructs the recipient to make the document convincing despite the fact that the available evidence does not support this. Succinctly, Sir John appears to have been ordered to COOK THE BOOKS to take Britain into war.

The compilation of his report played a major part in Britain’s decision to invade Iraq. The puppeteers controlling Sir John could be found guilty of High Treason if they are British and this supposition proven to be fact.

There were several other e- mails sent all supporting the notion that deliberate false fabrication of the facts were being made to compile a report that would stand in favour of going to war with Iraq. The death toll as a result of going to war is given in the introduction to this article. Sir John is now the chief of MI6.

The question we need to ask here is how widespread is this practice? The falsification of evidence appears to be widespread and extends well beyond fabricated pretexts for wars with alien cultures. In places such as Wales we have high numbers of criminal cases where it has been later proven that the convicted person was innocent. The case of murdered Lynette White is a case where the three convicted men were later proven irrefutably innocent. The three civilian witnesses who were pressured into giving false evidence by the police have been convicted of perjury and are currently serving terms of imprisonment.

The authorities hoped the buck would stop there. However, after further public pressure three serving police officers and nine retired have been arrested in connection with the affair.

However, should we believe that twelve police officers had colluded under their own volition to secure the convictions of The Cardiff Three? Or should we consider that the higher political echelons of society politically motivated the conviction and that the police as was Sir John mere puppets of the system? After all when flags promoting homosexuality are allowed to fly over police bases this does imply unquestionable obedience by the police to their masters even if to their chagrin.

The Freedom of Information Act has released information that is extremely damaging to the Plutocracy. The exposure of members of parliament inappropriately drawing expenses paid for by the taxes that have been exhorted out of the public is disconcerting … especially when many of those paying the taxes live in poverty.

The control that the Plutocracy has over our elected representatives has also been exposed through the Freedom of Information Act.

The hold they have over our legal system is also seen in the release after only 16 days of Lord Ahmed for killing a person and in cases such as the Cardiff Three.

The level of control that they have over our elected leaders extends to them being able to force a falsified compilation of a report from the highest authority that played a major role in taking this country to war. A war that has claimed millions of lives and cost billions of pounds … the true character of these people is seen in this act.

The ruthlessness of the Plutocrat might also have been seen in John Smith’s and Robin Cook’s last hill walk or Dr Kelly’s last walk in the woods … after all these people were thwarting their plans. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed the general public access to information from which they should not have been barred in the first place especially in a system that masquerades as a democracy.

The Sword of Damocles cuts both ways … the information the Plutocracy has been amassing to facilitate the subjugation of the public has evoked the Freedom of Information Act that now allows the public access to information previously denied. The creation of massive databases to store information will now contribute towards their undoing.

The political party that will carry the Sword of Damocles is the British National Party, the only political party to not be fettered by the restraints of the Plutocracy. The backlash of this sword will be felt on the 4th June … the Sword of Damocles is now in the hands of the BNP.